This Week’s SGDI Meme Contest Winners

We have a winner! (And a few Honorable Mentions)

Justina Pape-Sheppard with, “My Eyes Are Up HERE!”
Genius. Thank you Justina.

sgdi meme they're real and they're spectacular








Best Plagiarized Line – “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.” Thanks Steve Lepper – Inspired, and well-remembered.

sgdi meme on this episode of sgdi we neuter a dragon





Most Original Line – On this episode of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, we neuter a dragon!
Thanks Jesse Nolan – Clever. Weird. Delightful.
sgdi meme watermelon wedding






Best Overall Initiative – Watermelon Wedding…Because they Cantaloupe. Thanks Jim Stout – A truly terrible pun, but I love the fact that you made your own meme. You’re a true self-starter.

Send your addresses to Put WATERMELON in the re: line. Signed copies on the way. In the meantime, share the hell out of these with all due speed! Thanks.
PS – Even though he didn’t win, Donnie Welch got the most votes for last weeks Oyster Orgy. “It’s a shell of a job, but Somebody’s Gotta Do It.” Send me your address to Donnie, and I’ll sign your masterpiece as well.

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Tomorrows Meme, with your help. The winning caption receives a signed copy. So does the suggestion with the most likes. Unless they’re one and the same. Either way, keep it cleanish.