A Very Special ~ Sundays With Freddy

Debb Williams – Don’t pull that doggy up by his neck! Sup with that Mike? 5:25 pm, 12/5/14
Cathy Walters – I’m sorry but several seconds of your Fridays with Freddy episode made me cringe. However dogs should never be pulled up by the neck as this could cause serious and permanent damage. A Harness works very well! Additional cringe worthy points: leaving your puppy on top of the wall and walking ahead to film and who knows what kind of crap he was chewing down there. Carry treats in your pocket and hold that leash. 5:53 pm, 12/5/14


Sundays with Freddy - 2
Diana Carrion Ashkenasy  – One more time, MIKE, where is his harness? Didn’t we learn our human lesson when he ran into the street, truck, remember? Ugh dude!
Andrea Augustine Dude- where’s his harness?
Barbara Arnold Riddle –  Cute as this is I worry about Freddy eating something off the ground. You never can tell what some people will throw out. Also, please don’t let go of his leash again. He is way to precious to lose.
Sundays with Freddy - 4Freddy here. After reading through your comments, I have begun to notice a vague but distinct kink in my neck. Troubling. This morning, the pain was still there, and after reading a few more comments of the same tenor and tone, I could actually feel it worsen. I helped myself to some old Percocet in the bipeds shaving kit, but aside from some unusually vivid dreams during my afternoon siesta involving the Labradoodle across the street, I can report no discernible improvement.
Now, as I read some more of your comments, I can clearly see that my biped was indeed negligent. What the hell was he thinking, letting me run free on a wall like that? He should know better. It seems obvious that my supervision should be Sundays with Freddy - 3constant and decidedly more professional.
Anyway, I applied an ace bandage a few hours ago, (not as easy as it sounds,) but I’m afraid the pain is getting worse. Plus, I feel the need for more Percocet. Or maybe some Oxycontin. Or maybe both?
Regardless, one thing’s for certain. I need a lawyer. Preferably someone with decent canine references and the willingness to work on a contingency.


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