Black Friday, a Green Tree & a Picture of Me

Fridays with Freddy

So the bipeds took me shopping for a Christmas tree on Black Friday.

Couple things.

1) I’m not sure what a Christmas tree is, but they taste delicious.

2) I’m not sure I understand the significance of Black Friday, but it strikes me a fantastic day to stay home.

Now, as my human butler drapes this delicious-tasting bush with flashing lights and cheap glitter, I find myself perusing his Facebook page. Here, I can’t help but notice he’s selling the skull of a dead bison for the purpose of funding a charity of some kind. Scroll down and see for yourself.

Couple things.

1) I’m not sure what a bison is, or why His Majesty is in possession of its severed skull.

2) I’m not sure I understand why people are bidding money for it, but I suppose there is no accounting for taste, especially when the cause is noteworthy.

Anyway, as I began to investigate these and other mysteries, I came across a few comments that mentioned me. These four in particular caught my eye, with respect to the attached photo.

Katlee K Shank – I want this as a picture on my wall!!! Mike, seriously, do a calendar with pics of you and Freddy and sell them for the foundation!!!

Karen Green – I luv this picture, both are so scruffy and adorable!!
Penny Goldman Bolick – I will donate for this picture…..seriously…. please?

Melanie Bowers Dahms – This should be the pic that goes out in you Christmas cards. I so want a signed copy. Adorable!!!

Cindi Collett Lance – You are starting to look alike.

I must say Cindi, while I’m troubled by the possibility that my visage and that of the bipeds are becoming more and more homogenous, the suggestion of an autographed likeness is not without merit. Though a calendar may be a bit ambitious Karen, I see no reason why a simple 8×10 photo of the image that so enthralled Melanie can’t go out with my mark upon it. (Normally Penny, I wouldn’t whore myself out in such a shameless fashion, but the cause appears to be worthwhile, and I’m in a magnanimous state of mind.)

If I’ve managed to hit the proper keys, the above image can now be ordered here.

If I screwed it up, blame the biped. He appears to be into a dusty Cabernet.

Peace out. Word to your mother.


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