24 thoughts on “Podcast #4: A Prick in Congress

  1. Mike, thank you for the great post.

    When this episode first aired, I was rather astonished and taken aback by the resourcefulness of Dave and his family.

    Not only because of the invention and application of his ingenious “cactus crucifix,” but also due to how he has been able to carve out a living from what, to the inexperienced eye, appears to be a barren landscape.

    Although I pride myself in my seemingly well-rounded education and cultural upbringing, it is humbling and eye-opening to constantly be made aware of the amazing inventiveness and savvy of our countrymen/women.

    You mention Sisyphus, but perhaps it is more appropriate to liken Dave to Daedulus: both know how to soar.

    Happy anniversary mrW!

    Pia Y.

  2. Very Good, Very cool story. Saw the show and this brought it back to life. Thank you for what you are doing and thank you for the entertainment. People can be very resourceful when they stop looking for the easy way. Spent 30 years in factories before they were outsouurced to other countries myself. Best time of my life.

  3. Mike, if I’m not mistaken, I remember seeing this episode of Dirt Jobs, and it was great. Love the show, and glad to be able to say “Hey, hey you know that guy that does that Dirty Jobs show, he’s from Maryland” because so am I.

  4. Mike,

    First, thank you for once again, being an ambassador for the hard working men and women of America. Second, while I haven’t yet had the pleasure of viewing this episode, I do believe it will pale in comparison to the scenes you have created in my mind’s eye. I may never look at a cactus quite the same again. And last, huge congratulations on mrW 2nd anniversary. May it continue to unite and inspire all who honor a hard days’ work.

    Many blessings,


  5. “Work and thou canst escape the reward; whether the work be fine or course, planting corn or writing epics, so only it be honest work, done to thine own approbation, it shall earn a reward to the senses as well as to the thought.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Great podcast Mike!

  6. I’ve watched this segment more than once and thought what a resourceful and motivated individual. Actually, I’ve thought this about lots of people on Dirty Jobs. So many people sit around and wait for opportunity to come to them. This story is a great example of how you have to make your own opportunity. Thanks Mike for sharing these people and their stories with us.

  7. Dear Mike,

    You have such a way with words! And that voice–I could listen to you talk all day! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us and for bringing that story to life.

    Happy Anniversary! Look how far this site has come in just two years! Cheers! Whether you realize it or not, you are just as much an inspiration as Dave Morales. 🙂



  8. Hi Mike!!

    Great story! I remember seeing this episode on Dirt Jobs..Yep! Dirty Jobs is the best show I every watch. I also really enjoy listening to your stories and watching your videos on YouTube on mikeroweWORKS Site..Thank you;) Keep it up!!

    Especially the Boyscouts…Great Video!! Thanks again Happy Labor Day Mike!!

  9. I remember seeing the show Mike talked about. His recollection of ‘the birth of this site’ was wonderful to hear in his own words. It could serve as an inspiration to many of our present and future workers. The work ethic, determination and dedication to performing a job ‘well done’ is defined in his testimony. Well done! Kevin Dobson

  10. Mike, I just saw your video and think you and your idea is great,I spent 26 years doing sheet metal and HVAC,and I think my family and Children are glad I did. Mike my writting prowess is nil, but I think what you want to put in motion is maybe the finist movement I’ve seen since civil rights, and can only wish you the best.

  11. If only people could not only watch what you do and hear what you do, but do what you do. Go out there and participate outside of ones own comfort zone. Be part of the solution, instead of waiting for another to think of a solution. There is a solution to almost every dilemma, but if no one attempts to produce a resolution, then the problem will remain.

    I think that this is only the first step, but the most important step to creating a nation that truly aspires to benefit everyone.

    One act, one person can become a catalyst for a better tomorrow.

    I wish the best to the campaign

    A student, a son, and a future leader

  12. I have lived in Arizona and know the kind of heat and the type of Saguaro cactus you are speaking of here in this story! You are an awesome story teller! I could feel the heat rising, taste the arid air and know the dehydration. We used to go 4 wheeling and drink a 1/2 case a beer and never pee! Thanks Mike! I am sitting here looking for a job when I stumbled on your site. It gives me plenty of fuel for thought. I am a 56 year-old female and trying to find a job. I love construction and have worked contract administration for agencies but my favorite was being on the job site in the construction hut with the guys and hearing their stories and going on the work site. Food for thought, I would love to find a job like that again. You are an inspiration and maybe I can get more creative in my job searching. Thanks for the story!

  13. Amazing story! Thanks for sharing!

    My dad was a farmer, farm had been in our family over a hundred years when he died of a heartattack at the age of 44. He left behind a wife of 29 who was six months pregnant with the sixth child. My Dad and my Mom worked hard – Mom died at 72. We kids were rasied learning that you work for what you get, you give to those less fortunate and to love America!

    Mike, thanks for keeping blue-collar American in the lime light so that more folks are aware of those who work and toil and get very dirty to provide a better life for us all!

  14. Dear Mike:

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. You have made us feel like WE are on top looking down at the corporate office monsters for once. You say where would the United States be if laborers, like me, didn’t exist? I say where would laborers, like me, be if you didn’t exist? Thanks for all your dedication.

    Be true to what you pursue.

  15. Mike, I just found out about your site and listened to your blog. I know where Congress is and have seen the Morales crew with cactus in tow. Your comentary is second to none. You have the views of the common people and the voice and structure to get it out in the main stream. You are a true AMERICAN. Our country has gone by the wayside. Your show is the best and your site is great. I will be awaitting your next epic adventure into the depths of we as working class people need to do to get our country back on track and out of the pockets of the govenment.

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