Sidewalk Commercialism

Fridays with Freddy

“It started as a spontaneous walk through the nicer parts of town. I found a new tree to crap by, and experienced firsthand the unique disappointment that comes from picking up a rubber glove in your mouth that turns out not to be a rubber glove, at all.

We visited the Palace of Fine Arts, which was more than fine, and checked out the latest art exhibit. I stretched and lounged and enjoyed the warm sun on my face. TFreddy and the Palace of Fine Artshen, on the walk home, my biped became hopelessly distracted by an offer he simply couldn’t refuse.

Until recently, I thought him immune to such crass displays of transparent sidewalk commercialism. Alas, I was mistaken. My Human Butler assured me that our detour would be a “quick hello and a bit of refreshment.” Three hours later, I was still listening to the same endless loop of Duran Duran and Ah-ha, and marveling at the damage one can inflict by leaving a tab open for three or more hours.”

Happy Friday

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