I Don’t Golf

I don’t golf. Nothing against it, I just never got into it. Every so often I’ll go to the driving range, drink a few beers, and aim for the guy in the cage who drives the tractor around, but that hardly qualifies.

However, my friend Scott loves to golf. He plays everyday, and subscribes to magazines like Golf, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, American Golfer, African-American Golfer, Women & Golf, Golf Weekly, Golf Monthly, Golf Tips, Golf Getaways, Golf International, Golf World, and Today’s Golfer. He also subscribes to several publications that chronicle the internal workings of the golf course industry. I’m referring of course, to “Golf Course Industry Magazine,” a publication that’s “leading the on-line revolution in course management.” (To be honest, I had no idea a revolution in golf course management was underway, but the world is a tumultuous place, and it’s hard to keep up.)

Anyway, Scott just informed me that I’m the subject of a very flattering article by Pat Jones, which appears in the current edition. I’ve just read the article, and Scott’s correct – it’s very flattering, and I want to thank Pat for including me in the magazine as well as the revolution. His article is based on my answer to a kid named Parker who asked for some career advice on this very page. For whatever reason, my reply struck a chord, and for the last few weeks my words have popped up in some rather unlikely places. But so far – this is my favorite – “Dirty Thoughts”.

Thanks, Pat. I appreciate the kind words.


PS. Keep your head down, and swing through your hips…

PPS. One slight correction, if I may. You write that I’m a “big fan of the Green Industry.” In fact, I am not. I’m a strong supporter of environmental conservation, responsible stewardship, and all forms of energy. But I am not aligned with the color green, and somewhat skeptical of the industry that’s grown around it. In fact, I prefer brown…Brown is the New Green