Off The Wall: Your Book is Fan-Freaking-Tastic!

Mike – Your book is fan-freaking-tastic!!! I loved every word, and I especially loved the format. How does it feel to be a best-selling author? Also – what do these book tour events look like? Do you read from the book, or do you give a speech? Or, are you “in conversation?” Which format do you prefer? Do you sign books? Do you take pictures? How many typically attend? Most importantly, are you going to do more? If so, where and when? (Sorry, I have many questions…) Bernice Yorn

Good morning, Bernice, and thanks for the kind words. You do indeed, have many questions. Here are some answers.

Book tour appearances, for me anyway, are different from other speaking gigs, mostly because I’m shoehorning them between existing commitments. RTF is back in production, along with some other projects, which means things are super busy. Consequently, I prefer to sit and chat with someone who has read the book, and knows how to have an fun, unscripted conversation. Here’s a clip of what that looks like.

I don’t read from the book, because I figure people can do that for themselves. I usually chat with the moderator for 30 or 40 minutes, and then take questions from the audience. I do this because you never know what the audience is going to ask, and not knowing is better than knowing.

The cost of a ticket is modest – usually a few dollars more than the cost of the book. It includes a signed copy and a photo after the event. The photos are challenging. People wait in line for a long time to shake hands and smile. It’s very flattering, but there’s no time for stories, or cell phone greetings, or selfies, or protracted conversations about my “dirtiest job.” I feel bad when organizers have to hustle people along, but, it is what it is, and I’m happy to hang around if you are.

The events are typically sponsored by bookstores, and held in a variety of venues. So far, the events have all sold out, which usually means somewhere between 800-1000 souls show up. (Remember when “people” used to be described as “souls?” Let’s bring that back.)

As for future events, I’m going to do more. Looks like Atlanta and Indiana are next. I’ll post the specifics soon.

Hope to see you somewhere down the line…


PS. At the risk of shameless pluggery and crass commercialism, I’d be grateful if you’d share your enthusiasm for The Way I Heard It over on the Amazon site, (especially if you think it warrants five stars.) Positive reviews go a long way, and I’d be grateful for yours. Thanks!

PPS. I’m delighted and relieved to be on the NYT list. Delighted because, well, it’s delightful. And relieved because my mother expected no less. And trust me, there is no upside in disappointing Peggy Rowe…

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