Off The Wall: What’s a Podcast? “The Lord of Light”

Dear Mike

Quick question. What is a podcast? You keep asking me to listen to yours and as much as I’d like to oblige, I’m afraid I don’t have the faintest idea how to consummate such a thing. If you really want to tell me a story, might I suggest we meet in person? Preferably over a nice glass of wine. Absent that, I guess I could listen on Facebook, if it didn’t require any more than a click.

Janice Kean

Dear Janice –

As much as I’d like to come to your home, open a civilized bottle of Pauillac, and read you a story beside a roaring fire, I’m afraid the schedule just won’t permit it. So here’s option #2. One click is all it takes! (Best of all, it’ll be over in 5 minutes!)

Mike’s Facebook Page

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