Fridays with Freddy: Went for a Drive

Not much to report today. Went for a drive and stopped by a mountain lake. Ate a pinecone, took in the vapors, crashed a private beach. Pretty basic stuff. One FWF - Went for a drive - 4interesting note – apparently, I know     how to swim. This was a surprise, albeit a pleasant one. I found the mountain water to be positively intoxicating, and feel a bit foolish about my initial reticence. I hate to say it, but once again, the biped knows best.

FWF - Went for a drive - 2

I’ve also determined that life is too short not to smell the pines or hear the breeze sigh through the mighty Redwoods whenever possible. If you’re able, get yourself to the mountains with all due speed, and ye shall be restored.


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