Franklin Central H.S. Percussion Ensemble’s Innovative Soundtrack

Off The Wall

Yesterday’s post may have ruffled a few feathers. Or broken a few eggs. Or some other newer, more interesting metaphor. My plan this morning was to sit down with a cup of coffee, and cheerfully address those posters who have somehow formed the opinion that I despise free speech and higher education. But then, nestled among the disgruntlement, I found a completely unexpected form of non-traditional free-expression.

This is from the percussion ensemble at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis. These kids have created a mash-up of sorts, taking bits and pieces of a TED Talk I did years ago, and surrounding it with the most innovative soundtrack I’ve heard in some time. Not since William Shatner treated us to his interpretation of Rocket Man, have my former utterances been so creatively repurposed.

The goal, according to Garrett Scharton, is to “exalt and romanticize the American worker.” Personally, I find the goal both noble, and perfectly communicated, in a way that requires no further explanation. Many thanks to you, Garrett, and all the boys and girls with drumsticks, etc. Crank it up!

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