NEW STORY—The Face of an Angel (Ep. 381)

Off The Wall

Mike – I could listen to you and Chuck talk for hours. The current podcast about ______ ______, (I don’t want to spoil the reveal) is a masterclass in free-association, misdirection, humor, and suspense. It’s also delightfully inappropriate. I don’t know how many people listen your podcast, but whatever the number, it should be higher. Bravo!
Carm Bosley

Hi Carm. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for not wrecking the reveal. It’s the hardest part about promoting these things, as evidenced by the attached clip. I’m not sure how many are listening these days, but according to Chuck, the numbers are “vast, and without equal in Podcastlandia.” The current episode is here,  and guaranteed to improve your commute, your housework, your morning ablutions, or your long walk to nowhere in particular. Enjoy.

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