Barsky Turns 50!

No one, with the possible exception of me, cared more about Dirty Jobs than Dave Barsky, or sacrificed more to keep the show on the air. Today, the lad turns fifty. When I asked him what he wanted, he said, “Mike, I’d be happy if every fan of Dirty Jobs tuned in tomorrow night to watch part four of our Dirty Jobs Rowe’d Trip.”

“Are you sure,” I said. “Nothing else?”

“Nope,” he replied. “That’s it. Just an hour with my favorite people in the world – the true fans of Dirty Jobs.”

See what I mean? He really does love the show. So make Barsky happy in this, his encroaching dotage. Join me and the old crew Tuesday night at 9pm for another ride to nowhere, as we look back at our favorite moments from the show that damn near killed us. It’ll be a blast. I guarantee it. 9pm, on Discovery.

In the meantime, join me below in wishing many happy returns, to our favorite freaky little hobbit – the man whose last name became synonymous with words like “dammit!” and “ouch!” The one and only…Barsky!


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