MTI and Mike Rowe Putting Faces to the mikeroweWORKS Scholarship Project

So I was in Springfield (Illinois) yesterday, and took a tour of a trade school called MTI. These guys have something like an 85% job placement rate for graduates, and I wanted to see what they were all about.

I’m glad I did.

Halfway through the tour, a group of guys approached me to say thanks. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but said “you’re welcome” anyway, because well … it’s polite.

As it turns out, these guys all received scholarship funds from mrW. I had no idea. I knew MTI was on the list of schools whose students are eligible to receive funds, but I had no idea that any recipients were actually there.

Very gratifying, and tied directly to the sale of my C.R.A.P. right here on these pages. I just thought it might be nice to put a few faces with the scholarship project. In all, 10 students at MTI are there on mrW scholarships. And I’d bet big that they will all have jobs upon graduation. I wish them all the very best.


9 thoughts on “MTI and Mike Rowe Putting Faces to the mikeroweWORKS Scholarship Project

  1. That’s great, Mike. Thank heavens for C.R.A.P, right?! It’s nice for you to be able to meet some of the recipients and for them to be able to thank you personally. I’m glad to see mrW making a difference in lives!

  2. You are doing wonderful work Mike. coming from the daughter of a master electrician, the US needs less computer gamers and more tradesmen. Thank you for helping make a difference.

  3. Mike, Than you for doing this scholarship project to help people get into the trades, America needs them BADLY!!!!!!And thank you for being America’s Hero. Keep up the good work, and thank you for being America’s hero!!!!!! God Bless you, thanks again, love you, Annie.

  4. I was watching you on Bill Maher last night. Finding your project was enlightening. It was a pleasure to be able to read up on it. Thank you.

  5. Hey Mike, I am watching you on Rachael Ray right now talking about Cider…anyways, mom asks me to look you up and read up on what you are. Well, I am very impressed to read your way of helping others not to mention how you lived your life. (mom says you know your s___t). oops. anyways, why I am writing is to find out about your scholarship program? my brother is a plumber, cabinet maker and electrician (self taught). well, he is finding it very tough to find continual work. He doesn’t have a license but needs one maybe to get any further than a job here and there. he is in his 50’s. and a very hard worker. He doesn’t have the finances to pay for school to make him any money more that to just get by paying is bills. He is not married so he really works all day and night if the job calls for it. I think he underbids jobs because it is easier underbidding than not having a job at all, not to mention someone else getting the job. He seems to find people that only want something for nothing and ends up not getting paid for what he is worth. Please help me…help him. oh and by the way…god bless you for having the drive for the weird and odd stuff many would never do. your great. Angel

  6. Never new about you and your views before, but am very happy that I accidentally watched your recent interview with Mike Huckabee.

    You were cut off too many times in the middle of your responses. Your ideas are important, would you consider something like a podcast?

  7. I watched you talk with Huckabee last night and that conversation was brought up by another lady in my Sunday School class today while we were reading about hard work in the book of Ecclesiastes.

    I teach high school and get frustrated when some of my students have late hours at jobs and don’t complete homework assignments. Honestly,I will take a second look at my views on high school students working on school nights and appreciate more the fact that they have the initiative to complete high school and hold down a job at the same time. We will work out the homework issue.

    I appreciate all you said and will refer my students to your website. (Several are doing dual credit work with our school and with the local technical college where they are learning trades.) I am thinking hard about how to incorporate your website with its abundance of information into my British literature curriculum. I am sure I will find a way. 🙂 Thank you.

  8. Mike, check out the Swiss-style apprenticeship program offered by Bühler, Inc. of Minneapolis (they make industrial milling / grain processing equipment). That’s what we need!

  9. Thanks for this article bud. I’m a college student from a blue collar family who had to take out massive student loan debts to go to a state college, and it feels like I got scammed into thinking this was the only way of getting successful. I appreciate the campaign you have going on here, because hard work has built America and without it we’re in big trouble. A lot of the people at school and in my fraternity are worried about partying, and they seem to forget the party stops when they walk across that stage and they have crippling debt hanging above their heads that does nothing but gain interest. I’m worried about my generation, but things like this are refreshing to see. Good work out there, Im looking forward to see where you go with this.

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