Seems I’ve Gotten the Boot



Here’s a link to a captivating video that confirms the information in the aforementioned press release. I have indeed partnered with my friends at CAT© Footwear on a line of boots and shoes made primarily from the hides of buffaloes.


As you can plainly see, buffaloes are tough and rugged creatures.  They are more than happy to roll around in the mud, fight with a lion, and make love out in the open. They are in my opinion, an ideal creature from which to make a truly tough boot.


Here by comparison, is the creature most often used in the construction of boots and shoes. The cow, while a valuable and worthwhile beast, does not embody the qualities I desire in a truly tough boot. As you can see, they do very little with their spare time. They stand idly by chewing their cud, waiting for someone to come along and milk them, or perhaps tip them over when they nod off. Obviously, the buffalo is the more prudent choice.


Here, we see a nice man named Rob, who is in charge of making sure my boots get made with all the expertise and craftsmanship that CAT Footwear is famous for. Behind him is a cardboard cut-out of a nice girl named Kelly. In spite of the fact that she is kicking him in the ass, Kelly works for Rob, and handles the marketing for the mikeroweWORKS/CAT Footwear partnership. I believe her penchant for violence and enthusiasm, combined with Rob’s obvious commitment to diligence and attention to detail, will ensure our mutual success.



5 thoughts on “Seems I’ve Gotten the Boot

  1. Mike,

    In this case, getting the boot couldn’t have happened to a better guy! They’re lucky to have you and I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.

  2. Hi Mike, I live in Chicago and am a fan of the show ! Some places in this city to check out for more Dirty Jobs (if not already…?) The Field Museum – the taxidermy department (I hear they have a tank of beetles that clean dead bodies), The Shedd Aquarium, The Art Institute restoration and preservation department, and Navy Pier. Other possible jobs (not specific to Chicago) Taxidermy in general, Dollhouse / miniature manufacturers, Hotel room cleaners and guest service workers (I did this for a summer – hard work and dirty ! You have to clean each room in a certain amount of time, and everything has to be perfect for the guests) Best, Shell

  3. Mike~ Have you worn these shoes while working? Im looking for something that is comfortable and can take the abuse a mechanic and tow truck driver can dish out. Made in the US?

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