Fridays With Freddy: The Man in the Brown Shirt

June 17th, 2016. Mark the date, for on this day I’m making a resolution.

I do hereby swear on this day to never again terrorize The Man in the Brown Shirt. No matter how enticing the rumble of his approaching truck, or how anticipatory the sound of his footfalls on the sidewalk and up the stairs, or how beguiling the many smells on his uniform, or regardless of how mysterious the contents of his parcels may be – I am resolved to never again raise my voice at this noble purveyor of packages.13419186_1215029355173872_2241210205537281750_n

As the attached article explains, a Biped in Brown rescued my doppelganger, circa 2014. And I am in his debt.

UPS driver rescues dumped puppy in Stanislaus County

Regards –

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