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Mike’s call to Empower America’s Tradesmen

ENCOURAGING THE NEXT GENERATION: ‘We need to nurture mechanical talent in all those who possess it and encourage all forms of learning.’

I have a neighbor named Doris, she’s approximately 130 years old and legally blind. Doris called me on Labor Day and asked if would help her assemble a bookshelf — I said sure. Why Doris needs a bookshelf is a bit of a mystery, but neither here nor there.

The instructions were on the box, along with some helpful illustrations of a child, happily putting the whole contraption together in six easy steps. I figured the job would have taken a person of average mechanical aptitude about ten minutes. I gave myself a half an hour. Three hours later, I was still in Doris’s living room, staring up at a tilting bookshelf and contemplating a handful of extra nuts and screws.

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