A Symphony of Balls, with John Rich

If you haven’t listened to this week’s podcast, you really should. My guest is country music legend John Rich, who was kind enough to record Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job with yours truly. John’s as much fun to talk to as he is to sing with, and our conversation is one of the best so far. A very funny clip is below, and the whole thing is here. https://bit.ly/TWIHI229

Speaking of St. Nick, Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job – as of last week – was the most downloaded song in the world. Unfortunately, it slipped to #3 this morning, which has to be painful for Santa and Mrs. Claus, especially around this time of year. But you can help! If you haven’t downloaded the tune as of yet, it’s only $1.29, and all the profits are divided equally between mikeroweWORKS and Folds of Honor. If you’re so inclined, download here. https://bit.ly/3GEEDgz

Speaking of fundraisers, you guys bought all of my whiskey, which has left me both grateful and flummoxed. I was assured we had enough for a three-month fundraiser, which would have gotten me through the resurrection of Dirty Jobs on January 2nd, which was my intent from the start. But apparently, we blew through all 12,000 bottles in three days. Great news for mikeroweWORKS, but bad news for those of you who wanted some Knobel for the holidays. My apologies. I’m talking to the distiller about a second round in January, but the supply chain issues are real, and I’m just not sure how it’s going to play out. Nor am I sure the world needs another public figure with his own line of bourbon. However, this has been really great for mikeroweWORKS, and modesty aside, Knobel Tennessee whiskey is really, really good. If the feedback continues to be this positive, I just might jump in with both feet, and see if we can’t get my grandfather’s whiskey on a shelf near you. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend.


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