Ask Mr. Wonderful

I shared this editorial from Kevin O’Leary a few months ago during Shark Week. It reached over 2 million people, and stirred up quite a conversation on this page. As a result, (I think,) Kevin has invited me onto his program to discuss hard work, entrepreneurship, my book, and whatever else comes up. As you may know, Kevin’s new show – Ask Mr. Wonderful – has eclipsed Shark Tank in nearly every measurable metric. More importantly, he and his guest answer questions from curious viewers. That’s where you come in. The producer of Kevin’s show asked me invite you to submit a question during the taping, which I believe is happening in LA next Friday. There are two ways to pose a question in advance of that date. You can submit one via audio here:

or, you can write it out here:

Either way, nothing is off limits.
Except usual stuff.

Carry on,

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