The Skills Gap is Real ~ I Told You So

When I’m right, I try not to gloat. I try not to say, “I told you so.” I try not to leap upon my high horse and point to a set of facts are slowly becoming harder and harder to dispute. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s difficult, and sometimes it’s just impossible. So – if you believe the skills gap is real, and that good opportunities really do exist RIGHT NOW for ANYONE willing to learn a useful skill and apply themselves – read this.

It’s short, but it’s in Time Magazine – and when Time Magazine starts to describe the shortage of skilled tradesmen as “dire,” I have to believe that those who have been beating this drum for the last decade might be justified – briefly, mind you – to good-naturedly confront those who believe there are “no jobs out there,” show them this article, and then say – with great respect – “See? I told you so.”


PS. Over on The mikeroweWORKS page, my loyal minions are conducting some sort of meme contest. The prizes are breathtakingly modest, but the creative input has been impressive, albeit occasionally humiliating.

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