Reason Magazine highlights WES Recipient Michael Gamez

Morning. Allow me to take a brief respite from the relentless flogging of my book, (, and invite you to share the attached video. I think it’s important.

It was put together by my friends over at Reason, and features a kid named Michael Gamez, who I believe should be a poster boy for hard work and common sense. Michael applied for and received a work ethic scholarship from mikeroweworks, and proceeded to prove that mastering a skill that’s in demand is not merely an “alternative” to college, but rather, a viable option in and of itself – for many, an option that’s far superior to a four year degree, and far less expensive. His story is important, especially for anyone who feels uncomfortable with the current cost of a diploma.

Also in this video, you’ll find a persuasive reminder that there is no such thing as “free” college, nor should there be. I realize that making such an argument in these divisive times will sound political, but in reality, it isn’t. It’s really just a matter of common sense, human nature, and unintended consequences, all of which we ignore at our peril. In my opinion.

Anyway, if you agree, (and even if you don’t,) please share. We need more examples of people like Michael Gamez. Help me share his story.

Mike’s Facebook Page