Happy Birthday Mary’s Hair!

Please join me in wishing Mary Sullivan’s Hair a very happy birthday. Mary’s hair is nearly as old as mine, but as you can see, infinitely superior in every way. I can’t begin to guess how many hundreds of times I’ve seen people stop her on the street to gush over her fabulous follicles, and invariably, compare her plumage to Farrah Fawcett’s.

“Oh my God girl, you’ve got hair like an angel!”
“How do you make it so shiny and smooth?”
“Who’s your friend? He looks like the Dirty Jobs guy…”

Is it humbling to be constantly upstaged by Mary’s hair? Yes, it is. But I tolerate it, because beneath that flowing mane, there resides an enormous brain and a stubborn Irish temperament, both of which she’s used over the last ten years to build mikeroweWORKS into something far beyond anything I imagined. For that, I am forever in her debt, and honored to call myself “The Biggest Fan of Mary’s Hair.”

I can only hope she will rinse and repeat, for many years to come.

Happy Birthday Farrah!

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