Closing the Loop on Charlotte’s Cookie Caper

Time to close the loop on Charlotte McCourt’s Great American Girl Scout Cookie Caper. If you haven’t heard, Charlotte absolutely crushed it. Attached is a nice summation.

Meanwhile, I just got this, from the young lady who dared to tell it like it is…

Dear Mike Rowe,

I would like to thank you for the kind endorsement on your
podcast. I would like to tell you that I have officially disabled
my cookie website. Thank you for your kindness and
generosity. I have sold 26,086 boxes, and donated 12,430
boxes. I have also broke the record for most girl scout cookies
sold internationally. I am very appreciative of you and your


Charlotte McCourt

And this, from her Dad, Sean.

Dear Mike,

26,086 boxes sold is a big number, thanks to the attention you brought to Charlotte’s honest approach to sales.

12,430 boxes donated to the troops is also a big number, thanks to the overwhelming gratitude of Americans of all varieties toward the women and men defending our freedom.

And there’s one more number that’s pretty big 314. It’s big, and it’s poetic. In addition to the stunning number of on-line orders from strangers and friends alike, this the number of “paper orders” Charlotte racked up for her troop. These are the boxes that will be shipped to our house for Charlotte to deliver in person 314. Her original goal was 300…

Thanks –

They’re many reasons to feel good about this story, but my personal favorite is still the fact that Americans are standing by to reward honesty and decency wherever and whenever it appears. Thanks to everyone on this page for playing along.


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