A Sign of the Times

David Hebermehl writes,

“Hey Mike –

Myself and a bunch of other golf course superintendents in and around Louisville Kentucky are having a really hard time finding employees, especially if we have to use e-verify. I’ve tried all sorts of things. Nobody wants to work or work hard. Any ideas?”

Hi David – The short – and somewhat self-absorbed answer is – yes. It’s a program called mikeroweWORKS, which many here are no-doubt tired of hearing me drone on about. Here’s the short version.

The primary purpose of mikeroweWORKS is to help close the countries skills gap by calling attention to the fact that many thousands of good jobs exist that no one seems to want. The challenge is to reinvigorate the trades and reward the kind of work ethic we’d all like to see return. Over the last ten years, I’ve tried to do that with a hit TV show, a non-profit foundation, a scholarship program, two websites, hundreds of speeches, dozens of public service announcements, and approximately one million interviews. Earlier this week however, a man in Yakima summed up my entire position with a cardboard sign and a Sharpie.

Panhandler in reverse: Businessman begs for workers on street

In other words, David, you’re in good company – unfortunately. A sign of the times, n’est pas?

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