C.R.A.P. from Bering Sea Gold

(Collectibles Rare And Precious)

Fed Ex just dropped off a vial of 24K gold, sucked off the bottom of The Bering Sea by none other than Mr. Gold himself, Shawn Pomrenke. The proof is in the attached video, as well as E-Bay, where the bidding is fast and furious.


The display was assembled by me, and not very well.

Shawn’s signature was forged by me, and not very well.

Bering Sea Gold is narrated by me, and not too badly, if I don’t say so myself. Judge for yourself, Wednesday at 9 pm on Discovery.

Finally, 100% of whatever we raise from selling Shawn’s gold will benefit the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. Many thanks to Shawn and all who bid on his booty.


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