Riding Horses in Carmel Valley

It was an excellent day to ride horses in Carmel Valley. I met an Olympic hopeful named Lauren Billys, and learned the art of Dressage – a french term that loosely translated means “We who about to die salute you!”Mike Rowe - Dressage

Lauren’s one of the finest riders I’ve ever seen. She enjoys what appears to be a thought-guided relationship with horses, and can make them do things a ballerino would envy. She also had the good sense to pair me up with a series of steeds that matched my experience and natural ability.

Mike Rowe - Hobby Horse - DressageWe began on an ancient Hobby Horse With No Name, and slowly progressed to something slightly smaller, but much more alive. Eventually, I was allowed to mount a thoroughbred named Comanche who tolerated me for most of the afternoon, and had the good manners to not throw me into the dirt.Mike Rowe - Pony - Dressage

All in all, a good day in the saddle, and another fine reason to wear a helmet. Honestly, my life has become an homage to all manner of head protection. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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