Hey Mike Rowe – How Do You Talk About Taxes Without Mentioning “Rich” or “Poor”?

From the MRW Water Cooler:

Q: “Obama was trying to make a point about the amount of money various groups of people contribute to the country compared to what they earn, how else could he say it without mentioning the rich or the poor?” — A

Ok, I’ll give it a shot.

(cough cough)

“My fellow Americans. I know that many of you are suffering. And I know that many of you look around and see a country where not all things appear to be equal. Well, guess what? They aren’t. They never have been, and I can assure you, as long as liberty and freedom remain supreme, they never will be. Let’s be honest – looking for equality is a democracy is like looking for love in a wh0re house. You might see something that comes close, but in the end, that dog don’t hunt.

No, my fellow Americans, I believe our best hope for a true recovery will come not from a temptation to make all things more equal, but rather, to make all things more possible. To do that, we must rethink everything we currently hold dear in our modern economy, beginning with our obscene relationship with Debt and Spending. These are the true enemies of prosperity – not your neighbor. Our problems today were not caused by the success of others. They were caused by the mistaken belief that we could have some things we wanted – but in fact, could simply not afford.

I look now to the wealthiest among us. To the ones who have in the past, provided the jobs we need so desperately today. To the innovators and risk takers that truly drive our economy. We need your help. Even though just 1% of you pay nearly 30% of all the Federal Taxes we collect, I must now ask you to pay even more. It pains me to ask those of you who have already given so much because as any fool can plainly see – it simply isn’t fair. Alas, I believe that I must. Our country is suffering, and we need you.”



4 thoughts on “Hey Mike Rowe – How Do You Talk About Taxes Without Mentioning “Rich” or “Poor”?

  1. Mike, once again this proves how astute I believe you are! You, sir, are one of my heroes! I only wish that others, in the positions that seem to control the reins, would wise up and remember what our country is about; an amazing country full of opportunities and one which more often than not, rewards hard work. It is NOT, as many would have it, a country that should “equalize” all and reward those who demand to have what their neighbors have so it can be perceived as “fair”. I was taught early on, that life may not be “fair”, but what a fabulous life it is – especially in such a country as ours!

  2. Mike, Read your moms blog page yesterday. Please tell her to add her”Leave a comment” at the bottom of her page, so other can leave a message for her. Your mom is “way” cool and I thank you for keeping both of your parents busy, but please don’t over do it. I didn’t realize it took 10 hours to do a 30 second commercial. That wears me out just thinking about it and I’m four days younger than you.Well, got to go take my nap now. Keeps me young. Thanks for all you do. Your devoted fan. Pat from Auburn,AL

    *If you click on the title of the blog it takes you to the complete blog where you can comment. — mrW

  3. ………………still not a democracy here, or at least it was never intended to be. Someone asked Benjamin Franklin something to the effect of , “So what sort of government have you given us?” To which he supposedly replied, “A Republic-if you can keep it.” That seems to be the dilemma we find ourselves in. If people can treat our republic as a democracy and vote themselves benefits from the treasury, there’ll soon be nothing left. And further taxing (which is also defined as to make excessive demands upon) those who cover the majority of the bills will ensure that they take their business and their dollars elsewhere in this global economy. Greed is what’s led to much of the corporate outsourcing, but it’s predominately the greed of our government and bureaucracy. Sorry to nitpick. Just found your site because of an article about your address to congress. Was very impressed. You probably understand these issues better than the overwhelming majority of “public servants”. (A garbageman is a true public servant-he takes something unpleasant and removes it. Congress produces copious amounts of garbage and then leaves it for us to deal with.)

  4. Interesting. You seemed to be on both sides of the argument. On the one hand, your show promotes the little guy, the guy working for his bread, hard work every day. The guy that in the past would normally be able to work his way up the ladder, perhaps provide a nice, middle class living for his family. But your posting defends the rich bastards that are the cause of this economic disaster – the ones that have done nothing for their money other than profit from the generosity of the American people by scheming and lying and stealing from them.

    Let me guess – you’ve completely forgotten your roots when I imagine you were a struggling opera singer or even a shill for QVC selling crap. Now I assume you’re a rich dude with more money that you’ve ever seen before. And you’ve made it so you realize that you are now a 1% person and gee how nice it is to be up there. And I bet you think you did it all by yourself.

    BTW: A little skepticism would go a long way towards keeping people from wanting to boycott you. Can you see no possibility that a study paid for my a paper towel company would come to the conclusion that paper towels are better than laundered cloth towels? Naw.

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