Off The Wall: Why don’t you tell us when you’ll be on the news?

Alison Gruber writes…

Dear Mike

A few quick questions.

1. Why don’t you tell us when you’re going to be on the news? I was flicking around this morning and saw the last few minutes of you on Fox and Friends. You sounded fairly cogent, and I would have liked to seen more.

2. My husband wants to know why the national press suddenly cares about the opinions of a guy best known for crawling through sewers?

3. At the conclusion of the interview, one of the anchors called you a “smart cookie.” Thoughts?

Alison Gruber

Hello Allison

1. I’ve always felt a little weird promoting my appearances on the news, especially at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. When I was a kid, this time was reserved for The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour, which I watched religiously. It seems odd for me to pop up in the same time slot 45 years later, much less promote my appearance there to five million people who have already heard me answer the same questions countless times on this very page. However, I’d hate for you wonder what you missed, so here’s a clip of what happened this morning on Fox. I think you’ll agree, it’s riveting.

2. Your husband seems like a snarky, yet sensible spouse. Perhaps the media has determined my foundation represents a legitimate attempt to call attention to the 5.8 million jobs that actually exist in this country? Or maybe, in the wake of the election, they’ve concluded that reality TV personalities are good for ratings? My personal hope however, is that the media is beginning to realize the thing that most divides our country is the very fact that millions of people are being told again and again that opportunity is dead in America. That’s as untrue as it is dangerous, and I’m standing by explain why to anyone who wants to hear my unqualified opinion.

3. I like cookies and I admire intelligence, so I’ll take it as a compliment.


PS. Regarding #3, it occurs to me that I’ll be on Meet the Press tomorrow morning, trying to deliver the same basic message in a slightly different way. Last I checked, Meet the Press was on NBC. 10:30am, here in DC, but I have no idea in your neck of the woods. Check your local listings, and consider yourself officially “alerted.”

PPS Unless I make it to a GAP between now and then, which is unlikely, I’ll be wearing the same shirt as I did on Fox and Friends. Don’t judge.

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