Parade Magazine: What’s Right With America & The Way I Heard It New Memoir

I sat down a month or so ago in a bar I don’t recall, in a town I don’t remember, with a lovely woman named Amy Spencer, who writes for a living. (It might have been the bar at the Ritz, in San Francisco, but these are confusing times, and there’s a lot going on.)

Anyway, Amy and I had a delightful conversation, the upshot of which appears in this weeks Parade Magazine. I appear to be on the cover, which is nice. Nicer still, is the article that Amy wrote, which is a very accurate representation of everything I think we might have discussed, (in the bar that might have been located in the Ritz, possibly in San Francisco.)

I’d like to thank Amy Spencer, for writing such a nice article. I’d like to thank Parade Magazine for printing it. Mostly, I’d like to thank you all for reading it. Happy Saturday.

Mike Rowe Knows What’s Right With America and He’s Telling Things The Way I Heard It in His New Memoir

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