Argh the choices…and the puns

So I’m in Scottsdale AZ, hanging out with a few hundred shrinking violets from GAWD, (as in “Good Gawd, are you gonna drink all that?”)

Actually, GAWD stands for Gasses and Welding Distributors, and I’m supposed to be speaking to their association tomorrow morning.

A few minutes ago though, a nice girl in a tasteful bikini presented me with a pirate hat and a margarita. Now, I’m looking down at what appears to be some sort of “Pirate Party” in one of the many pools here at The Phoenician. Apparently, there are mermaids and “trunks full of booty,” which seem far superior to “trunks full of junk.”

Now, I must decide.

Prepare for my speech and take a long overdue nap?
Or raise The Skull and Crossbones and “shiver me timbers.”

What to do…?


PS Did you hear about the new pirate movie? It’s rated “Argh…”

PPS How much did the pirate pay for a bushel of corn?
A buccaneer…

PPPS Why did the pirate run screaming from the commode?
He saw the Captains Log…

PPPPS Apologies.
The margaritas are strong…

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