Off The Wall: “You’re welcome”

Melanie Engnell writes…
I would like to say thank you to you. You are such a wonderful voice for the country to hear. This past year my son was in college and really struggling. It was just not working. After reaching rock bottom we talked. I was able to use things that you have shared to help him realize that the college education wasn’t really that critical to being happy and successful. He is now working in a shop that makes buses. He wires things together and works with his hands. He walks about 6-7 miles a day and has lost weight and started being more healthy. He has benefits, a good living wage and really likes his job. He has been able to get his own apartment. I certainly hope that others listen to you and they see the value in the work you are doing. Thank you again for being a voice that is positive and reinforcing the value of work!

Hi Melanie

I would like to say “you’re welcome, to you.”

It’s gratifying to read notes like yours, and humbling to hear that my modest efforts to reinvigorate the trades and make a case for alternatives to a four-year degree have found an audience that includes your son. But I would also like to say, “you’re welcome,” because no one seems to say it anymore, and I’m not sure why. Seems we’ve become partial to “no problem,” “no worries,” and “don’t mention it,” instead. Here’s an article that tries to explain it.

Personally, I don’t like the trend. When I express my thanks to someone, I’m not referring to the existence of a “problem,” or the possibility of some pre-existing “worries.” I’m simply trying to express my gratitude, and since I’ve already “mentioned” it, I don’t see much sense in telling me not to. The only rational response, in my opinion, is to say “you’re welcome.” Which is what you and your son most assuredly are!

Have a great weekend.

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