Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barsky’s!

Many of you know Barsky. He’s my good friend, my trusted ally, and the only director I know willing to work with me on a weekly basis. What many of you may not know is that Barsky often needs to be restrained. His temper of late has become unpredictable, and his ability to play well with others is virtually non-existent. On Dirty Jobs, he has become a danger to himself and others, and so I, in the interest of public safety, have had to take steps.

Happily, my friends at Master Lock have devised a new line of Work Truck Security devices, (or locks, as we used to call them,) ideal for the task at hand. Contractors and other people with real jobs will no doubt utilize these products to safeguard their generators, chainsaws, gas cans, lawn mowers, and God-knows what else they have to cart around on a daily basis. I’ll be using them to protect my friend from himself, and keep him under control as we blunder through yet another season of the dirty show that will not die.

As you can plainly see from my steely visage, I’m quite serious about my new partnership with Master Lock, and very pleased that they have agreed to help spread the mrW message into the distant corners of polite society, or at the very least, into the aisles of a hardware store near you. Indeed, this very sign will stare down at unsuspecting consumers from a number of strategically placed kiosks, inspiring them to think twice about about the value of hard work and skilled labor. In return for their generous support of my efforts here, I’ll be helping Master lock bring these fabulous products to market in a style that many of you will recognize. To wit, I’ve agreed to demonstrate these locks in a series of groundbreaking web videos guaranteed to consummate the inevitable marriage of commerce and entertainment. You may view a piece of timeless cinema here, and marvel as Barsky makes yet another fashion statement in his serendipitous journey to B-List notoriety.

All great tales need a villain, and I wanted a credible crook to visually reinforce the need for this new line of products. Obviously, Barsky reeks of suspicion and looks shifty in the best of circumstances, so it seemed both logical and obvious to dress him as The Hamburglar and have him play the role of a thief. Ideally, I would have had him costumed as one of the bad guys in A Christmas Story – the ones that Ralphie shot at with his Red Ryder BB Gun. But in these endeavors, you work with the wardrobe and personnel at your disposal.

The bottom line is this – mrW and Master Lock are partners, The Work Truck Security System is ingenious, and Barsky is safely restrained.

Carry on,


10 thoughts on “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barsky’s!

  1. I’m sorry, Mike, but Barsky steals the scene. He’ll reach B list in no time.

    Congrats on this partnership with Master Lock. I’ll be looking for you in my local hardware store.


  2. Wonderful news, another great partnership for mrW.

    Dave doesn’t look too much like a villain to me, his outfit made him look like a big green bumble bee with a mask. Considerable improvement over his basketball outfit though, and as usual he gave me a case of the giggles. I enjoyed the video very much.

  3. Mike you’re great, but love seeing Barksy with you. He does kind of steel the show.

    Congrats on your partnership with mrW and Master Lock.


  4. I was just wondering why Barsky needed to steal all that stuff because it’s been my experience that mimes mostly work without props. In fact I believe it’s a basic tenet of mimedom.

  5. *sighing dreamily* I’ve been looking for Mike in my driveway (with a Ford), in my closet (with new jeans) and now I’ll give the hardware store a shot. SOMEDAY I will find him.

    So, really, it’s a safety thing. 🙂

  6. Mike,

    I’ve been a long time fan of your show and enjoy your honesty, character and humor. When I was younger I watched my dad and other relatives build an addition to our house, adding 2x the original square footage.. I watched the inside of our dwelling change drasticaly, plumbing, eletrical, carpets, walls, two bathrooms.. all by my father’s hands in 3 years. I’ve been working for 14 years and still don’t have anything to look back on and say “yup, I did that”.. I feel as if I don’t have marketable skills. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired of dealing with “Office Politics” and want to find a career working with my hands, an honest job that will make me sweat and makes me feel satisfied that I earned my pay. I want to become marketable not a “dime a dozen” office worker.

    The problem I have currently is that I don’t know what skill or trade would best suit me. Is there something that could help me narrow things down or a suggestion besides just looking up job descriptions I can use as a tool?

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