Captain Phil

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A few years ago I was in Seattle, preparing to film the first round of After the Catch. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, After the Catch is a talk show in a bar, where The Captains and crew from Deadliest Catch gather to chat about this and that. I impersonate a moderator, and do my best to keep things on the rails. (Think Charlie Rose with cigarettes and whiskey.)

Anyway, on that first day of shooting, I arrived a few hours before filming began, and observed the kind of chaos that one can only find around a TV production. We were going to be shooting in a style called “Live to Tape,” which means we’d record the show in real time, as though it were a live production, but edit later for content. (Can you imagine filming the Captains with no time delay?) Consequently, there were at least 7 cameras positioned around the big table, and all kinds of lights hanging from the ceiling and poking through the windows. The plan was to record two shows in one afternoon. Producers and directors and cameramen and all manner of production personnel were milling about, and there was a real sense that no one actually knew what the hell was going on. Which was indeed the case.

As the Captains took their places around the table, it was clear they were not entirely sure what to expect. I can’t say they were nervous, but I can assure you that ambiguity does not sit well with men who are accustomed to being in charge. This kind of filming is the opposite of what goes on aboard their boats, and they had lots of questions about how the day would unfold. Unfortunately, I had no answers for them. (Unlike Captains, I actually prefer confusion and ambiguity – especially in television – and I told them as much. I also suggested that, being in a bar, there were any number of remedies nearby capable of taking the edge off – a completely unnecessary piece of advice, given my audience and setting.)

The only one who appeared completely at ease was Phil. He arrived at the last minute, and did so in style – cruising into the parking lot aboard a brand new motorcycle. He walked into the bar with a big smile, said hello to the gang, and then glanced at me with an amused expression. We then had the following exchange.

Me: Hey Phil, how’s it going?

Phil: Mike, I got nothing to say to you until you ride my bike.

Me: Beg your pardon?

Phil: I said that you and I have nothing to talk about until you ride my bike. Got it?

With that, Phil walked me out to his bike, tossed me his keys, crossed his arms, and waited for me to ride off. And so I did. Really, I didn’t have much of a choice.

That was Phil Harris. He had a unique kind of generosity – the kind that sprung from a genuine enthusiasm for whatever it was he chose to focus on. It could be anything. Sometimes he focused on catching crab. Sometimes he focused on his boys, Josh and Jake. In that particular moment, he was focused on the joy of riding his new motorcycle, and he wanted to share that joy with me. He insisted upon it. That’s an unusual quality I think, and a very good one.

Not long after his embolism, I ran into Phil in Las Vegas. I was giving a speech at The ConAgra Convention, and he was doing a series of appearances for a pulley company that had set up a large booth in the exhibit area. During a break, I wandered over to watch Phil talk to his fans. There were many. They had lined up to wait for an autograph and a handshake from the now famous skipper, and the line was growing at an alarming rate.

I stood behind a nearby display, unobserved, and watched Phil carefully as he interacted with his fans. Some people are better at this sort of thing than others, and Phil was very good indeed. He handled his notoriety in a completely genuine way – as though he’d always had it. He focused on every single person who waited to meet him, and found something original to say at every turn. He answered questions that were way too personal, and stayed well beyond his required time, waiting until the last person in line shook his hand, an older guy who told Phil how pleased he was for the chance to meet a genuine American hero. Phil blushed, signed the guys hat, and thanked him for waiting to say hello.

I have many memories of Phil. I wish I had more. One of my favorites was a night in LA (I think it was LA – it might have been NY. Forgive me, they all blend together now.) Regardless, it was a Discovery-sponsored event that included a bunch of their talent. Most of the Captains were there, along with me, The Mythbusters, Bear Grylls…the usual suspects. Also in attendance was David Zaslav.

David Zaslav is the CEO of Discovery Communications. He is The Big Cheese. The Head Honcho. The Top Dog. He is responsible for overseeing a dozen separate channels, and runs the leading provider of non-fiction entertainment on the face of the earth. He has become legendary, not only for what he’s accomplished in business, but also for having an attention span that rivals the life of a fruit fly. It’s true. David calls meetings that are sometimes adjourned a minute after they begin. He is very smart, and not terribly patient with those who can’t keep up. He does not sit still – ever. He is always moving. And he is constantly surrounded by people who are charged with keeping away those who might suck up his valuable time with mindless chatter.

Anyway, I was there the night David Zaslav met Phil Harris. David came hurtling through the room at the speed of sound, shaking hands and spreading sunshine. His retinue followed like the tail of a comet, and he was on his way back out the door when Phil walked in. I can swear that what I’m about to tell you is the honest truth. David and Phil shook hands, and began to chat.

Thirty seconds later, they were still talking.

A minute later – still talking.

People began to stare. Five minutes later, they were still at it. Phil was mostly listening, but David was talking intensely – and people began to speculate about what a crab boat captain and a media mogul could possibly have in common. Then, to the amazement of those who witnessed it, David and Phil wandered off to a quiet corner away from everyone else. There, they sat, and continued to talk!

This was simply unprecedented. Every few minutes, someone would slide over to extract David from this most unusual confab, but every time David would wave them away. When Phil threatened to light up indoors, David led him outside, where they remained for over an hour. Standing there. Talking. Just the two of them.

Eventually, David and Phil said their goodbyes, and Phil joined me at the bar. “Hey, you know who that was?”

“Tell me,” I said.

Phil threw back a poorly made duck fart and replied, “That was the president of the whole damn channel.”

I smiled. “Well actually, he’s the CEO of the whole damn network.”

“Is that right?” said Phil. “Well, whatever. He seems like a nice guy. Kind of chatty, but his heart’s in the right place.”

Extraordinary. In the history of time, no one has ever described David Zaslav as “chatty.”

I guess it comes down to this. The world is desperate for authenticity. In business and in real life. In work and play. We crave it I think, because it’s in such short supply. Consequently, when we see it, we’ll wait for it. We’ll watch it on TV. We’ll stand in line for a chance to be near it. Fans, fishermen, CEO’s – we know authenticity when we see it, even if we’re not looking for it. And Phil Harris had it in spades.

I didn’t know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him. However, I knew him enough to like him, and more than enough to miss him. He was the real deal. Flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic.

And one hell of a Captain.

Mike Rowe



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  1. Damm, Mike You brought me too tears. I a fan of both the show of course- you, and completely argee, this man will be missed by his thousands of new family. God bless Phil His boy’s and thier family. Mike, God Bless you too for your honesty, and bringing some work-class hero’s to a lite at a time when we do need true Hero’s…..Take care Mike God bless and best of luck to you and all your “crew”……Joe

  2. Beautifully articulated, Mike. Phil came across as very genuine and that is why so many viewers were able to connect with him. My heart breaks for his family – he will be missed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My wife and I watch all of the Deadliest catch stuff and I always thought Phil was the best of the bunch, real, honest, hard worker and loved his kids but didn’t let them slouch. RIP Phil Harris, you will be missed.

  4. Beautifully written and very touching. It’s the stories like this that will always keep his memories alive with fans of the show and those he left behind.

  5. Mike, I would say that you have a genuine sense of the man and eulogized him very well. The world doesn’t have enough people like Phil Harris, and his passing leaves a huge hole in the hearts of everyone he touched. He had the good fortune to touch many, many people, and we had the good fortune of getting to know this extraordinary man through the medium of Deadliest Catch. Thank God we did. We will miss him.

  6. I feel like I knew him. Thank you, Mike, for writing something so eloquent about a human being that was so genuine.

  7. Mike that was a great tribute. I will miss Phil this season and seeing him deal with the high’s and low’s of running a business. They way he handeled the boats motor problems and not catching good crab, he had to have nerves of steel.

    Its people like Phil that are the back bone of this country we live in and people like you that show all the tough jobs that are out there. At the end of the day we can all thank guys like Phil for what they do. Thank you.

  8. Amen! Even though I never knew him, I knew enough watching him to know I too will miss him! God bless his wonderful boys, may the Captian live on!

  9. Oh, Captain Phil. You are still my favorite. And even more so after reading Mike’s accounts of your off screen antics. Beautifully done, Mike Rowe. I could not have asked for more. Sometimes you wonder if these documentary style reality shows are good for the soul, one gets so attached to the people in them. I really feel like I lost a friend.

  10. Mike, you may not think so, but that was as good a eulogy as I’ve ever heard. Thanks for writing it and your people for making it available.

  11. Mike – You may have not known Capt. Phil as well as you would have possibly thought but you knew him much better than much of the fan base out there. So thank you for writing this and telling us the true story side of Capt. Phil through your eyes. He was truly a wonderful man from what I could tell from the show and I bet he was even more genuine and fun in person. May he rest in peace and may his family move on with only love in their hearts.

  12. Mike,

    Thanks for saying what you have upon what you knew of the life of Phil Harris. I was very disappointed to see that the larger mass media did not take too much time posting and instantly dismissing the news of his passing. While I didn’t expect that there would be a mass following or a major headline about it, because that’s the speed of the world we live in, Phil was the geniune article in every you’d want a friend or loved one.

    It would have been a great opportunity to sit down and have a drink with Phil and discuss whatever came to mind…in a way since you were able to do so, I think we all as fans did. Few people, if anyone else ever in the history of television have mastered how to tell a story or give the “common person” perspective on events we are miles away from like you have and continue to do Mike. So although I never met Captain Phil Harris, by learning about him from you, I feel like I did, in a way.

    Thank you again for giving him the tribute he truly deserved.

  13. You eulogized him very well. Phil was a man’s man and he was a very good Dad. Im just a fan, but he stole my heart and I will always remember him. RIP Phil! We will miss you.

  14. Mike…

    Wow, well said and spoken like a true friend. I know you enjoy your show and you’re more than manly while doing it, but it’s nice to see your softer side. I’m certain Phil appreciates your sentiments; I know I did.



    1/2 of your “Favorite Dirty Twins”

  15. Mike I’ve seen/heard the news of Phils passing I still can’t believe what I am hearing nor seeing, it still hasn’t sunk in so to speak, Phil being the man he was I always thought he would be at the helm of the CM at 90-100 yrs old and his great-grandkids telling him they put their feet down and they were ordering him into retirement and Phil reeling around and giving them the ole Phil stare of “who asked for your opinion” glare we all grew to love him for….My husband had clots in his lungs around the same time Phil did so we knew what he was going through in his treatments having gone through them at the same time he was… 53 is tooo young he still had so much to do and teach…. He has been promoted from sea Captain to 1 of Gods Guiding Lights of the sea and with God’s help Phil will watch over all those that sail her and guide them home safe…I’ll miss those intense blue eyes and the proud looks he gave to Jake and Josh that they never knew about until watching the show…. He will NEVER be forgotten and WILL be missed… Godspeed and Safe Passage my friend….

  16. Thank you Mike for that beautiful story. I appreciate you taking the time to post this for all of us. He will truly be missed! It’s going to be a very sad DC season but with you at the helm telling his story, it will be priceless.

  17. Mike-

    A lovely tribute. Each week on Dirty Jobs, you use your gift of story telling to show us a story of a hard working American. That’s what you’ve done for Captain Phil; woven a tale of hard work, dedication, family and friendship. Great job and thanks Mike! Condolences to the Harris family.

    All the best,


  18. Mike,

    You said you didn’t know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him, but no one could have said anything better. My respects to Phil’s family and all who had the pleasure of knowing him along the way.


  19. Thank you Mike for sharing this with your fans and the world. For Capt. Phil will truly be missed. It’s funny how ones kindness will shine through the rough exterior and true fans of all the Captains can see this. Again, thank you Mike.

  20. Well done, Mike. we will all miss Phil, and will pray for his family to get through this awful time. I hope Deadliest Catch will devote at least 1/2 hr. to do a tribute to Capt. Phil. He deserves much more, but they do need to give him the respect he deserves, and his fans will expect a fitting tribute to him. Thanks Mike, for being such a great guy, and giving us this little insight into the Phil you knew

  21. One song came to mind when I heard Phil Harris had passed away; “Sailing” by The Sutherland Brothers. It is an ancient Mariner’s song, befitting Captain Phil.

  22. So beautifully written. This captured the essence of Captain Phil….a truly authentic man. Takes one to know one, Mike. Thank you.

  23. A beautiful sentiment for a beautiful person. Thank you, Mike, for saying it so eloquently and for telling the stories of Phil from off camera that confirmed what we all knew from what we saw on camera: he was a hell of a man and will be sorely missed by all.

  24. What a beautiful rememberance. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your memories of a gentleman who never professed or pretended to be anything other than who God made him to be: a father and a fisherman. The world has been a little bit less colorful and interesting since we lost Phil.

  25. Thank you Mike, I enjoyed reading this. Phil was the real deal, wasn’t he? We people out here in TV land could tell that and we will miss him too.

  26. What attracted me to Deadliest Catch was Phil, what attracted me to Phil was his “Soulshine”. Phil will be deeply missed. This earthly world’s loss is Heaven’s gain.

  27. Thanks to Josh and Jake for sharing their dad with us, and allowing us to share in a very small way their great loss. Thanks to the Cornelia Marie, and thank you Mike.

  28. I never thought I would get so attached to a show about fishing but it was more than that. It was the fishermen and guys like Phil. And losing him was like losing a dear family member. Thank you Mike for expressing what a lot of us want to say but can’t find the words to say it. This makes me love you and your show even more. Rest in Peace, Capt. Phil. If you ever meet my Grandpa in heaven ask him about the times he would wrestle a shark into his boat to make into cerviche later.

  29. I’m in tears now. God bless you Mike, this is a wonderful tribute for a man who will be sorely missed. RIP Captain Phil Harris, you will always be missed. Fair winds and following seas, Captain, God speed.

  30. Thanks Mike. That is the best eulogy I ever read about a man who just enjoyed his life. I’m gonna miss Captain Phil. Godspeed and Good Fishing.

  31. The world IS desperate for authenticity. Captain Phil is deeply missed but more than that, what he gave of himself, his candid quality, is cherished.

  32. Captain Phil was a one of a kind. Like you Mike. He will be missed in the front rooms of America. He and the other captains have showed the world what is involved with harvesting food to feed the masses.

    Mike keep up the good work. Thanks……

  33. For my husband and I Phil and his interaction with his sons was what first attacted us to the show. I’m sure his boys are broken right now and our hearts go out to them. It was a beautiful thing for those of us lucky enough to witness the true heartfelt admiration and affection this father and sons had for each other, we all saw how scared they were when Phil was hospitialized for a blod clot.

    Mike, I’m sure Phil would be chuffed to see how you eulogized him. I’m sure we would all be honoured to be described as “the real deal, Flawed, human, decent, kind and totally authentic. Mike, you did Phil proud.

  34. Wow.! Mike,that was very interesting..learning more about what a guy phil was, may he rest in peace.

  35. Mike I never meet the man but never missed one show I will miss Capt. Phil as if he were my own kin. Tell the boys we will be praying for them and good fishing.

  36. Mike, I and my family have always enjoyed watching you for one of the very same reasons, we can tell you are a real person as well, and thank you so much for sharing your story and feelings at this tragic loss. we all worried about Phil and prayed for his recovery and losing him will be felt for a long time, he was truly a great man and captain

  37. Mike……you did eulogize him and in the best sense of the word, intended or not. From the heart you spoke, and there is no finer comment on a man than that. thank you.

  38. Thank you Mike, you finally explained my fondness for this man. He is and will always be one of my favorite people because he was “flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic.” My thoughts and prayers to his family, the crew and all the men from the Deadliest Catch because they are, as whole and as close as any other…family !

  39. Mike, I think that is the best eulogy anyone could write about Phil. The world will not be the same without him. Flaws and all, we loved him.

    Thank you.

  40. Hi Mike, you say you didn’t know him well enough to eulogize him, but in my mind, you just wrote one hell of a eulogy for a man (a father, a son, a friend, a skipper and an american idol, yes an true american idol). He had one heck of a fan base that loved him and idolized him for his smile, his eyes, his bluntness and his all around likeable honest self. I thank you for what you wrote, it was genuine and very well put. We shall miss him terribly, but we will be forever thankful for the time he gave us via the Discovery Channel. Thank you David Zaslov for having this show!


  41. What a wonderful and touching story. It’s written by a great man, for a great man. Thank you Mike for sharing with us. May God Bless Capt. Phil and his family.

  42. Mike,

    Thanks for this peek at Captain Phil Harris – exactly what those of us who hadn’t had the opportunity to meet him expect. I’m sorry I never had that chance. These stories and others will keep Phil in my memory forever. God Bless those boys and his Dad.

  43. Mike,

    I felt like I knew Phil from watching the show and the others, you did a wonderful job, Phil will be missed but not forgotten. He was a unique person and was loved by many. It will be hard watching Season 6 but Phil would want us to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Well written Mike. And you correct, the world is desperate for authenticity and is left poorer when those willing to be real and genuine leave us.

  45. Mike you have Phil pegged him to a tee he was,kind loving, caring, decent, great father, attituide and all. But so many people loved him no matter way. He made the show what it is today. He is going to be sorely missed by all family friends and his fans. There will never be another Captain Phil Harris. And we wouldnt want another one. He made a mark on the world that no one will every forget him… We love you. REST IN PEACE..

  46. I am so sad about Capt. Phil. My grandson and I watched him faithfully every Tuesday. We each had our favorite ship. Mine was the Cornelia Marie and my grandson’s was the Northwestern. Every episode was a contest! I told my grandson that Captain Phil had died and he was really sad from it. He is now 11 but we watched it together from the beginning, he even got to stay up past his bed time just to watch our show! My heart goes out to Josh & Jake and his crew which is a part of his family. He will be missed but did touch many people with his spirit!

  47. I still can’t believe he is gone. Like many others its was Captain Phil that got my attention when my husband was watching and he hooked me into never missing. Thank you Mike for all you do in keeping the world in touch with the world. God Bless you and Captain Phil’s family, their sorrow is truly shared by many. Connie

  48. Mike,

    Good to read your comments about the mighty Phil Harris. He was a joy to watch on DC and I was thrilled upon meeting him in Creswell Oregon to find his sense of humor intact and his ability to be patient with a very long line of waiting fans impressive.

    I will miss him. He always brought excitement to DC nights.

    He will sorely be missed by us all.


  49. Mike, I watch your show and see you as an incredibly down to earth person and you spoke of Phil in your own words and you nailed it. He was a man who loved his job, kids and life….and wouldnt you say that he was in heaven here on earth? He will always be missed by us and we thank Phil, his family, you and all the other fishermen who risk there lives….and in the end…bring us along for the ride. RIP Phil!

  50. Mr. Rowe, you have a way with words that I feel is unmatched. I feel this is the best post/article/response about Capt. Phil I have seen. You seem to have the same characteristics that you describe in Phil and they show through in this article. It is an honor for me to be a fellow Eagle Scout.

    I will miss you Phil.


  51. Mike…wow, what a statement!! My family and I have watched Deadliest Catch since the very beginning and we feel like we personally know everyone. It’s hard to describe it any other way…it seems the more you watch the show, the more you almost feel like family. We will especially miss Capt. Phil! He reminded me so much of my father, who passed five years ago…an honest and hard working man who was dedicated to his family, livelihood and friends. May God bless all of you…especially Phil’s sons Josh and Jake. R.I.P. Captain Phil Harris….may you now be an angel to watch over everyone who’s life you have touched! Thanks, again, Mike.

  52. Mike, My daughter and I always enjoyed watching Deadliest Catch. Phil Harris was our favorite captain. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. Thanks for sharing your stories of him.

  53. Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Lockspot bar where the first After the Catch took place. I sat at the table around which the captains had gathered to share their stories, and you could almost feel their presence in the room. Phil was the real deal because he never took his “celebrity” seriously; he was a fisherman first and last, and never let anyone forget that, least of all himself. I, too, never thought I would watch a show about crab fishing, but Phil, and the others, shared their love of fishing with such enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but be drawn in. I am very grateful for the chance to have “known” Phil Harris.

  54. I truly enjoyed reading that. I never got the chance to meet him. I love the show and all the captains. Best wishes to his family, crew, and loved ones

  55. My daughters & I all liked Capt. Phil. He was the real deal and I know I would have felt safe in his capable hands if I had gone to sea. He was my favorite of the captains. Captain Harris was special and his sons should be extremely proud of having worked for their dad and who he was. I know I speak for many when I say we will miss you Captain Phil. God bless you and your family, Phil.

  56. Phil Harris was my favorite captain for all reasons you mentioned Mike. He seemed like one of us, a guy you could meet in a bar, have a drink with and just swap stories. I never had the good fortune to meet the man. Yet, I still feel as though I have lost a freind. God bless Phil Harris. Where ever he may be, may the crab be pleatiful, may the beer be on ice, and may the sea be calm.

    Rest in peace

  57. Just today I learned of Captain Phil’s passing. Both shocked and saddened I sought out the sources that would have the most information on his passing. Discover’s site as well as the other F/V captains websites that appear on Catch. I didn’t know Phil personally but wish I did. Last season when the greenhorn producer Josh Silberman was filming the everyday events on the CM for Discovery and while that poor guy got pounded from the waves and the crew he held tough! Tough enough to earn Phil’s respect after the crab season ended if someone didn’t work for it Phil wouldn’t give it. We’ll miss you Phil.

  58. We met Captain Phil, his sons and Jonathan Hillstrand here in Las Vegas last August. Mr. Rowe states about Phil in is message that he waited to meet all his fans. Phil was first up and he waited to meet everyone who had gotten in line to meet him. He was gracious when we met him, wondered why we waited to meet a crab fisherman, told us what happened with his “crab farts” reference. He also told us he was celebrating paying off his last ex-wife. This got a big laugh from the crowd. Though everyone wanted to meet all of those present I think it was Phil everyone WANTED to meet.

    I love the show but now it will seem a little less funny and maybe a bit less entertaining without Phil’s presence in it.

  59. As I wipe my tears from reading such beautifully written words, I have an even greater appreciation for a man I’ve never met, but only knew from watching on tv. Thank you Mike, for giving me an even better understanding of what a truly special man Captain Phil was. May he rest in peace.

  60. Mike, I’m in tears, just in tears. Of everything I’ve read from the millions of fans, you most succinctly put into works what EVERYONE who has watched and lived vicariously through Phil Harris, is feeling. You are a damn lucky guy to have met and talked with “The Read Deal.” Most of us never got that chance. Your eulogy (yes, I think yours is a eulogy) was “spot on.” Thanks for putting it out there and reaffirming that Phil Harris was a GREAT man, in every sense of the word.

  61. Mike, I don’t think I can add anything new to what has been posted by everyone else. Your words about Captain Phil were eloquent, as usual. Folks like you and Captain Phil Harris are the heart and soul of the Discovery Channel!

    Thank you!


  62. Bravo Mike, bravo. You’ve have summed up this man properly. I’ve been trying to put into words what I saw and experienced in the couple of times I got to meet Capt. Phil. You’ve done it for me.

    Thank you for sharing your stories and your words.

  63. Mike You said it all and we are really going to miss Phil. I also would like to take my hat off to you. Our family watches you every chance we get. We love your humor and Honesty. You are Loved and respected by all of us. Thanks for taking us on the Journey with Phil and all the Crews of the fishing boats. Please also thank your filming team for having the guts to get on those boats and doing a Great Job to bring us the Action..

  64. This is my third attempt at getting the right words and I still do not think it will happen. To the point….Phil, you will be missed by more people than the boys will ever know. The people watching, the viewers, the fans – saw who you really were. The epitimy of a great father, a great boss, a great man. You said one time, that one thing that most people would not know about you, is that you have a soft spot…. well, I dont know if it was the editing on the show, or not – but the goodness in your heart, the passion that you possess, shone through whether you liked it or not. I am a firm believer that you can always tell what kind of father someone has been by how his children turn out. Well Phil, they seemed to have turned out fine. It has been clear your boys respected and loved you, regardless if you were kickin them in the ass or tellin them, in your own way, how proud of them you were. You always wanted the best for them. Like so many good fathers, like my father. Good work in life Phil. Rest peacefully.

  65. Thank you Mike for sharing your very personal thoughts of Capt Phil. I think those may be the most beautiful, heartfelt sentiments I’ve ever heard one person say about another. We should all be so fortunate to be remembered & eulogized in such a wonderful way. We will miss Capt Phil very much. You should know that your fans think just as highly of you. Bless you, Josh & Jake Harris, & the entire Alaskan crab-fishing family.

  66. I always debated whose boat I would want to fish on, and Phil’s was always the winner.

    Thanks for the great stories Mike; it is amazing how you can feel close to someone whom you have never met. Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch are two sterling examples of genuineness in television. Thanks to everyone at Discovery for allowing us to live vicariously through these men.

  67. Thanks Mike, for taking the time to write this – it gives us just a glimpse of what we suspected but of course do not know about Phil personally. His struggles, flaws and triumphs are familiary to us all, and he will be missed.

  68. I never met Phil, I wish I had, but, he was one of the largest reasons I watched the show… Well, it was his family dynamic, and how he could handle his kids on the boat…

    DC Will NEVER be the same, it will indeed be a different show, but I hope it continues, as I hope his kids continue on the boat…

    Phil was more than a man, he was a true american hero to many many people…

    Mike, your words have brought me to tears… Indeed, I will be drinking Duck Farts as a tribute on the night of the next premiere…

  69. Well said sir. “I didn’t know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him.” . Seams to me that you did, showed us his kindness and the his heart. When we stand before our maker, only theses things will stand as to the life we have lead. I dare say Captain Phil had an arm load.

  70. I loved watching him on TV. He had such an interesting and dynamic personality. I could just sit there and watch all the reruns for hours being very amused by his interactions with the crew and his sons. He really truly loved his job and his sons. It wont be the same without him. He was orginal.

  71. Thanks for that story, Mike.

    I bet Phil’s life is full of untold stories like this that he just kept to himself.

    For 5 years now, we’ve invited Capt. Phil and the entire Deadliest Catch Family into our lives and living rooms because they were authentic to us.

    The loss of Phil was nothing less than a shock and I certainly send sincere condolences in a difficult time for everyone who knew Phil.

    Seemed he was a good son, fisherman, father and a friend to those around him.

    I imagine there are a lot of birds out there who won’t have houses now.

    The passing of Phil Harris is like the loss of a family member.

    Smooth seas and a wind at your back.

    His legacy passes on to his family, the Cornelia Marie and the hours of entertainment he provided for all of us to see again and again for years to come.

    He will be greatly missed.

    Sig Hansen, if you’re out there, I hope your family is pressuring you to take a second look at your health because your friend Phil is trying to tell you something.

    I remember seeing similar scary moments on the Northwestern!

    To Phil, two quotes from Will Rodgers:

    “We are all here for a spell; get all the good laughs you can.”

    You did.

    “We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.”

    So I’ll sit here on the virtual curb and do the same.

  72. Thanks Mike , this was a pleasure to read,Captain Phil always came accross as a genuine person, who enjoyed his work ,cared for his crew, but most of all dearly loved his sons, he will be greatly missed,always in my prayers Captain Phil.

  73. Mike,



  74. Mike

    I think Capt Phil was awesome and your so right he was real oh geeze i love the part about the crab toots (A Lady Here)Thanks to him i go crabbing and catch more in the summer he will be so missed. I am truly sorry for the family loss, the crew loss omg everyone’s loss.




  75. Hey Mike

    Everything you said about Phil was right on.I got to meet Phil in Boise Id. last summer and even though it was hotter than hell, and we were in a non-smoking bar, Phil took time to talk to each person there and stayed until the last person had gotten their autograph. I realized then that Phil was the real deal. He never let fame go to his head, he was one of the most genuine people I ever met.He’s going to be greatly missed!

    What an awesome tribute Mike!

  76. I like seeing the real side of people like phil and the rest of the Captains. Not sugar coating it for what people expect to see. Deadliest Catch made me realize that no matter how much I dislike my job at times, I should be grateful for what I’ve been given. Phil was real not fake. A genuinely good person at heart. Concerned about others. Selfless, kind. He made us all want to be a better person, proud of ourselves for what we are. This tribute was wonderful. Thank You for what your doing. I look forward to the next season After the Catch. God Bless You and Take Care Thank You.

  77. damn i’m gonna miss watching him and i truly wish i could have met him we would have gotten along i just know it !!!!! RIP Captain PHIL !!!!!!!!

    mike you said it well

  78. Yep, he’s a lot like you Mike.

    That’s why I watch your shows and why I loved watching his. You guys have figured out how to show the world that fiction is nowhere near as good as reality.

    Keep it going, I know I’ll keep watching if you do.

    Good luck to you and all of the Deadliest Catch skippers too. You guys are true heroes.


  79. That was so beautiful, Mike. You made me laugh and you brought me to tears. Phil will be sorely missed. Thanks for your beautiful words. My prayers are with his family and friends.

  80. Mike Rowe couldnt have said it better, Phil was a real human being and even if you didnt know him you knew him and loved him. He will be missed.

  81. Beautifully said and 100% true. I don’t know what will happen with “Catch” in the future. Will the Cornelia Marie remain part of the show? I certainly hope so as I’d like to see his sons continue to do their dad proud & to know the rest of the guys are doing well. I miss Phil very much. He was like an Uncle that everyone loved to see. Thank you for sharing a few of your memories of Phil.

    Hope to see you back at the table for “After the Catch” this year dude!!!

  82. This is just like Phil. Thanks Mike for sharing. He has touched so many of us in different ways that keep us all smiling. GodSpeed Captain Phil!


  83. Could not have said it any better Mike. You hit upon everything when it came to phils character. He was truely one of a kind and will be sadly missed. The show will never be the same without him.

  84. I doubt that you will see this Mike but I wanted to thank you for writing this. I know you didn’t write it to get comments but you wrote it to honor Captain Phil Harris. No one can say who Phil was just based on what we see on camera and it is great to hear from someone who actually knew him. It is great to hear that Captain Harris was the same on and off of the camera.

    Just as a side note, my husbnand and I enjoy your show and were both really happy when you began doing Deadliest Catch.

    God Bless


  85. Amen Mike! This is someone I will remember for the rest of my life! Even though he said after the show people wont remember him! I met him one time, we spoke for about 5-7 minutes (which was a hell of a long time with 200+ people in line behind me) I walked away and said to myslef…. I just met the most genuine person I have ever met in my life! He will never be forgotten! R.I.P Phil!

  86. Mike, that was very nice. Sometimes, just telling stories is the best way to Eulogize another.. it is how I did my brother when he passed. I also agree that we like authenticity in anyone, no matter the job they hold. I agree that Phil portrayed that authenticity which is why many were drawn to him, myself included, even if only from afar in a show. I would also like to complement you in that you seem to portray the same in the shows you star in and narrate. We will miss Phil, and we hope you continue in your success also.

  87. Sad that authenticity is in short supply these says. I think all of the captains are authentic, and Phil will be greatly missed by all. Mike, be true to yourself.

  88. Dear Mr Rowe,

    I call you Mr Rowe cause I`ve never had the pleasure of ever meeing you but if my heart were typing this I would call you a member of the family ..Mike.. as you come into our home probably daily, if not on one of the shows you do, but also wheeling and dealing for Ford to get folks to buy.

    So know this is coming from my heart when I type this you have brought me to tears. Usually on Dirty Jobs I laugh with or at you, this time its different. My husband and I,also Phil, have watched every season of Deadliest Catch. We have kinda adopted all of the Captains and their crews, and yelled at the television when we think we know better then some of the things they do, ( but of course we don`t)but in some small way it makes us feel we are part of it all. Hence we lived all the horror of Captain Phil, through all of the pain he has gone through. Never did we ever think it would be our last times seeing him. I know the shows sensationalizes alot and make us want to see more. But never did I or my husband think he would be gone. Your tribute to the man only made me, for one, realize what a really great guy he was outside of the box that sits in our living room. And how he wouldn`t listen to the Doctors who said stop the smoking. When he came back on the boat and there he was with all the stress and the smoke around his head. My heart goes out to his family and friends who will miss him dearly. But my thanks goes to you Mike for the great image you left of him here and thanks for writing it so we his fans could read it. Until we “meet” again whether just your voice or you telling us to get in a Ford, or doing some dastardly deed on Dirty Jobs, know that you have touched a heart here in the Northeast.



  89. Well Mike, You say you didn’t know our capt. Phil well enough to properly eulogize him?

    Mike..No worries there guy…You did it spot on!

    Thank you so very much…we knew our Captain was like that but having you put it into words…perfection!

    Thank you!

  90. Mike, I have a crush on Captain Phil and you. I was crushed and still at awe at the fact he is gone. I’m proud of you for being there for all the fans. This is a huge loss. There is not many people who are genuine like Phil. This definitely put tears to my eyes once again. Thank you Mike Rowe

  91. I’m pretty sure that you just did a great job of “properly eulogizing him” Mike. That was a fantastic article and a great tribute to a great person.

  92. Thanks for sharing Mike. As I posted on my FB page, I feel I’ve lost a good friend I never met. He was as real and as surreal as it gets. He will be missed but never forgotten.

  93. He did what he wanted when he wanted and didn’t look back. So in Cpt. Harris style I will be glad for the time he shared with us and smile while I can.

  94. Mike what an awesome memory you have shared with us all. You have put a smile on the face of all…his boys, family, and friends. I WISH that I had met such an awesome man…I did watch the show Deadliest Catch religiously and felt as though I did know him. My heart aches horribly at his loss. Captain Phil…may you always ride on angels wings, crab pots always full…guide all of us especially your boys, family, friends and the CM crew.Thank you again for sharing.

  95. I just want to say as a big fan of you Mike and also a big fan of Phil Thank you. Phil will be dearly missed. While reading this I started crying and I know that Phil is in many people’s hearts and thoughts along with the entire Harris family. My prayers go out to all of them.

  96. Thank you, Mike, for letting us know a little more about the man Capt. Phil Harris was when the cameras were off. Everything I have read and seen tells me that you did, indeed, capture the spirit of Phil Harris – larger than life, down-to-earth, honest, hard-working, hard-playing – all around the sort of guy, as you said, that one would wait to see, talk to, or be near. Authentic.

    Also, many thanks for bringing Phil into all our lives. It’s been an eye-opening journey, watching all these seasons of Deadliest Catch, getting to know all the men and boats to the extent that they’ve allowed our intrusion into their lives. We watch both your show and theirs with great interest, always learning something new. I think that’s the best part of Discovery… we are always learning. Now we will learn how these rugged men pick up and keep going after the loss of one of their own. Thank you for helping all of us be a part of their story.

    ~~Nancy in Michigan~~

  97. Mike:

    Thanks for this blog. As a fan of Deadliest Catch Phil was and will always remain my favorite captain. Don’t get me wrong I love them all but Phil was more like family than any of the other captains. Phil took you into his fold. I met him at a meet and greet in Milwaukee and it was truly like talking to a good friend that you haven’t seen for a while. That is rare. He would always ask why women liked him. I told him he needed to look in the mirror and see what everyone else sees but not the outside to look inside. He said trust me the inside looks like crap too. Miss you on After the Catch. Hopefully you will be doing this one? And Mike you are one of those that we all love too. Keep up the Dirty Jobs.

  98. Well Mike… you have always been one of my favorite personalities at the Discovery Channel. With reading this, you’ve become one of my favorite *people*. I think Capt Phil would have loved the stories you just told. Thank you for sharing.

  99. Thank You Mike for this wonderful rememberence of Phil.. I have watched both shows with great enthusiasm. I loved the show and all its captains.. Phil being my Fave as everyone has one. I for one will miss him myself and feel a great loss.. I can only imagine the loss for Jake & Josh, I pray that God comforts them through this time.

    Phil will be Greatly missed by all who knew him and all who watched him in the show. Deadliest Catch will never be the same. I will contuinue to watch even through heavy heart,.

    God Bless Phils 2 sons and God Be with Phil to show him the way through Heaven..


    Chris Lewis

  100. Thank you for that wonderful bit of memoir, Mike, I smiled and teared up a bit when reading it. I am sorry that I never made it a priority to meet Phil, but happy to hear that he was pretty much everything I’d hoped he’d be, real and genuine and stand up guy.

  101. Simply Thank You…in the mixt of tears for a man who could have easily fit in our family and because I can’t find the words that express a proper thank you for this description of Captain Phil. I wish I could have met him personally.

    Mike you do a great job in all your jobs including eulogies.

  102. Dear Mike,

    I was fortunate enough to attend a lot of events with phil and I have also met you. You have captured the captain to a tee. He was the real deal as you yourself are. Phil had mentioned what a stand up guy you were and enjoyed his talks with you. So while you are still with us I would just like to say what a human, decent, kind, and totally authentic person you are. Didn’t see any flaws in you…Thanks Mike for such an awesome tribute..

  103. That was beautifully worded, it also brought me to tears. One beautiful and rare soul taken way to soon!. Rest in Peace Captian Phil!

  104. Mike thanks for sharing just show’s more about Capt. Phil that we all thought was true. You were blessed to know this man while we at home only had a glimps into the man,the captain , the father.

    so nice of you to share this with us all Capt phil will not be forgotten his spirit will watch over the fleet & his family with pride I think.

    RIP Captain Phil thanks for being real we have enough phoney crap in the world today and you made it a little brighter everday. DJ

  105. Thanks Mike-for putting into words what I didn’t know I felt. Authenticity is exactly it! I will so miss Phil!

  106. Mike, you have been and continue to be, my hero. Thank you for the story of Phil and I know I will greatly miss him being on Deadliest Catch. I wish there was more people like you Mike and from what I saw of Phil, more like him as well.

  107. Phil was my favorite “character” on the show. I miss him too. He is one of the only TV stars that I would have loved to be know personally. Mike, you are a great guy for writing such kind words here on your blog!

  108. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for sharing those memories with all of us im sure that its hard and that there cherished ones. The thing with losin some one like Captain Phil is that you know that the person you seen on the screen was the real deal and even if youve never laid eyes on them in person you come to see them as a friend….at least i did and do with all the other Captains aswell. Phil was my faverite and my heart sure hurts right now without him but reading everything people are writing about him now sure helps so thank you again for that mike….you take care ok

  109. I wish that I had a chance to meet him, but that time never came. You summed him up so well… I looked at my husband the other day through teary eyes at the end of another Discovery “Phil” commercial and said, “Why do I cry every time I see this commercial? It’s not like I knew the man??” But you have hit the nail on the head. He was genuine and it came through on tv. Capt Phil was the best and he will be sorely missed:(

  110. Thank you Mike for putting into words what those of us whom never met Capt Phil, in real life, knew from watching Capt Phil on The Deadliest Catch. His authenticity and genuineness shone through like a bright star, and I believe that’s what made him the most beloved Capt of them all. He is sadly missed.

  111. hello mike i couldnt have said it better myself i never got to meet captain phil but i go to know over the past 5 years on the show and he was truly one of a kind an awesome person i’m going to miss him to

  112. Great story , i know Capt. phil is sailing the big sea up above or he is probley riding around harley heaven !! great down to earth guy wish i could have had the pleasure of meeting him but i’ll see him someday I’m sure !

  113. Mike, what you said about Captain Phil is truly a great story. He was one of the best skippers in the fleet.

    He was, like you said, one amazing captain. I will truly miss him.

  114. Mike you made one hell of a great article! I’ve been a fan of Deadliest Catch since season 1 and Ive started watchin’ ur show, Dirty jobs. Phil was one of my favorite captains and he will surely be missed. When I read that phil wanted u to ride on his bike, I was in awww. phil was indeed hardworking,honest,genuine and a great captain. god bless u,phil’s family.

  115. mike

    Im a single mom with 2 girls … always look foward to watching all of you at the discovery and see what true men hard at work do for their family. I thank you for sending out your thoughts about Captain Harris and sharing your loss with us. May we all find our greatest catch in life…kath

  116. Phil was a unique heart. Yes, a bit vocal BUT everyone knew that he had their best interests at heart. Especially his boys, Josh and Jake. He was a very proud father. His legacy will shine on within this sons. They all all quite lucky though. Not just Jake, Josh and the crew but every boat on the crab grounds. They have Capt. Phil watching over them for better and safer fishing. He will always be where he is the happiest…the sea.

    Rest in peace Captain Phil!!! Though we all grieve for you we know you are in a much better place.

    Susan Small

  117. Mike,

    You the man. Phil was the Captain, but that was a great article. We miss Phil already! I can only hope to see Jake and Josh take the CM out one more time. Thank you Mike for helping us to know someone who, we as fans, consider to be a close friend.

  118. Wonderfully written Mike. In a time when our televisions are filled with so many bogus “reality shows” filled with meaningless people showing us their meaningless lives, my thanks to you and all the folks behind the Deadliest Catch for showing us a real world of real people doing an extremely dangerous job in conditions the bulk of us can’t even begin to fathom. Your tribute to Phil shows how genuine these people really are.

    Good Sailing Cap’n Phil…..we’ll miss you

  119. Thank you, Mike, for encapsulating in words the presence that was Captain Phil. Though I have never met the man in person, you managed to describe him and the deep passion that he had for life and people. I sincerely appreciate the time that you have taken to show and share with the rest of us the real experiences of those “who make modern life possible.” Take care and I wish you continued success.

  120. {{Mike}}, that was such a beautiful story you shared with all of us about Captain Phil Harris;

    Like so many others while reading this I have tears in my eyes you put your heart and soul into this and that’s why so many of us also love you too Mike Rowe;

    You and Captain Phil are the “real deal” and so are all the other Captains on the show; That’s why Millions of us love and watch the Show Deadliest Catch, and don’t worry I faithfully watch Dirty Jobs too (G)!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us more of what most of us already knew about Phil, he was down to earth and we just loved him; Absolutely loved him; He will be missed so much by me and his millions of fans too;

    God Bless him, God Bless you, and God Bless all of them

    on Deadliest Catch; And thank you too Discovery Channel

    for bringing each of them into our lives every day;

    Rest in peace dear Captain Rest in peace continue to look out for your two sons I know you will in “spirit” and guide them safely to the “Crab Farting grounds” LOL!

    We love you Captain Phil, you will always remain my favorite in my heart and soul;

  121. That was very touching. It’s really sad to see Phil Harris go – he was my favorite captain on the show. RIP, Captain Harris.

  122. Mike,

    My condolences to you. It is such a great loss to all of us. I never met him, but I would have stood in line all day to meet him. What you wrote about “authenticity” is absolutely true. That is why I love “Deadliest Catch”. Thank you so much for authoring and sharing some of your memories with us.

    God Bless!

    Your Friend,


  123. Goodness Mike!!! I have been successful since Phil’s passing in not crying. Holding it in and just being thankful for the last several seasons he’s brought joy to me and my family. Being a former Sailor and Deckhand I related to his mentality and was beyond thrilled to see how real he was. I like all the regulars in the show, please don’t get me wrong, but Phil just shined above them all in such an unique way. How you described him as being so authentic was so spot on. He was very authentic and it come thru like you can’t imagine. Reading this brought me to tears and makes me regret never getting the opportunity to have met Phil all the more. I look forward to the next season of the show and am storing up on tissues as we speak!!! Thanks Mike!

  124. That was very touching Mike and you brought tears to my eyes, not just tears of the loss of someone I never met but cared about, but tears of seeing a small insight into the man himnself. Captain Phil will be missed by everyone and I feel I can say this for not just myself but others even though we may never have met the man we watched the show and began to feel these are are families and real people. Thank you again Mike for the sharing. God bless you and the families of Captain Phil and the rest of the crews.

  125. Mke, thank you for a small look into the life that was Phil Harris. I always enjoyed watching him, the world lost a great person. I hope his family and friends are doing well.


  127. This was awesome. Not only did it give me chills, but made me teary eyed.

    You may not have intended to give him a eulogy, but you just did.

    How honored his family must feel after reading this.

    Beautiful and well said and from the heart and from MIKE ROWE!

  128. Thank you so much, Mike. I am crying at work cause I miss Phil so much. Your tribute is accurate and amazing, genuine & heartwarming, just like Capt Phil. Phil we all miss you soooooo much.

  129. Mike,

    Well said. Refreshing to see that the camaraderie that is depicted on the show is actually real.

    Huge fan. Keep it up

  130. Mike, you hit the nail on the head with these comments about Phil. As a huge fan of the show am finding that the roar of the crowd is even getting to some of these men, and there losing alot of themselves to money and fame. My girlfriend was lucky enough to meet Phil in Vegas, and she kept saying how fame had not changed him. I was never lucky enough to meet him in person, but could tell, his feet were still planted firmly on the ground. He will be sorely missed by alot of fans, and hope his sons are up for the challenge, as you see they were cut from same cloth as their dad. Someday Mike would love to meet yah!, come to Canada!, but not during a dirty job. I want to keep my cookies. Regards

  131. i have to say Phil Harris will be missed by all!! and thats all i can say i cant stop crying!!!!god bless his family and his boys!!! and friends!!

  132. Mike,

    It is true that we need honest people in the world. I have never been to Alaska to see these real men doing a real jobs but I know that they all just that – real men. I also consider you in that bunch as you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty.

    Thank you for all of your hard work and the bringing forth the lives of what makes this country so damn great.

    Phil will be missed but I am glad that I at least got to “meet” him.

    Thank you for the work you do.

  133. Nice piece! I found Phil very real and Mike’s thoughts powerful in his understated way. We should all be so lucky to have these guys as friends.


  135. Deadliest catch is my favorite show on tv. It is the only show that I will make sure I am home to watch. Captain Phil was a little rough around the edges just like I am and he was the only captain that I felt like you could run into on the street and he would treat you like his best friend. I had always hoped to someday meet Captain Phil and just shoot the breeze with him.

  136. You may say you didn’t know him well enough to Eulogize him but I think you did a very good job of it here. He will always be missed in this household as his ship was my favorite.

  137. Thank you Mike. I was one who stood in line…. in San Diego a few years ago. So happy I got to look into those electric blue eyes of his and let Phil know how much I appreciated him sharing his life with us.

  138. Thank you Mike for the stories of Captain Phil. My heart sunk when I heard of his passing and part of it was because I knew this was a man that even for a short time impacted you. The kind of guy he seemed to be made it impossible for him not to impact anyone that had the pleasure of being around him. Rest in peace Capt. Phil.

  139. Thanks Mike for sharing some touching moments about Phil Harris. He was indeed a favorite of mine on Deadliest Catch and he will be sorely missed. I was shocked to hear of his passing. My prayers go out to his family, especially Josh and Jake. They have some mighty big shoes to fill but Captain Phil taught them well. May God be with you all.

  140. Thanks Mike, don’t think it could have been any better. You brought me to tears. I’ve been watching the show since the start, and think it is the greatest. Capt. Phil will be missed by all. By the way, I love your show as well and what you do. Keep up the good work.

  141. I am an avid fan of Deadliest Catch. When it is on, our household stops all they are doing to ride the waves with the captains and crews for an hour. We will miss Captain Phil with all our hearts. We wish to extend comfort and sympathy to his family and friends. Boys, your father loved you with all his being. Carry on proudly in his honor. I loved Phils comment he said on one show, “Now I know why lions eat their young!” Carry on boys in your father’s shadow, walk proudly and be a great example to other’s. May peace follow you both, it takes time. Our love is sent your way and know you are not alone in loseing a loved one. We share your loss with you. We invited you all into our homes once or twice a week to watch you proudly fight another day on the Deadliest Catch. God Bless!


  143. Your story is really touching.. It’s really amazing how well you put it into words.. I started watching DC years ago, and Phil has always been my favorite.. I love the show, and loved how Captain Phil interracted with his sons and crew.. His practical jokes.. that throaty laugh.. I am still hurt over his passing, so young, such a wonderful and authentic man!

    Thank you again Mike

  144. I know how you feel, it’s like we all lost a personal friend. Phil was that kind of person,he will be greatly missed and the show will not be the same without him. My heart goes out to his family and crew.God speed Phil,travel safe.

  145. wow i say it agin said the words so many of us have said and you even more…i love the show and all the captains i will miss capt phill he was the piece that completed that puzzle…

  146. Wow Mike,

    Very well put and straight from the heart. Capt. Phil will be missed by so many people. My heart goes out to his boys, family and the crew of the CM. Rest in peace Capt. Phil, and always know you were loved and will be missed by all.

  147. Mike,

    You always have a way with words. Your homage to Phil beautifully describes a side of him we didn’t always get to see – thanks for sharing it with us.

  148. Wow, this story is amazing. I could always tell watching the show Phil Harris was the real deal. Great stories Mike! Phill Harris will be missed.

  149. Mr. Rowe, that is a wonderful tribute and memorie of Captian Phil Harris. I am one of thoses fans you wrote about. Captain Phil Harris was a human being, like all of us. When i met him i felt important, because he made me feel that way. I am glad you choose to write this article, it made me cry as i am sure many others have also. It is a wonderful memory of a man who came into our homes via T.V., but stayed within our hearts as a friend.

  150. Brilliant.


    Please, get out of the dirt long enough to write a book. You have a gift.


  151. Mike, your words are beautiful and just how I envisioned Phil. I never had the honor of meeting him, which to me is such a shame. Thank you for your wonderful remembrances of Phil. It’s stories like this that keep him in our hearts forever. God Bless you Phil, you are so dearly missed.

  152. My favorite show by far and the Cornelia Marie my favorite boat. I enjoyed watching Phil and company and his absence will be missed. Thanks for sharing your memories, it personalizes the man that we only knew in short glimpses.

  153. Yeah Mike! Only you can truly verbalize why we all loved and appreciate Phil Harris. This was a proper eulogy for an open, honest and upfront guy. Phil will be missed, but his memory treasured.

  154. I was so truely touched by your article. I am sure I am not the only one who had a blurry screen before they finished reading. I am an avid fan of deadliest catch. My two favorite captains are Phil Harris and Jonathan Hillstrand. Everything you said in your article I can actually picture happening. Phil was a down to earth no BS kind of guy. You can really see how much he loved his job and his sons. It literalyy tore him up to give up his captains chair after his blood clot. I cried then as I cry now. To his boys Jake and Josh I am so sorry for your loss and please continue in your fathers foot steps. I am sure that is what he would have wanted you to do. God bless you and your family.

  155. Well said, Mike. You have the talent to put into words what people are feeling about Phil. We will all miss him. I hope his family remembers the best about him — that’s the only way to celebrate a life lived to the most. He was awesome.

  156. OMG Mike that was great.I watched the show from the get go,from the very first one,i was prego,with my youngest and at that time my boyfriend work offshore so i kinda know how it feels never missed one until last year when i lost my cable then i had the internet,Phil was a great guy,he was great with his boys. And i know from me he will be missed to his family and friends my prayers are with everyone.Great person will be greatly missed

  157. Well said Mike. This is one man Capt or not that will be missed by all who knew him and those of us that only knew him from TV. I for one will miss seeing him week after week on Discovery. I see a “teary-eyed” season of Deadliest Catch comming up. Hope Discovery doesn’t do something stupid like cancel the show. RIP Phil we love you and will miss you.

  158. Mike, you don’t disappoint. This was a Beautiful Tribute to a man that we may not have known personally but we felt as if he were a friend. To me, he was the most authentic captain of them all and I felt the fame didn’t really go to his head as it has some of the others. Sure, he was flawed but aren’t we all? He will be sorely missed on the Deadliest Catch for his quick wit and the interaction between him and his sons. Hopefully, Jake and Josh will be able to carry on the Harris legacy. The show will not be the same without the Big Guy. We already miss him and the new season hasn’t even started yet.

    Good Luck with your endeavors, Mike. You, also, are someone that we can relate to and I hope you will be able to do the AFter the Catch series because there is noone that has your presence with the captains. Take care of yourself, Mike.

  159. Wow Mike, that was pretty awesome. As a fan of Deadliest Catch, I can say that the show will not be the same without our Captain Phil at the helm. Just by watching the show, one could tell that Phil was authentically human, as are most of the guys. We’re going to miss him. Deepest sympathy to his family, crew and friends. Good luck and safe crabbin’. May Captain Phil ride on forever in the hearts of family, friends, and fans.

  160. Mike: WOW,you have captured the Phil I know. I met Phil in 1985 and became friends that same day we met. what a wonderful guy. We’d do things together with the excitement of a couple teenagers. Phil was a jokester. With a straight face tell stories only Phil could tell. Most recently, the day he bought his Corvette, came to visit me, handed me the keys and said take it out. The car was 15 minutes old and instead of driving a brand new vette himself tossed the keys to me “here, take it out and stomp on it” as he laughed. Mike,you knowing Phil now you know what i’m saying. He was a mans man both stern yet softand just a pleasure to be around. Mike you did an awesome job reflecting and showing who Phil was. I’m going to miss my friend. I loved him like a Brother. Save me a place Phil. Dave Nelson

  161. Thank you Mike for the wonderful words about our favorite Captain. He was a hero to many of us. He may be gone from this earth but he lives in all our hearts.

    Capt Phil we miss you so very much.

    We enjoy you Mike on every show you are on or narrate.

  162. Mike, you are a badass. Perhaps only a fraction of the badass that Phil was, but a bad ass none-the-less.

    Keep narrating/hosting/blogging and I will intently and genuinely appreciate one of the few remaining TV personalities worth watching.

    Portland loves you and misses Capt. Phil.

    RIP Phil, and my best wishes and thoughts go out to your family. Even the crabs weep at the loss of you.

  163. P.S. By the time I finished writing my first comment and forwarding this link off to people who I knew would appreciate it, I was crying like a little girl.

    Thanks again for putting the reality back into reality TV.

  164. Mike,

    What you have said is so true, and thank goodness he is not the only one. There are many others in our society with his qualities. Its just hard to find them sometimes it’s good to see a genuine person who can stand out from all the fake clones that we meet or watch everyday.

    I always enjoyed watch Captain Phil because even when he was giving someone hell, it was for a legitimate reason but you knew that he was doing it with true concern and real caring for that person whether is was his son’s or not.

    All of the Captain show that toward their crew and others but Captain Phil had just a little something more added.

    I loved his laugh and how he looked at life.

    He is a hero to me for how he loved and lived life.

    I will miss seeing him.

    God Bless his family and friends and my they all remain safe and strong in what ever life throws at them.

  165. Mike:

    You absolutely nailed the personality of Phil Harris. I would go so far as to add that he was a totally unique individual living his life to the fullest and taking us all along for the ride and a hell of a ride it has been. Thank you Capt. Phil for being you! You will definitely leave a big void in our lives. God Bless Capt. Phil’s family in this most difficult of times. Our thoughts and prayers are definitely with you.

  166. Wonderfully done Mike. I, like most, was part of the television viewing family over the years. You have only confirmed for us what we all thought Phil to be…..a great father, caring, funny, and genuine guy with a personality as big as his sea. He will truly be missed.


  168. I love, love, love what you’ve written above regarding Captain Phil Mr. Rowe. I really loved watching this genuine man on the show, and will miss seeing his mischief. I’m genuinly saddened that he’s gone. But somehow I don’t think he’ll leave the fleet that easily. Somehow I think he’s watching over them still. Particularly the Cornelia Marie and his sons.

  169. Mike when ever I hear your voice on tv I know Iam in for a good program. Your take on Capt Phil was interesting. As a viewer you only get to see a small slice of of a person. Thank you for the first person insight.

  170. My parents were the one to get me into watching Deadliest Catch, and my mom’s favorite boat always was the Cornelia Marie, which was the boat that Phil was captain of. Mike, you did a wonderful job with your eulogy. It was very moving, and a beautiful depiction of a good person. Phil will be missed very much by his family, friends, and his fans, may he rest in peace and may his family find peace in this dark time. Rest in peace Phil!

  171. Mike, I loved the show and I love your show. I don’t think I have ever read something so real and full of humanity. I thank you for writing it and I thank Phil for living it. I will miss his red bull drinking, chain smoking, and kid yelling ways on my TV. Thanks Phil and Thanks to you Mike!

  172. Beautiful Mike, just beautiful.

    p.s. Please pass this on to David Zaslov … when he has a second. Discovery should be paying you obscene amounts of money to do whatever you want on their network. Your ability to connect and communicate with regular people is a rare gift. You’re simply the best there is on TV for hosting and then communicating to an audience. Bravo, Mike!

  173. Capt Phil made the show very entertaining and was one of a kind. It is great to hear all the personal stories that was part of his fabric. He will be missed but not forgotten. A true American success story. Your thoughts above were truly touching and I thank you for them. Continued success Mike from your fans in Baltimore, MD.

  174. Thanks for this tribute to Captain Phil Harris, Mike! He was a true character and I will sorely miss him on The Deadliest Catch. I had hoped and prayed that he’d make it after the stroke and that after his embolism a couple of years ago that he’d recover and flourish. I know his sons appreciate everything you and other friends and acquaintances of Phil have said about him since his passing.

    You gave me smiles about Phil, but you also brought tears to my eyes.

    Phil and all the captains of The Deadliest Catch are heroes to me.

    Thanks again, Mike. You’re pretty great, yourself!

  175. you made me cry….but that sounds just like PHIL…he was one of a kind and will be missed by sooooo many people… i liked watching the show and yes PHIL was my favorite..i will continue to watch but now i will watch with a little sadness knowing that a great captain wont be there this time!!!!! we miss you PHIL..

  176. Authenticy. Craving it. That has been the sentiment I have been trying to harness with words for the last week as I wonder why I ache in my heart so acutely over the passing of a man I’ve never met. He was, I have no doubt, the real deal. Thank you for such wonderful insights and descriptives of this man who will be so genuinely missed by so many people.

  177. Mr. Rowe,

    Kudos to you and the words with which you honored Capt. Harris. And, thank you for honoring and shedding light on those hard working people in this country that make the world “go round”. I grew up in a blue collar family, with a dad that worked his tail off his whole life to provide for us. He’s gone now, but I can’t help but think he’d admire the heck out of you and what you do!

  178. I love Mike Rowe so in no way is this dismissing his show, but I am sure he knows what I mean about these great men.

    Deadliest Catch is the only true reality show. It is not a created show. It’s not acting, no script written, honest reality. These are men who give us, the viewers/fans, the honor and privilege into their lives intimately and personally as they do their job. There is no other show that can state that. The bond with the viewer/fans is coming from their hearts and their daily work. We want to thank you all, captains and crews of the show for allowing us to be a part of your lives. I can personally say my husband and I would feel the same if anything happened to any of you gentlemen on the show.

    Phil was one of our favorites and we see a brighter side that he was able to share his time with Josh, Jake and his dad. Nothing could have meant more to him than his sons, dad and crew.

    To see that proud loving father and his two sons weather the bad and having fun together while working-is Priceless. We want to thank Phil, Josh, Jake, his father and Crew for sharing themselves intimately and personally with us all. Phil’s pranks, unwitting humor and “soft side” he would occasionally show us fans, will be missed but never forgotten.

    The show allowed us into your lives and we fell in love with getting to know you all. This is why with weighted hearts we are devastated, grieve and feel the pain of losing a dear friend. The memories will live on in all of us.

    I say to Josh and Jake from experience, the memories kept dear to your heart will keep your father with you every moment of the day. You will never forget a man who gave you and others so much happiness. We as fans have been honored and privileged to know your father.

    Thank you


  179. Mike, I to agree you articulated your tribute to Phil so well and tears here too. Partly because I miss him so and have been a fan of DC even before it was a TV show. I was hooked from the second I started Spike Walkers book, Working on the Edge. When DC came on I was like a sponge soaking up all I could about this deadly job. The rest is history of course, but Phil became my favorite capt. as well as the boys, they were family! You brought them to us as only you could and your voice and appearance on After the Catch fit in and made you family also. I pray you will rejoin ATC the upcoming season. One hell of a Captain, is an understatement, he was a hell of a Man also and will be sorely missed by all of us. His authenticity was so genuine and I am so sorry that I never got to meet him. Not to much chance here in AR ya know.

    Mike thanks for being you!

  180. Phil was my favorite. I loved how he had tough love for his sons. They didnt always want to listen, but they did. They finally realized that if they wanted to become the man their father was, they would have to tow the line on his boat. And they did. We’ll miss you Phil. Thanks Mike. You did a great job. By the way, I live in Edgewater, Md. I bought a 2009 F150 and put Drty Job on the bay tag. People sometimes ask me if I’m Mike Rowe. Its a hoot!! Thanks for all that you dio.

  181. That was a very nice tribute to Phil Harris. Thank you for sharing your memories with everyone. Now those who did not know of Phil have an idea of the kind of person he really was- a mixture of such great things!! Rest in peace, Phil!!

  182. Mike, Thank you so very much for this. I haven’t seen anything yet that compares to your words about Captain Phil. A truly extraordinary piece of writing. I always liked you a lot, but now I love you. You gave us a piece of yourself along with a clear vision of Phil Harris. I’m forever grateful.

  183. Mike,

    Your words were eloquent and touched me very deeply. Phil was a big part of Deadliest Catch and he will be sorely missed. You might not have known him, but you caught his own style and wit. He told it like it is and if you didn’t like it oh well. He was quiet when he wanted to be and if you did something wrong he’d tell you. He was a good man, a great father, and a fantastic fisherman. Goodbye Phil we love you, and please look out for your fellow fishermen.


  184. Great job Mike. This made me realize what makes me keep watching Deadliest Catch season after season. The men on those boats, who are characters without being actors, unlike so many other so called reality TV shows. Phil Harris could have been my next door neighbor, he’s that much of a regular Joe. I’m actually starting to miss him, despite only knowing him through a 3 inch thick TV from a few thousand miles away.

  185. WOW that really brought me to tears. I have been watching Deadliest Catch since it first came on and as unusual as this may sound Phil has been the Captain that has drawn my interest the most. I have googled even his birdhouses (they were great by the way). His sons are a fine testiment to their fathers zest for life yet also his firm grounding in it as well. Please hug Jake and Josh from this fan and let them know that our prayers, our tears, and our thoughts are with them as they learn to adjust to this cruel new world without the man that loved them the most and who will always be by their side…since that is always where he wanted to be.

  186. Well put Mike; I’m not a crier, but you managed to squeeze a few out of me.

    As a fellow motorcycle rider, that is huge that he let you ride his Harley. Shows respect and trust.

    Thanks for sharing the memories.

  187. Mike, you and Phil seem to be cut from the same cloth! Work hard and play harder could be the motto for both of you.

    I will miss Phil’s no-nonsense approach to fishing and life.

    Keep up the great work you do!

  188. Wow Mike I am blown away by what you said I regretably never got the chance to meet Phil in person but I think your words captured him well. He was mine and my husbands favorite Captain on Deadliest Catch and we will miss him terribly and the things you said are exactly how we assumed he would be if we ever got the chance to meet him. Thank you for those wonderful words abut him he will be missed.

  189. Beautiful. I believe this is as proper as a eulogy can get. Sometimes the new observer is able the crystilize the truth better than those most used to seeing something so special, because they have seen it for so long they have become used to it. Thanks Mike. I need another tissue, for I, too, have been moved to tears.

  190. Mike,

    As you said, it’s not very often you run into a “real” human being. Being a fan of the show, I can’t say that I really “know” any of the people on The Deadliest Catch but, I can tell you I wouldn’t mind being friends with any of them. The way you described Phil, as being “generous/real”, is something that most of us only hope to be truely. There is a great man missing from the world and his name is Phil Harris. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends and hope that they stay strong and close!

    Just a fan,


  191. Beautiful Story Mike… thanks for sharing! We love deadliest catch and your show dirty jobs. We will miss seeing Phil, like everyone.

  192. Mike-you really do have a way with words. What you wrote was so sincere and touching. I definitely had a lump in my throat. I loved Phil on the show and look forward to reliving him in repeat shows. I am sure that he was a hell of a father to those boys. Just a selfless person it seems. He will be greatly missed. thanks

  193. Like others have already posted, all I have to say is this: Thank you, Mr. Rowe. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to a man I wish I had been able to meet in person.

  194. Mike,

    Captain Phil was indeed genuine. Deadliest Catch epitomizes the ideals other men strive to uphold throughout life’s journey. He will sure as hell be missed. My condolences go out to his family.

  195. That made me cry, as does every article, picture or slight mention of Capt. Phil these days. It says something about a person when they pass and it breaks the hearts of people who never even personally knew him. I have been a fan of Deadliest Catch since season one. We’ve never missed an episode and it didn’t take but one for Capt. Phil to become our favorite. I’m sure I will continue watching the show when the new season starts in April but it will be very difficult when we get to the episodes without Phil. It just won’t be the same. My heart aches over this terrible loss. My thoughts and prayers are of course with his family daily. Mike, you are a very blessed man to be able to have kept company with such a geniune person as Phil. God bless Capt. Phil…may your seas always be calm and your crab pots always be full!

  196. Okay after reading this Mike I had to wipe my eyes with all of the tears that came out of them. I am a big fan of yours and the Deadliest Catch. Capt Phill will truely be missed by all. He will watch his boys from up above and guide them. I have watched the show since it has started never missing an episode and he was a great father, friend, and Captain. God Bless his boys. They will carry on his legacy.

  197. Mike I love your show but, I loved Capt. Phil more it broke my heart to hear of his passing. Phil was a great man and prankster and will be missed greatly. As a pet owner we say that he has crossed over the rainbow bridge, gone forever but never forgotten. He will be remembered forever. We will remember Phil.

  198. I think you did an amazing eulogy. No one could say anything more heatfelt and honest. I wish I would have had the chance to meet him myself. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones!

  199. I could hardly finish reading for the tears, It is exactly how I imagined he was and I think it would be a great eulogy. Well Done!

  200. Thank you Mike, he was one hell of a captain, a father, and I’m sure a friend to those who knew him well. My heart goes out to his family, as well as the rest of the captains and crews who lost a good friend. Farewell Captain Harris, you touched many of our lives in ways you’ll never know… and we are all the better for it.

  201. Phil reminded me of my late husband the first time (and everytime after) I watched Deadliest Catch and After the Catch. I agree 110% with your assessment of him. Phil Harris – true definition of a human being and never ashamed to be himself. Thanks, Mike, for the sharing!

  202. My deepest sympothy to Josh, Jake and the rest of the Harris family, and the crew family of The Cornelia Marie. Thank you Mike and the Dicovery channel for making The Cornelia Marie part of my family as well as the other crews of the deadliest catch.

    Rest in peace Capt. Phil, I can see you’re star shining brightly above…..

  203. What a wonderful eulogy Mike – although I nearly fell off my chair laughing when you described David Zaslov’s attention span! You brought me both tears and laughter.

    I miss Capt. Phil – he was like a dear friend come to visit every week. I didn’t have the chance to meet him in person but I know his legacy will live on through his children and all those whose lives he touched.

  204. My husband and I watched Deadliest Catch incessantly. We watched the new episodes and the reruns and the reruns of the reruns. We feel (like I’m sure many others do) that we “know” those captains and their crews. The loss of Captain Phil is heartbreaking. We feel like we lost a friend that day. I cannot begin to imagine the sense of loss that his family feels. Thank you for giving us a little “inside view” of what kind of person he was. He will be sorely missed.

  205. I think of everything I have read about Phil you really brought him to life with words. Brought tears to my eyes for sure.

  206. Thank you Mike- it sounds like you knew him better than you thought. Captain Phil, you are missed. And I wish we could see you fishing the most abundant waters ever right now.

  207. MIke, thank you for a beautiful,honest story. I worried about Phil when he had the lung problem and was happy when he came back. I was floored when I found out he had a stroke. My 7 year old daughter and myself prayed for him every night. He will be truly missed. I like many others felt like I knew him. He seemed like someone that could everyone’s best friend, the kinda guy to have a beer with when it’s your birthday or when you break up with your wife. A true red blooded American man that worked hard all his life. I think it’s great that you and Barsky posted such nice stories. Everyone is quick to praise some actor or musician when they drop dead from drug binges but far to few people pay tribute to those that actually do something worthy, like Phil Harris. Thanks for all you do Mike, and thanks to the Harris boys for sharing their dad with us all the last few years. He will be very missed.

  208. Mike, you did a great job paying tribute to a man whose generosity came over the airwaves. He was a great part of the show and will be missed. Thank you for writing this!

  209. I was driving to work and the DJ announced that they were going to play in song in memory of Captain Phil Harris…I didn’t know that he had passed away the night before, and I was stunned…They played “Ride, Captain, Ride” and I sat there in traffic with tears streaming down my face..My heart aches for Josh and Jake..

    RIP Captain Phil..You were one of a kind and will be greatly missed!!!

  210. Mike great you sum it up, I love that captain the best that was my boat and Phil Harris loved his boys Jake and Josh, he will be missed, and my 8 year old loves the boat too. RIP Captain Phil Harris you will be missed

  211. Mike, that was an awesome tribute to a man who seems to be exactly what he was on TV. A real class act in the often misunderstood world of fishing.

  212. Capt Phil…Thank you for sharing your world and work with us. We watched you from the start of the show. Im glad we had reruns of the show to watch you. You will be missed.

  213. Thanks Mike, well said and spot on. RIP Phil, as he was both Real and Authentic both in his demeanor and as a person.

  214. Mike, you may think you didn’t know him well enough to eulogize him, but you have in the most authentic way. You spoke from your heart & your soul. Deadliest Catch is about the only show that my husband & I actually enjoy equally. It will not be the same without Captain Phil. We will miss seeing him on the show. Thank you Mike.

  215. Well said. It’s amazing how from watching him on TV, you can really get a feel of who a person is, at least part of the time. I feel like I lost a distant uncle or old pal.

    Rest In Peace Captain Phil

  216. Unbelievably written and unbelievably true. No words could better describe the emotional attachment that a layman viewer can feel for an unmet and distant Captain. He will indeed be missed. Not like the show being cancelled, but like an entity and friend has passed.

    I liked your definitive expression of Phil, which spoke to his authenticity in all its glory, flaws and all. I think we forget sometimes that being human, flaws and all, is what it’s all about.

    My condolences to the boys, both Captains and sons. To the Captains; carry on. To the boys; you have big boots to fill, but with the ambition and direction of a good father to help in your quest.

    Be safe on the seas and be comforted in the friendships and associations that this opportunity has provided.

  217. Thank-you for saying what the rest of us were thinking. He was a favorite of mine, never met him but he always was so honest on the show I felt I knew him..

  218. Mr. Rowe, sounds like you met a real homegrown, honest man. That is becoming more rare everytime the media gets their hands on someone.Mr. Harris will remembered as the man who taught his boys by what he does and not just by what he says. A fathers love was there everytime we watched him, I just hope that I am half the dad he was to his boys.Thank you discovery channel for letting him be a dad, a boss, and a role model on tv… we will miss you Phil..

  219. Thank you Mike for sharing some of your stories with the general public. Phil Harris will be missed by his family and fans alike. I know that us fans didn’t really know Phil, but just from watching the show you could tell that you always knew where people stand with Phil. It seemed that he would tell you what he thought you! He had a wonderful personality and he will be missed! Josh and Jake and the rest of Phil’s family has been and will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t imagine losing my father. Thank you for the opportunity for leaving my remarks. Christopher Campbell(Charleston, WV)

  220. I will miss Capt. Phil…I have watched this show faithfully from season one…I feel that they are all a part of my family…I call them by name…which makes my co-workers laugh…which only means they have truly missed out on knowing some wonderful people…Capt. Phil…Rest in Peace…you will be missed…Mike…what a wonderful write up…you made me laugh and cry…Josh and Jake…my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  221. Mike Rowe – you are a class act and a favorite of ours on TV. We so enjoy Dirty Jobs and the work you did on Deadliest Catch. My husband and I are big fans of Deadliest Catch. We even met Sig, Andy & Jonathan a couple of years ago at a book signing. Our hearts ache over the sudden dealth of Phil Harris and at such a young age. Its been quite a while since he passed and we are still mourning him because you are right…a real guy…a real father. Thank you for being you and as authentic as him.

  222. Thank you, Mike. That was a beautiful tribute. Captain Phil seemed like an extraordinary man and he will be missed by many. Thank you again, for sharing your memories of him with his fans.

  223. Awesome Mike, simply awesome. Phil Harris will most definitely be missed, worldwide.

    Bless you, his boys, his family and all of his fans!

  224. Very well put Mike. I could not have said it better if I knew Phil.. He was one of my favorite captains on the show. I really enjoyed watchin the show because Captain Phil really showed you how gritty and hard the work was but also how human they are were too! Rest in peace Captain Phil!

  225. Mike,

    I really liked your article, but the last paragraph was poetry. “I didn’t know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him. However, I knew him enough to like him, and more than enough to miss him. He was the real deal. Flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic. And one hell of a Captain.”

    Perfectly said, brother. Rest in peace, Phil.

  226. Beautifully written. I was so shocked when I heard the news that Captain Phil had passed away. Though the majority of us never “knew” him or met him, because of the show and how real he was, everyone who was a fan of the show feels a little bit of loss. My prayers and love go out to his family and close friends in their time of sadness.

  227. Very beautiful Mike!!! He was a awesome man!! Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Harris family and all their friends…..

  228. This is your job, Mike. You brought us all a side of Phil we never saw on the Cornelia Marie, a sweet guy in touch with his fans, from network executive to the last guy in the line. Thanks, Mike.

  229. Mike, Capt. Phil is not the only real human being, it’s the reason we all love to hear you speak, and read your words; you too are the real mcoy. Thanks for that touching piece about Phil, he was a hell of a crabber, and I will miss him on the show.



  230. I just have to share that I completely agree with Mike on Phil’s kindness when it comes to his fans. You see I live in Snohomish, WA which just happens to be about 7 miles from Lake Stevens where Phil lived. I was going to the Rite Aid store one morning and when I pulled into the parking lot, to my amazement was Captain Phil Harris. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach and became very giddy and excited. Phil was parked right in front of the store so on my way in, after debating for a few minutes I walked over to his car to say hello. He was so nice, sweet, and friendly. Had absolutely no problem meeting a fan in the parking lot and chatting it up with me for a good 5 or 10 minutes. I to asked him some personel questions about his health and such and again, no problem answering my questions. Even though I only new Phil from watching him on the show, after that day of actually meeting him not 5 minutes from my home, I felt like I really knew him. I know for myself, he will be truly missed. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read about him or hear his name.

  231. That was one of the most beautifully written tributes I have ever read. The word ‘authenticity’ is perfect. It is exactly what I’ve been feeling. We need more authentic people in this world. Phil was definitely one of them. (I suspect Mike Rowe is too)

  232. Well said Mike. Capt Phil will be missed, Love the show.. but will be missing a HUGE piece. Gods speed Capt Phil.

  233. This story made me smile…..beacuse as you stated, Phil was the real deal and you don’t run into that too often anymore. I can hear in my mind Phil saying — “that was the president of the whole damn channel” and “Is that right”…..some things Phil said much of the time and he shot straight from the hip — I’d have liked to have been a friend of Phils, we would have got along famously! RIP Phil.

  234. Mike you could not have said it better than that… genuine is something that you don’t find anymore and that was phil to a “t”. I am a fan of the show and never got to meet phil but i wish i had… these men risk their lives to feed ther families and so we can eat also. They do something that few would ever dream of doing and they do it well. Phil was one of the greats, we seen him laugh, cry, get mad and joke around, and it was all real and genuine. Thank you phil for showing us something out there is truly what it is, and you sir was just that. You will be dearly and greatly missed by many and loved by one and all.

  235. Mike,

    Good on ya’ mate… Our association had begun talking with Phil’s agent to hopefully have him be a guest at our Bull & Crab Feast here in Spokane this coming Mar…Schedule’s and things we just could fit things;however,back in the Fall he mentioned to me that he had picked Phil up at the Airport and was driving him home and they stopped at Safeway to pick up dinner. He and Phil went their separate ways to shop and came upon Phil at the deli…Behind Phil must have been 60 or so fans…Turning around surprised and laughing Phil said, “What, don’t you folks have a life…I’m just a crab fisher” Phil chatted with everyone there as you have described. As you put it he was authentic and human. Would have loved to have met him. Thanks for sharing. Bill Taylor, Membership Director Spokane Home Builders Association

  236. Mike, for a guy who makes a living doing Dirty Jobs, you can really spread some light on a otherwise depressing time. Great memories. I wish I could have met Capt. Phil, but through your words, i almost feel I have.

  237. Mike I am a huge fan of Deadliest Catch and of Dirty Jobs. I want to thank you for sharing your stories of Phil Harris, although I never had the opportunity to meet him I loved watching him interact with his crew, his sons and the other captains. Watching him over the years has created a feeling of great affection for him and his crew, and the other crews of Deadliest Catch. I can’t imagine the show without him. Once again thank you for sharing your stories.

  238. Mike that was an awesome article you wrote. I cried and laughed (duck I will miss Captain Phil as if I knew him personally. Sounds like he was a wonderful man.

  239. Well said Mike. I don’t know if it’s delusional or not, but I was actually sad to hear about Captain Phil’s passing. I normally don’t pay attention to the developments concerning celebrities’ lives or really give a damn, for that matter; I hope that the man we saw on the CM was a factual representation of who Phil Harris actually was. He seemed like a regular guy, just like the rest of us, and there aren’t enough of them in this world. Rest in peace, Phil Harris. I am just one of the millions who enjoyed getting to know you, even if it was just a little.

  240. A stirring tribute to a unique man. Thank you for sharing your memories and your feelings. Deadliest Catch will NEVER be the same . . .

  241. Wow!!

    Thank you for sharing your favorite memory of Captain Phil. My imagination can just HEAR his voice telling you who David Zaslov was!

    Captain Phil Harris just oozed that ‘down to earth’ persona that makes “Deadliest Catch” a REAL Reality show!

    He will be missed by so many people.

  242. Mike you are a man of many words, those have to be the best you have ever said. Phil will be missed and dutch harbor won’t be the same now that he is gone. Rest in peace phil…you will be missed.

  243. OMG, Mike, that brought tears to my eyes. Again. I was so sad to hear of Captain Phil’s passing. He was my favorite captain and the show won’t be the same without him.

  244. Mike that is so touching. I met Phil when he was signing autographs at a local store. He was so kind. He had his picture taken with my children. He made a big deal over my son who was wearing his special olympics jacket. He talked to my son shook his hand and wished him good luck and said he was proud of him for being in specail olympics.

  245. Beautiful Mike. Just beautiful. he was one heckuva character and I know his family will miss him greatly. Discovery is doing a great thing by honoring him. Good job.

  246. Mike,

    What you wrote can only be said by a true friend of someone that has passed. To have those memories of Captain Phil is something that will live in you forever. A very touching tribute to a hard working man who loved his chosen career, and of course Josh and Jake, as well I am sure the rest of his family. I know you will miss Captain Phil, as will the entire crew of the Deadliest Catch and it’s fans.

    Rest in peace Captain Phil and much strength to your family in these difficult times.

  247. Nicely done Mike. After reading your tribute to Captain Phil it gives me even more of a sense of loss of not only a great fisherman, but also a humble,kind hearted,fun loving human being, who will be greatly missed. my thoughts are with his family. R.I.P. Captain Phil

  248. Thank you so much, Mike, for sharing this. It gave us a little more knowledge and insight to a great man.

  249. mike you may be on a show with dirty in its name but your words pierce the heart and ring truth to everyone. he will be missed. r.i.p phil

  250. Mike you didn’t have to know the man to actually know “the man” that Phil was and frankly I couldn’t have said it better myself. RIP Phil you are so very missed and God bless Jake, Josh and the entire family. And to the remaining captains God bless you venture’s at sea and remember “DON’T LEAVE PORT ON A FRIDAY!”

  251. Mike, No response from me can describe what I just read. You have effectively made me love a person that I only knew through a TV screen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Phil Harris, a person I now know better because of you!

  252. Mike, your testimony is really touching and REAL, to remain in the context ; something I can say upfront is that Phil Harris and you have in common the most authentic , genuine passion for what you do (did, in the case of Phil, unfortunately…), and that feeling is being passed on to the audience, without a doubt.

    Thank you for this beautiful , REAL words about that REAL man who was captain Phil !

  253. I too was brought to tears. Thanks Mike, for yet one more reason why we love Capt. Phil. That was an awesome “not” eulogy.

  254. Thank you for sharing your stories about Captain Phil. He really soulds like a great guy. All of us fans are going to miss him.

  255. That last paragraph said it absolutely perfect, Mike. I think anyone who has ever watched a season of Deadliest catch will feel the very same way.

  256. Wow man thats an awsome story Mike ! The Discover Chaanel has brought a lot of great people into our homes. I mean real people and real stories.I thank them for letting us get to know Capt. Phil and his family. Also thank you Mike for sharing your stories. Phil you will be greatly missed. GOD SPEED CAPTAIN PHIL !!

    Mike looking forward to seeing After the Catch this season. Maybe you can do a Before the Catch. Where the Captains can sit around the table telling there stories about Captain Phil Harris.

    The Slice Family.

  257. Mike,

    Very eloquent, as usual. I can’t really add anything to that, or to these other fine posts. But I can thank you for sharing your experience with a true hard-working and genuine man. Phil, you will be missed!

  258. Very well said, Mike. As many others before me have said, Phil Harris was the real deal…a hard working man who fussed at his kids like the rest of us do, and loved them as well. May God bless his family, friends, and fellow crab fishermen – may the wind always be at your backs, and may your pots always be full.

  259. Mike,

    Just awesome! I choked up and I agree with everything you said about Phil. Yelling at his kids (who couldn’t relate to that) fishing, joking etc. He was the real deal and decent was the best word to describe him. Decency is in short supply these days. He will so sorely be missed.

  260. mike, that was an awesome article. i can only imagine what would be running through your brain at times when in the company of the coolest captain of the series. his passing is a huge loss. not only for the show and its fans, but also for the fishing industry, his fellow fisherman and his friends in and around dutch harbor.

    r.i.p. phil

  261. Capt Phil is one of a kind and will never be forgotten. Great article, made me cry, but its exactly how I would picture Phil. He will be dearly missed.

  262. Thank you Mike for letting us into your memory of Captain Phil. He was on of those guys I really wanted to meet and will never get the chance. This makes me very sad…

  263. Good job Mike. That is how he seemed to us too. We will miss seeing him on Deadliest Catch. He was our favorite captain.

  264. Mike,

    Thank you for letting us glimpse, through your eyes, behind the scenes at a man who really is a working man’s hero. While you may not feel like you knew him well enough to eulogize him, you did a darn fine job of speaking to his character. My thoughts and prayers are with his family who will be carrying on his legacy.

  265. Deepest condolences to Phil’s family, and the crew of The Cornelia Marie. We enjoyed watching Phil and his sons, he came across as a genuine guy. The show just won’t be the same without him and his personality. Thank you Mike for allowing us the opportunity to show our respects.

  266. thanks Mike-you made me cry 🙂 I only wish I would have had the opportunity to meet Capt Phil in person-sounds like someone you would definitely want for a friend ! His legacy will live on in Jake & Josh-thanks for sharing your thoughts & stories of the most rocking Captain EVER

    hugs 2 u


  267. It’s amazing to me how so many people were touched by a man that most of us never met. YOu were one of the lucky ones who could say that you knew Phil. Thanks fore your memories Mike! Rest In Peace Phil!!! We love & miss you!

  268. I have, unfortunately, heard a lot of eulogizes and this was one of the best. Phil was truly a real person and it showed on the show. You are right we do not see that in our everyday lives anymore.

    Best part is you seem to be the same. If you are ever in the Philadelphia, pa. area there is always a beer here for you.

  269. Beautiful written Mike. I am sure there are many more wonderful stories about Phil and memories that his family, friends and fans will cherish. I truly enjoy watching the program. He was loved by many and will be missed by all.

  270. Very nice tribute to a man who walked the talk and was the genuine “real deal” – Captain Phil will be missed

  271. Mike,

    You may not have known Phil But anybody would be blessed to have that as a eulogy. I will miss Phil on the show and I thoughts and prayers are with his family!!!!!!!!!!


  272. My husband and I have been fans of Deadliest Catch since the beginning.Phil was one of our favorites to watch. He spoke his mind, cameras rolling or not. He will be sorely missed. Thanks for sharing your great memories.

  273. Very nice Mike. I think Captain Phil was on the top of our (fans) list. That was a very good story and a great tribute to a great man. Thank you. Now, I will wipe my eyes.

  274. Capt. Phil was one of my favorites on the show, of which I’ve seen ’em all. He was, indeed, authentic, and I didn’t even know the man. I could read it in his eyes. They eyes are truly the doorway to the soul. One of the things that impressed me the most was his wonderful way of living life to the fullest…as it came…good and bad. What you saw was what you got. So rare in the world today. Capt. Phil lived his life full of passion and I so respect, envy, and crave that for myself. God bless and comfort his sons, friends, family, co-workers, and other loved ones as they grieve his passing. Know that he is truly on the Other Side, is no longer in pain, and is very happy. You WILL see him again, of that there is no doubt.

  275. Mike I’ve always said you were good people because you kept it real. Phil was the same and your post about Phil was real and touching. You spoke it beautifully and honest and it would have made Phil proud.

  276. Wow Mike, that was awesome! Phil will be missed so much by everyone around the world! I still can’t believe that he is gone. My prayers go out to Josh & Jake and the rest of the family and friends. Also thank you Mike for writing this about Phil! God Bless you and take care ;o)

  277. Mike, you did an excellent job, as, (almost) always, (hey, I watch Dirty Jobs, too). You are my second favorite Discovery personality. Second only to the man you so eloquently, and properly, eugolized. Captain Phil just had that “something” about him. You summed up perfectly, what that “something” is – authenticity. We all do, indeed, need more of that in this world. My world, somehow, feels emptier with him gone.

    May God provide calm waters and fair weather for Phil, throughout Eternity. May He comfort and protect Jake, Josh, the rest of the Harris family, the Cornelia Marie crew, and all of Phil’s friends and colleagues.

    Thank you, Discovery, for introducing Capt. Phil to us.

    Thank you, Mike, for sharing your memories. Seriously, you did real good!

  278. Mike, thanks for an awesome read! Phil is my favorite on the show and you could see he was a very personable man. I wish I had the chance to meet him but unfortunately did not. I will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.

  279. Touching Mike….I got a little teary! Phil will be missed, and all our thoughts and prayers are with his family…especially his boys Josh and Jake. They’re havin’ it hard I’m sure. The show will not be the same without Phil…lots of laughter when he’s on. We’ll be watching this season of Deadliest Catch, with a tear in our eye, and a smile on our face…..

    Cheers Phil…R.I.P.

  280. Thanks Mike for putting into your words what so many of us “fans” felt. Proud to think of Capt Phil and I’ll say you as “friends” even though we’ve never meet. Honesty in actions and deeds can be hard to convey on TV, but always felt with Capt Phil that what we saw was what he was…tough….caring….wise…and a bit of a trickster.

    Thanks for your insight….as always….

  281. Thanks, Mike. I came into Deadliest Catch right after the start of season 2 and have been a fan ever since. I took to Phil right off for exactly the reasons you say. Phil was just Phil, there in all his glory, take it or leave it. He reminded me a lot of my Pop. I would loved to have gotten to know Phil in person, but at least we all got to know a little bit of him for a while.

  282. That was a very touching tribute..had me tearing up by the end. My condolences to his family & friends.

    Thanks for sharing some of your special moments w/ him.

  283. Hey Mike I also had the chance to talk with Phil a few times. As you said he was a real down to earth man.. we talked for more then two hours one day about bikes of course and then i ran into him out in Goldbar one day at the gas station as Phil and a friend were heading home from over the pass on there bikes. He stayed and talked with me about there ride and how Josh was up fishing for cod i think it was.. I wish i could have gone ridding with him but i will always remimber the tralks we had.. We all will miss you Captain.

  284. Generally speaking…..I try not to read a lot of what is written on line about someone I respected who has passed….however, I not only read but I cried after reading what Mike Rowe wrote…what a class act not only Mike but Phil….no wonder they got along so well….RIP PhiL my prayers to the boys. Jake and Josh your dad was a unique, beautiful human being who loved you two kids to death!

  285. Mike,

    Very well written. I think you capitalized on many of the sentiments that most of us share with you: we ‘knew’ him, but we didn’t know him and we miss him all the more for the lack of opportunity to get to know Phil even better.


  286. Love it. Great tribute to the saltiest of the salty. Every time I saw Captain Phil laugh on “Deadliest Catch” it always sounded like it was a dirty joke he was laughing at – and it made me want to have a drink with him.

    Thanks for posting, Mike.

  287. Phil was authentic, that is the most accurate description I have heard of him yet. He never tried to be someone or something he wasn’t, he didn’t care what people thought of him. At the same time, he was the type of person that would go out of his way to help someone he didn’t even know. To me that made him a great person, the type of person that makes this world a better place. His mentality was more old school, which we need more of in todays society. RIP Phil.

  288. Thank you, Mike. Sometimes the best eulogies are those little snippets that maybe no one else sees. I think you captured the Captain quite well. Your experience with Phil certainly affirms what many of us felt about him. My sons and I are big fans and we’ve wanted to go to some of the events in the Seattle area to meet the captains on Deadliest Catch but never seemed to find out in time. We all would have enjoyed meeting Phil. Best of wishes to Jake and Josh; may we all remember the values he was famous for: being genuine, authentic, and generous.

  289. Mike, well said. For those of us who never met Phil, you have shown us a side of him not seen on the show. You may not feel you knew him well enough to eulogize him, yet you just did in wonderful style. Now, hopefully his boys will be able to take after their father.

  290. Thank you Mike Rowe for sharing that with us. Only a person who holds the same qualities as Captain Phil can identify him as the man that he was. Even though you feel different than he was, you are a good enough man to see a good man. Thanks again, very heartfelt and well written.

  291. No offense to any of the other Captains but Phil & his sons are one of the main reasons we love the show. He will be missed by all.

  292. Mike, you made me cry..again..and laugh. I don’t think anyone could have described Phil Harris better or we as people who liked, loved and will miss him. I knew from the first episode of Deadliest Catch he was on, that he was the “One”. The one I waited to see, the reason I kept watching…one hell of a man is gone…maybe I’m too sentimental..but he has a piece of my heart with him. Thank you Mike for your insight and for sharing it with us.

  293. Sitting here teary eyed….nothing more to say. You said it all and very well.

    With Phil, what you saw was the real deal.

    Missed but not forgotten, Brenda

  294. What a lovely sentiment from you Mike. I could not agree more and though I had never met Phil Harris, I watched him religiously every week. The true genuine heart of a man always comes through and in Phil it did SHINE. No matter what he did with the boat, his boys, the crew, Phil will always be the REAL DEAL!! I thank Discovery for sharing Phil with us. What a truly spectacular man who will forever be missed!!

  295. I have watched “Deadliest Catch” since its inception, and always anticipate the start of a new season. When I heard Phil had a stroke, I was genuinely affected. I prayed for his recovery, still anticipating the start of the new season. There was no doubt in my my that he would be there for “After the Catch.” When I was in my class, I teach 6th grade, and read he had passed, I was crushed. As a father of 2 young boys, I feel for his boys. I would like them to know how much their father was respected and admired. I will still watch the start of the new season, though with a heavy heart. Great article, Mr. Rowe.

  296. Mike, Thanks so much for sharing your “memories” of Captain Phil with us. A wonderful tribute, eloquently put.

    Captain Phil Harris will be missed by so many people that he

    never met, but he was family to us. God bless his sons Josh & Jake, his Dad, his family, the crew of the Cornelia Marie and his fishing brothers of the Deadliest Catch.

    God bless you Mike, Looking forward to your narration of the Deadliest Catch this season. YOUR voice is the Deadliest Catch and After The Catch.

    Keep on being DIRTY!

  297. Mike Rowe, I am a seeker of quotes. I love the power of words. I collect them the way others may collect sports paraphernalia or antiques. I’ve just made a discovery right here.

    “The world is desperate for authenticity. In business & in real life. In work & play. We crave it I think, because it’s in such short supply. Consequently, when we see it, we’ll wait for it. We’ll watch it on TV. We’ll stand in line for a chance to be near it. Fans, fishermen, CEO’s – we know authenticity when we see it, even if we’re not looking for it.”

    We do indeed seek authenticity and crave its existence.

    Phil Harris certainly “had it in spades”.

    Thank you, Mike, for providing a treasure for my collection.

  298. A big thank you Mike, you make us all feel like we are really there as it unfolds. Not only in with what you have had to say about Capt Phil but all your stories and shows. Thanks again for the insight into Phil a man we have taken into our lives.


  299. Mike, that was beautiful. Brought me to tears. It will be hard to watch “Catch” knowing that Capt. Phil is no longer with us. Thanks for the message. RIP Capt. Phil!!!

  300. I think that is some of the most sweetest things I have heard about Phil. I know that me and my family didn’t know him personally, but we felt like we did, because we watched every week and was interested about what he done, and how he absolutely adored his sons. Captain Phil was one of the true MEN left in this world, and the world is missing their skipper right now. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.


  301. Thank you Mike for your little spin on Phil. I will miss my favorite capt. I wish his two sons all the best and hope they know how their dad touch so many lives. To you and all the Discovery channel crews , be safe and keep bring us those amazing shows you do.

  302. Hey Mike, I think you captured exactly what Phil was, a genuine man. Thanks for helping to bring him and all the others,into our homes.

  303. wow mike, I would have loved to a fly on the wall just to watch and listen as you are able to talk to the captains. We do watch the “after the catch” and love all the stories, the ones I want to hear are the ones that are either on the cutting room floor or never filmed. Phil is greatly missed and his family is in our prayers. We look forward to another year in deadliest catch as well as dirty jobs. love and respect to you and the captains

    Willard and Patty Mattox, Salem oregon

  304. Mike, I love the stories you shared. I could just hear Phil saying his part in the story. It made me miss him even more. Capt Phil was my favorite on the show and he will be dearly missed by us. May God bless his family and friends. And also you did a great job with your eulogy.

  305. Way to go Mike you truly understand why the show is so good it is the fact that these are real people just being them . I never got to meet phil but I had no doubt that he would be just as you described Phil will be missed by all

  306. Beautiful Mike! Even though alot of Deadliest Catch fans haven’t had the privlidge to meet him for just that 1 fan minute, or been blessed to have him in our lives. That’s what makes us, The Deadliest Catch Fans, love about watching Capt Phil.

    Each Capt and crew has brought different personality to the show, yes. That’s a major part also why we love the show.

    We also miss you Mike. Hope you are able to come back again to lead the Round table discussions on After the Catch.

  307. Thanks Mike You took the words right out of my mouth and onto the screen.Thank you for helping all of us to put down how we felt about Captain Phil. God bless and keep Josh and Jake Harris, and all who knew, loved, and will miss Captain Phil. God Bless and keep you to Mike Rowe, we love you too. Keep up the good work.

  308. Mike,

    That WAS a good eulogy. Probably one of the best. Thank you for sharing that. Helps those of us on the other side of the TV to better know the people we’re watching – Phil and you.

  309. You sure have a way of saying things the right way. That is probably why you do what you do. You know Phil better than the rest of us so, thanks Mike for sharing that with us. Phil was truly a rough looking, cig smoking, coffee and red bull drinking son of a gun but, deep down inside, he was an all American, real, big hearted, teddy bear.

    God’s speed Phil and may the pots be full in Heaven’s ocean!

  310. That was one of the most heartfelt thing I have ever read. I liked Cpt. Phil the best. He knew how to joke around and still get the job done. I will miss seeing him on the show.

  311. I have watched Deadliest Catch from the very beginning, and Phil was always my favorite Captain. The show just won’t be the same without him, and I was truly shocked to hear of his death, after just reading a few days before that he was getting stronger, and speaking with family and friends. My thoughts will be with the Harris family, and especially Jake and Josh. Keep your Dad’s legacy alive and honor what he has done for you. I love you and miss you Captain Phil, go rest high on that mountain, your work here is done.

    From a devoted fan!

    Christine Miller

    Belvidere, Illinois

  312. Ok, normally I type very well. On this night, please ignore the typos. Mike, what a wonderful job you have done in remembering Phil. Phil was human, famous, flawed, “An old soul”, and a wonderful, insightful person. I loved the man on screen, bought his coffee….and wish he and his son’s well. You have made a wonderful statement as to the man Phil was. I appreciate that so much. Phil never “got too big for his britches” so to speak, and neither have you Mike. When it all boils down, we are all the same…worth less than $2.00 for our body, minerals and such. This kind of a thing with Phil’s death just make us realize how fragile life is. And, to make the most of the time we have on earth.

  313. Thanks, Mike, for putting it into words that the rest of us couldn’t exactly find. What a perfectly candid depiction of him you wrote. It made me chuckle and it definitely stung the heart at times, but I don’t think there is a better tribute; a tribute that is as real as Phil was. So again, thanks. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for being the best.

  314. Mike this is actually one of the best way a person can be Eulogized is by someone who knows them but not knows them to deeply. You can speak of the man and not the mans life. My wife and I watch the show faithfully and everyone seems to be genuine but Captain Phil always seems to be the most genuine, flawed, real, honest and caring. We can only hope his son’s fair well after this because it is hard losing a parent but he seemed to be not only a parent but a friend, boss and partner with his boy’s and crew. We will always know that where the Captain is his days will be calm, his pots and nets always full, and his sails full of wind when needed. and his draft never shallow. We shall miss this person who was not afraid to show his real side on the air in front of millions. May his memory live on well beyond the short time he spent on this Earth. Good fishing and fair weather Captain and Thank You for sharing. Mike Great Job.

  315. Any tribute to a dedicated father is a good one. When you religously watch a series like this one you feel like you know the people and Phil honestly left an easy impression. The greatest thing about deadliest catch and the people involved is that it is real time. Thanks for posting your tribute Mike.

  316. I feel like he was part of the family. When I told the kids we all had a moment and a few tears! What a man. How he touched us from the tv screen. We will miss him and we send our love to his family. Thanks Mike for saying it in a way we tv land people can not…

  317. I agree with Joe, Mike you brought me to tearsa nd Captain Phil will be truly missed. I wish his whole family my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

  318. That is they way to remember a man that was truly liked in his provession. You really did a good way of rembering a good man.

  319. Mike you hit the nail on the head. Someone special yet, someone you could sit down and have a drink with. A real regular guy. Thanks for your letter, I think you have said what many of us feel.

  320. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Mike hit the nail right on the Head.. Phil does have this

    way about him, It would have been nice to have met him, I love watching the show,in fact I watch After the catch as well. It’s really nice to watch them catch the crab, then hear them talk about all the different things that have happened over the years being out there. I still am not sure how they do it at times.. But I do know they are great at what they do. And Phil sure did know what he was doing.. He was a Great Captain ! We will Miss Him !

    My Prayers go out to His Family and those whom worked closely with him.

  321. Mike…thank you for the beautiful words and sharing the side of Captain Phil that we, the fans of Deadliest Catch don’t often get a chance to see. Even tho you said you didn’t know him well enough to do a euology, those words were a tribute and great eulogy to a man who become a friend thru a show. Captain Phil will be missed by all you watched the show. Bless him, his sons and family and also you Mike for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Sail on and keep fishing Captain Phil. You are wind in the sails.

  322. Your rememberances are a better eulogy than most given. You truely expressed what we all have enjoyed about Phil. He is real! We will miss him. Thank you Phil. Prayers to the family and the crew.

  323. I met Capt. Phil in Eureka,Ca. He and his sons came to help one of our community who had died of a brain tumor raise money for the family and young children he’d left behind. I had never met someone who’d been on T.V. and the closer I came to the front of the line the more nervous and edgy I got. I didn’t really know what to say or do,but when the time came, I said thank you for helping out the family and shook hands with all three Harris’. I left feeling pleased to know they were my first celebraties and to echo the words of Mike Rowe ‘flawed,human,decent,kind,and totally authentic’ I will never forget that. I hope the young men will continue in their fathers footsteps and God bless and keep the fleet.

  324. Fans of Phil and the show knew he had a good sense of humor, really loved and was proud of his boys, was laid back yet quick to react when called for and just fun to watch. Your stories show that whether on film or everyday life, Phil was just a genuinely great guy. We will so miss him. Thanks Mike, So long Phil. RIP

  325. Wow Mike you are an awesome writer. I have always noticed and appreciated your use of the English language. You are a classy,wholesome guy and my sister and I just love your show and you. I too found Captain Phil to be particularly genuine, he was one of the reasons I would watch the “Deadliest Catch”. May God Rest his Soul. He will be missed.

  326. Superbly said MIKE, one working class hero saying something so fantastic/touching about another! You guys make us blue collared folk so proud, and to lose one like Phil is tragedy. Shows like Deadliest Catch and Dirty jobs make some of our days, shoot maybe even a week. I cried when I read this, didnt matter how tuff and manly I tried to be, you are the biggest hearted dude I know to post this. It says alot about you, and the intament stories with Phil are things we on the other side on the tube dont get to see/hear, thank you. Again, Awesome job Mike, and To Phil’s family and shipmates, our prayers are with you… Sincerely Jason Watrous and family

  327. i was moved also to tears, and am deeply saddened that Phil is gone. My husband and I ALWAYS watched him, he was our fave captain, and were shocked when he got sick. Its so true that he was authentic, and you could tell just from the show that he was kind, and wonderful. I would have waited in line for hours too had i had the opportunity to do so. He and God are now talking about many of Gods sea creatures that Phil came into contact with over the years, and having a chatty time…God bless Phil.

  328. Wonderful article. I shall truly miss Captain Phil, somehow he made you feel like you had always known him, just like loosing a very dear Friend.

  329. Mike Rowe i just wanted to say, that your the niceest guy i know. this really was a life changing experience you did the nicest, i ever read. Youre an example to us all and one hell of a guy i thank you with all my heart we all miss him very much

  330. Great Job Mike, I really think you are top notch, great job sharing another side of Phil. I am always amazed at your depth. Phil was our favorite as well. I wish I could have met him.

  331. “I didn’t know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him. However, I knew him enough to like him, and more than enough to miss him.” You said it perfectly. I think that is what most of us (the fans) feel. We didn’t know him, but we knew him and he will be missed tremendously.

    Thank you for your sincerity.

    Capt. Phil… rest in peace and thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us.

  332. My only hope is that someone has those kind of things to say about me when I’m gone. Nicely said Mike Rowe. Nicely said.

  333. Thank you so much for writing this, Mike. Phil was my favorite Captain on Deadliest Catch and I’ve always felt he was a down to earth kind of guy. Real genuine, the way you described him. I love reading stories like this about who he was outside of the show. Most times people have this front that they show on television, but Phil didn’t. He was just that kind of a person all the time. The world needs more people like Phil Harris. He will be missed dearly by all who ever watched the show.

    Thanks again, Mike. Blessings!


  335. Hey Mike,

    I just want you to know that the song ‘Someone Says Goodbye’ by ENYA, yeah I know, is actually perfect lyrically speaking for this situation. If you read these comments, I don’t know, but I will also say that this was the most poignant tribute I have read. I pray for Josh and Jake, and if you see them let them know. God knows I won’t see them. I, like many, really feel like I got to know Phil over the years, even though I never did. Like you say, I feel I don’t know him well enough to eulogize him, but I do know him well enough to miss him.

  336. I like what you have writen,and he will be missed,AN HE WAS ONE HELL OF A CAPTAIN. YOURS R.GALLAGHER

  337. What beautiful stories! Thanks, Mike! We love your Dirty Jobs as much as Deadliest Catch. Capt Phil had so much charisma! It’s still a shock and hard to believe. Such a brave, strong, wonderful man. He is greatly missed. I;m glad we have the memories and will hopefully still have Josh and Jake and the other captains – but we will never forget Capt. Phil!!!!!!!!!

  338. I and all the workers with me would go home on Tuesday night. we worked hard and fast just to get home to see the crab fishermen. Phil has been one of my favorite from day one. then the next day we would talk about the crab and how as cooks and chef would love to cook up Alaskan crab. I have thought to my self how has touch this crab. did it come from wha boat. i will never know but it has all ways come from one of the boats that i have watched through the years in my head. god speed phil! i will miss you lot!

  339. Mike uou the real deal.We watch you,listen to you,but after reading this about Capt Phil an how you spoke of him, you are very genuine in deed.Bill & I watch several Discovery shows, we even have family, friends, an grown children watching.We’ve commented on how you carry yourself, the grace and sincerity you show in all kinds of situations and the people you meet along the way.I’d be proud to call you my friend.

    May God Bless you in all you do.

  340. It was apparent to me just from watching the show, that Phil was the real deal. I think we all lose a little part of ourselves when someone we admire and respect passes on. I certainly felt it even though I never mmet Captain Phil. I hope his family is doing well considering this terrible loss

  341. The show showed that Mr.Harris was a great skipper. I could see in his eyes just how much he loved his sons and life.

  342. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for writing that and letting us know more about Captain Phil.

    I normally sit and wait till midnight for the Deadliest Catch to begin on Discovery. It’s such an awesome show, and I cant sleep without watching it. I got really sad when I heard about Captain Phil. You feel like you know them when you sit and watch them every day, but after reading what you wrote, I wish I knew him alot more.

    Thanks for sharing Mike, you rock!

    God bless you all!

    Love from Norway

  343. Thank You Mike Rowe That was a Very Nice Attestment to Capn’ Phil Harris. I Know I will Miss Him Greatly As He & Sig Are MY 2 Fav’s… I was Very Sad to Learn of his Passing On, All the Captain’s on the Behring Sea Now Have One More Angel Watching Over them… My Heart Goes Out to His Son’s Josh & Jake Especially !I Hope they Continue on in their Father’s Legacy !

    My Love & Condolences to All His Peronal Friends & Family,

    ~ Miranda ~

  344. Thank you, Mike, for a beautiful collection of wonderful memories of Captain Phil. RIP Captain, you were a good egg!

  345. Mike, one of the reasons I became hooked on the “Catch” was you. I really like your work. You keep it real. One of the reasons I stayed hooked on the “Catch” was Phil Harris. All I can say is that he was “real” and you can’t ask for more then that it a person. Thank you for sharing this.

  346. Mike, I’m alot like you in the aspect that Capt. Phil was a great man hard working and a decent guy, I have watched Deadliest Catch for many years and and have enjoyed the show immensly,now all we have to do is get Sig of the Northwestern to quit smoking so he doesn’t suffer the same fate as Captain Phil.

  347. First off RIP Phil and sincere best wishes to all involved with him. A couple of years back I was chatting with one of my daughters on the phone who I haven’t seen in a long time and found out that she was also a fan of Deadliest Catch as my wife and I have been from the beginning. Something she said has stuck with me. “When I see Captain Phil I think of you Dad. You’re alot like him” Now I highly doubt that I’m worthy being compared to him…but I’ll take it…Thanks Chi Chi.

  348. Mike,

    You have such a great way with both the spoken and written word. Being able to define the essence of people and jobs in such a great way! The way you describe Phil is such a great example…A lot of us of thought we knew Phil…now by your description we know him so much better! What you wrote, so well, is why we loved him so much! Phil and David had a lot in common…Phil was the CEO of the CorneliaMarie and David is the the CEO of Discovery Communications. They both faced challenges that would put the fear of God into most individuals and thrived on it! Phil just did it in a way that thru Davids generosity…we got to see! Thanks for being who and the way you are and touching so many with both your words about Phil and your great personality!

    We are going to miss Phil…but our hearts are full of his being there!

  349. You know, I never met Capt. Phil Harris and Ive never met Mike Rowe, but if what they represent on TV was honestly the way they are, I can see why Mike Rowe and Phil Harris became friends. And I can say that over the years it has been my pleasure to know and work with men like these in many of the construction trades that I have worked. Where hard work and integrity wasn’t a rare thing but a given on a regular basis. Where if you give a man your word, it meant something and you had better “By God” stand behind it. So in that frame of mind, Capt Phil Harris was a loss to us all, because those kind of men are becoming the rarity and not the norm. I pray for his kids and hope they follow in their fathers shoes, not only on the boat but on the very way he lived life. My hat is off to you Mike for hitting the nail on the head and for recognizing that “Real People” just might be making a come back. Rest in Peace Phil Harris, may your seas always be calm, your pots always full, and may you always be surrounded by the love of your sons!

  350. You always know how to get your point across like no other. Mike you have a way of keeping people interested and speaking true life. I loved Captain Phil and was going to hopefully meet him next King crab season in Kodiak while visiting my boyfriend. I am a 20 year paramedic and your right in saying that people, including myself, crave and search for authenticity! I feel like you are great family guy and we love you here in South Carolina. Thank you for touching my heart. God Bless the Crab fishing family, Jacob and Joshua, we love you!

  351. He will be missed! What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for helping us to get to know these great true characters. Who knew I’d get to be a fan of a fishing show?

  352. Thanks Mike,

    Phil was my favorite captain. He seemed to me the sort of guy with a tough shell that was easy to crack if he liked and/or respected someone. As tough as he was on his boys at times, it was always obvious that he loved them very much. Thank you for sharing more insight into the genuine person he was. He will be missed.

  353. Thank you Mike for eulogizing one of the Deadliest Catch’s most loved Captains, Phil. I always loved the way he was so calm no matter what the situation. He ran his ship the way every crew member would hope. Phil was the type of person I would love to have called “My Friend.”

    Phil, you will never be forgotten and we know you will always be watching over the Cornelia Marie, Josh, Jake and your crew. We miss you, but thank God for having the pleasure of knowing you through this great program Deadliest Catch. May it never end and we watch your son(s)take the helm with you at their side.

    Blessings to all

  354. Great piece mike,you got it wright about phil he was one of a kind “authentic”and people love it I will miss him.

  355. Mike Thank-You for this it was really GOOD and you are right Phil had a HEART that won you over!!! When we started watching the show and all the Captains I told my Husband that Phil was my kind of Man. He was REAL and now days that is hard to find on TV anymore. And we watch you too!!! SMILE I will Miss Phil like so many others will and I am Truly Sorry for his Family & Friends if we Miss Him just think what they are going threw. Again Thank-You Mike for sharing this with us

    Terri Bates

  356. Thanks Mike for this touching story and rememberance of Captain Phil. I am a HUGE fan of Deadliest Catch and especially of Captain Phil and his crew. Captain Phil was a great man and true at heart, I guess that’s what I loved about him most. Thanks again and God Bless.

  357. Phil

    You were my favorite captain on Deadliest Catch. If I ever wanted to be a crabfisherman I would have wanted to work w/you and your crew. You will be missed!!!!!

    Safe passage Captain Phil

    Ed – Florissant, MO

  358. Mike OMG!!! You made me cry.I wish that I could have met Captain Phil just one time. I can only imagine what it may have been like. I have watched the show from the start. I have NEVER watched anything to compare. I admire and respect those who work so hard and put their lives in jepoardy to take care of their own. I am so glad that I brought those fellows into my home. I feel as though I know all of them. But Phil, What a man!!! Tough, honest, funny firm and a trickster.And his boys, Oh my. I hope that they realize how their Dad touched all of us and how they touch us. Such down to earth good people!!! I will miss seeing Capt. Phil. And will never forget!!! Heres to Crab Farts Captain Phil.

  359. once in a life time you can come across a genuine person, from what i have seen from the programme capt phil seemed to be one of them, only you were blessed enough to know him.days come and go and time does heal but wonderful memories always live on. what a man and what wonderful memories he left for everyone. god bless captain phil

  360. I only know Phil via the TV, but way down here on the other side of the world it’s easy to see Phil was a good bloke. When the word spread through my mates, the thought was the same “Those boys must be hurting real bad”.

    It just goes to show the sort of impression Phil made, when a family on the far side of the world feels his passing. So to all of Phil’s family please accept our condolences from all 22 members of the Halls family here in Australia. Regards Raymond & Anna Halls & Family

  361. i have watched phil harris for a number of years on the deadliest catch and think he is a legend and a true down toearth man its a shame i feel so so sorry for his family and freinds the crab fleet has lost one of the best and the whole fishing industry has lost a family member.

  362. I don’t know how the channel will treat Phil Harris’ passing but this is as good a start as anyone could think of. Phil was the real deal. I had a father just like him-who also loved the sea- and he too died young and from the same source. Those of us lucky enough to know them have the indelible mark of their souls on our own. I don’t know what makes them like that but I suspect it has to do with having salt water in their veins.

    Your rememberance of Phil Harris is spot on.

  363. I was waiting to see if you said anything after phil passed. now the tears are running down my face.. but i love what you wrote..

  364. Well put, Mike! Thanks to you and Discovery for bringing Phil into our lives. He will be missed very much.


  365. Mike, You brought tears to my eyes reading this article, I love the deadliest catch and our Dear Captian Phil will be sadly missed.

  366. Very well put Mike i have seen the both shows and think Deadliest Catch will not be the same with out him. Phil really did seem to be a good guy and looked liked his job was hat he loved to do,and the world will be that much smaller with out him.

  367. No one is truly gone who is remembered. Stories like these keep the spirit of those we miss alive. Thank you for sharing these special moments.

  368. Mike,

    Just too wonderful… thank you… for finding exactly the right words to pay honor to Capt. Phil…


    Yes. That’s why we love him and will miss him, but will never forget him.

    Thank you, Discovery, for bringing him into our lives.

  369. Mike – Shows like DeadliestCatch and Dirty Jobs are my favorites. They show real people who are the true heroes of our time. It is Saturday morning, and watch Discovery Channel and finding out about the tribute to Captain Phil, I was moved to sadness and anguish to find out about this man’s passing. What a guy! If I could work only 5% as hard and diligently as the captains and crews of the crab fishing boats featured on Deadliest Catch, I could run a huge successful corporation. Captain Phil was a true hero! If one believes in the afterlife, I bet there is a special place by G-d for Phil and his kind! Rest in Peace. And thank you Mike for sharing.

  370. I think it would have been interesting to meet Phil, I think their show is refreshing, no make up – truely genuine people who are trying to make a living. It is a shame he died so young and with so much left to offer. I believe there is a reason for everything, Maybe it was Phils time to go teach somewhere else – that is the only way you can make sense of some of this stuff.

  371. Mike, you took the words right outa my mouth “He was the real deal. Flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic.” Capt. Phil is a true American Hero!He will be missed dearly.Thanks again for coming into my home and making discovery channel my favorite of all the stinking 110 channels I have. The Cradit Family-Harlingen,Tx.

  372. Mike,

    Let’s face it, Phil Harris was the kind of “crazy” that you loved to watch…because he wad believable, refreshing and much like a pin ball in an arcade game. We would all have loved to invite him to dinner(OK, maybe pizza and beer). Mike, whether you know it or not, you have quite a bit of “Phil” in you. Carry his spirit wisely, or Phil will come down from that great bar in the sky and kick your butt. RIP Phil, we will miss you.

  373. Mike, that was awesome. Phil will be deeply missed in my house. My fav Captain of all times. Thank you Mike for haring your story.

  374. I will miss Captain Phil!! my facebbook favorite show was deadliest catch.looked foreward to the marathons so i could watch it back to back.i have never liked fishing,camping etc. but i loved captain phil. i enjoy all the captains but wanted to see captain Phils boat the most.i could see what a loving and proud father he was even when he was being firm,always talked respectful to his crew.i will sincerely miss him…and to his sons my deepest sympathy.the love you had for your father also was obvious.. you are in my thoughs and prayers..

  375. Mike,

    One hell of a farewell to Capt. Phil by you as only you knew him better than the rest of the viewing public.

    Phil was one of my favorite Captains and we will all miss his humor and knowledge of crabbing.

    Please, do not ever let the Discovery Channel ever cancel “The Deadliest Catch” or “Dirty Jobs”, for both are my most watched TV shows on the tube. The crap that the rest of the networks produce and televise isn’t worth …., well crap!

    Good luck in all your future telecasts!

    AJ – Austin Texas

  376. Thank you Mike, no Eulogy could have been any better written, thank you again………I’ll sure miss Capt Phil, he was indeed a REAL down to earth person. May God Bless he and his two sons.

  377. I can absolutely just hear your voice when I read your the article of your first meeting.Cried the entire time!He will certainly be missed by myself and my family!Condolences to the family and the rest of the Captains. REST IN PEACE CAPTAIN PHIL!! KELLY-RONKONKOMA NY

  378. I am so sad to have lost a great man in this world. I would have loved to meet him one day. Mike, your description of Phil matched what I imagined him to be. Thank you for sharing that with us! To Josh and Jake, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the crew, and the cast and crew of the show.

  379. Mike, From watching “The Deadliest Catch” Captain Phil has also been my favorite captain. He had a good soul. He loved his job, his family and friends. It’s hard to find a man like him. I wish I could have met him before he past away, just to shack his hand. Who ever had a chance to met Phil, is very lucky. He was a one of a kind. The story you told about him is great. I think you described him very well, “He was a good man”. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.

    Susan Ketch

  380. Phil and Bob were friends in highschool and Bob says he is on TV exactly as he was back then as a teen…wild and crazy! We had the opportunity to run into him here locally in Lake Stevens, WA at an Albertsons grocery store…Phil came up to Bob and started chatting like it was highschool when in reality they had not seen each other in over 35 years! The girl at the seafood counter (I know of all areas of the store to see Phil) was so excited about Phil and seeing him in the store that when he walked away she asked my husband if he would go after him and get an autograph. My husband saw how thrilled she was and chased after Phil. But instead of getting an autograph Phil came back and actually met her…signed autographs for her, my nephew and another lady who was just buying fish. My husband was glad they had the opportunity to see each other and is deeply saddened by his passing…it was just too soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family..he will be missed!

  381. Beautifully done Mike. I just wish I could hear you say it in your spectacular narrator voice. May peace be with Phil’s boys.

  382. Dear Mike,

    That was beautiful. Phil was the real deal. Thanks for affirming that with this great memorial. I’m sure his kids, and someday his grandkids, will mightily appreciate it.

  383. I’m too stunned for the right words, but wanted to say thank you for sharing that.

    Thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of a legendary Captain.

  384. You summed it up allright!! He was a great and very likeable guy. I know that he is missed by many. I feel the families pain because I just lost my mom in December. Take the time to heal. You’ll need it. Thanks Mike for giving us this info. It helps us to cope too.

  385. Mike

    What you said about Phil was the way I thought he would be. I never met him. But the way he was on the show and After The Catch. I knew he was one of a kind. Always wanted to fly up to Ducth Habor and meet him and you.Ya’ll were the ones that made the show. Don’t get me wrong I admire the rest of the captins and their crew. But something about Phil made him special. He will be missed by me and about millions more. Jake and Josh can hold their heads up and be proud of “CAPTIN PHIL HARRIS” for he was their hero. And he will always be on the BERING SEA with them.

  386. First of all Mike your Awesome love your work!!!

    I have been a HUGE fan of Deadliest Catch ever since it came out.The story about Phil And David

    But come on party-n with all the Capt’s,Mike Rowe,Bear Grylls,and the Mythbusters…Where was I???? Good Stuff

    R.I.P. Capt Phil

  387. Mike,

    Thank you for sharing your special moments with Captn Phil. As you describe your moments with him I can hear him talking to you his gravelly voice distinct and memorable.

    My partner and I became addicted to the catch during the first season and have followed it right through. We pulled out our Cornelia Marie cups this week and had one in Memory of a Great Man…

  388. AMEN !! Well said Mike. Your right we all crave authenticity. Alright Sig— you seem to be the only authentic capitan left so keep us tuning in. Godspeed Phil.

  389. You brought to tears also.My wife & I are die hard fans of yours & Deadliest Catch is our favorite.We both grew up in & around seafood & look forward to the Deadliest Catch season.Capt Phil was a very unique person.Gruff on the outside but inside he loved his job,his life & his family.His crew was also family to him.I grew up Shrimping in south Georgia & he is the kind of Captain I would love to work for.He will be sadly missed by all.God Bless Capt Phil,Jake,Josh & his extended family.Thanks to you Mike for your caring & comments.He will be missed.

    Roddy & Lynn

  390. Ugh tears here too, we lost an American icon of family guy and intense worker in a field that takes many from us every season.. I think the Phil we knew will live on to a high degree in his kids, lets hope so and support them and their crab quests in the future.. Onward Cornelia Marie the spirit of Phil will guide you through ugly weather and dangerous seas. Good luck God’s speed Josh and Jake..

  391. Though many miles apart and a total stranger I always felt a connection with Phil and it just breaks my heart to hear of the loss. Josh, Jake, I am truly sorry. I know he was your world despite tour differences. As a father of three I only hope to have such a bond as you did with your father. I always felt that though rather brash at times your dad had a type of honesty and fortitude that was unwavering and uncompromising and qualities I would like to posses. God bless you and yours, and thank you for sharing your lives with me on Deadliest Catch.


  392. I wish I had known him too. Your piece was well written and describes him aas I would expectr him to be.

  393. Mike,

    As a fan of both your show and Phil’s I must say… you eulogized him beautifully! Any one who watches Deadliest Catch regularly could tell that Phil was the real deal. That is what made him fun to watch. My heart goes out to Josh and Jake and the rest of Phil’s family. One of the qualities I found most appealing about Phil was the love he genuinely showed to his boys, and the fact that he wouldn’t let them slack.

    Thank you Mike! Good luck to you and your crew and I can’t wait to see your next run in with “poo”!


  394. That was beautiful Mike….I know Captain Phil broke out in his bearded smile after reading it…I hope there is crab fishin’ in heaven, cuz ya know he will find a Golden Boat to continue his life in and give his new crew hell(in a fun-lovin’ way of course!)

  395. Wonderful job! Thank you for sharing your stories, your encounter with meeting such an amazing Capt., my #1 boat followed on the show, as I endure long periods at home here in Me. while my husband does offshore scalloping, another dangerous job, and would love some day to see this put to t.v. Not to take away from the loss of a great guy, he will be talked about for yrs. to come, the Deadlist Catch just won’t be complete, as I watched the episode when he was unable to go due to a short stay in the hosp. with a heart issue, and it just was not the same.

  396. Mike you have hit the nail on the head. Myself and my kids got the chance to meet Phil, Josh, and Jake this last fall. They had came to over small Northern California community to help a local man who was fighting cancer and his family. They all stayed 2 hours past the time of when the meet and greet was suppose to end and actually added another appearance the next day so those who did not get a chance to meet them could. He was one of the most down to earth and genuine person I have ever gotten to meet. Someone you could sit and have a drink in a bar and shoot the Sh*t with. God Bless you Capt Phil and God Bless you Mike.

  397. Mike, you hit the nail on the head. I’m sure like all fans of Deadliest Catch feel, we have lost a dear friend and will never forget Phil. He will forever be the special guardian angel of fishermen everywhere.

  398. I’v had to read this twice, just to reach the end before the tears blinded me!

    Your memories of Phil are just wonderful descriptions of an amazing man. Why oh why does God always take the best ones first? Phil is the kind of man that can fill a thousand lifetimes and still have something new to say…

    I’m sure he will be up in the heavens watching and laughing at us, but taking all the compliments in his stride – as always – totally unable to understand all the fuss!

    Phil, you are missed by the whole world. How can anyone watch just one episode and not be affected by such a brilliant man. God bless

  399. hey mike,

    On behalf of my entire family i’d like to say Thank-you! for sharing your thoughts regaurding Capt. Phil Harris. Though no one in our family ever met him, we feel a very real sense of loss with his passing. I lost my dad in 2003 and not a day goes by that i don’t think of him at least once during the day. He was a dairy farmer for 40 years and in some ways Capt. Phil reminded me of him. To Jake and Josh i would like to say while time will never take away the pain you feel, it will become somewhat tolerable. Thank-you both for sharing your dad with the whole world! I believe our lives are much richer having the opportunity to watch him.

  400. Damn Mike… Is there something you don’t do well??? Very nicely done, both in how you wrote it and for reminding us how most people have commendable qualities, even if they are harder to spot initially. I expect Phil is thinking “Don’t mourn for me, I lived exactly how I wanted.” I know people who lived for 90 years and didn’t exercise the control over their own destiny that Phil probably did each year of his life. Thanks for the example Phil. And for yours too, Mike. ~ÅÇß~

  401. Bravo!! A most sincere and heart touching memory of a great man! Mike, you had a privilege that many of us could only dream of; thank you for sharing your memories with us.

  402. I would have loved to meet Phil. He was one of my favorites, for sure.

    Last week I spent the week on the infield of Daytona to watch the races. Sunday night after the 500, I heard there was some guy named Captain Jonathan over at Club 3 (a campsite made into a club every year). I ran over and saw, to my disbelief, Captain Jonathan Hillstrand… not at some sponsored meet and greet, but just hanging with the regular fans camping on the infield. He, too, was incredibly gracious and shook hands and took photos with everyone who wanted it. I enjoyed meeting and getting a photo with him more than I would have ANY of the racecar drivers! It made my week.

    I bet none of these crab boat captains would have ever dreamed they would be international celebrities… but it seems like they are handling it better than most “famous” people do.

    RIP Phil

  403. A great story for a great man…thanks Mike.

    I would say Rest in Peace Phil but I’m sure you’ve already left dock on God’s big fishing ship…

    God ordered motion, but ordained no rest.

  404. Thank you Mike for the fine comments about Captain Phil. I feel like I knew him personally because of the way you were able to present him…..exactly the way he was….genuine, honest, hot-headed but decent. I feel a tremendous loss in the passing of this fine man who put his all into doing what he loved. Mike, I also missed you on the end of season show “After the Catch”…..that other guy does not hold a candle to you…..please ask to do the show this year instead of the taxi driver guy!!!!

  405. Thank you Mike. I apprecaite your comments as well as all of the Discovery Nation does. Capt Phil will be missed. From what I know of him he was the real article. We need more Capt Phil Harris’s in this plastic world that we live in. He will be missed.

  406. I’m a big fan of the show and Phil was my favorite Cap. This world has lost a great man. This almost put me in tears even though I’m not one to cry much. I wish his family the best and my condolences. It will not be the same with out him there.

  407. Mike, you hit the nail on the head! Phil was real, with all his worts and flaws for us all to see. I think that’s what draws such a large following. People want real, they want to become part of the family. Capt. Phil, his kids and all the rest of the players are like family. No, I didn’t know him enough to eulogize him, in fact I never met him but he has left a lasting impression in my heart of him and his family. I pray for the boys and all the captains and crews for safe journeys, for sure Capt. Phil will truly be missed. FISK ON PHIL, YOU HAVE MOVED ON TO THE BIG POND!

  408. I think you said it all Mike. Thanks for letting us all meet such a remarkable person. We will all miss Phil. Through the series, I think we all thought we knew him.

    Faiir winds and Following Seas Phil. We’ll miss you!

  409. Mike,you said that you didnt know him well enough to eulogize him….well,I think you did one Hell of a job!!!Captain Phil is like one part of our family,part brother,friend,dad.Its hard to watch the ‘Catch’ today for his not being there,but will always being in our hearts.Please keep showing “Deadliest” For I think he would have wanted it that way. Our prayers are with the Harris family,especially with Josh and Jake,the crew of Cornelia Marie.Rest In Peace,Captain Phil!!

  410. It was great Mike..thats all I can choke out..Losing Captain Phil is like losing a friend..I have been so sad over it but always have the show to remember him by…Prayers to his entire family…he will be missed!

  411. Wow Mike, you brought me to tears also! I have always been a huge fan of the Catch, all the Captains, and of course Mike Rowe. Just wanted to say, that you did one hell of a job expressing your respect for Phil. Your story literally reduced me to tears. I’m watching the Catch marathon right now and just wanted to pay my respect as well. Safe passage Captain Phil…loved watching you fish sir! And to Josh and Jake…So sorry for your loss…god bless you and your future endeavors!

  412. Mike,it is the authenticity that you speak of that makes the show Deadliest Catch a success.Your truthful words about Captain Phil capture his raw spirit and make me wish I could have met the man.Great job.

  413. I always wait with great anticipation for the new season to begin. This year will be hard. Phil Harris and the Cornelia Marie crew were my favorite ship. I will miss Phil, it’s almost like losing a member of my family. I feel deeply for the boys. I know they loved their fother very much and this must be very hard for them to take in.

    Believe me when I say, I am writing this comment with tears welling up in my eyes. So long Phil. You will be greatly missed.

  414. Mike, this was beautifully done. Please do Phil the honor of mentioning him in the new season. We all miss him so much. It won’t be the same on the show…

  415. Mike, Thank you for sharing your story about Phil. Phil was my favorite and I can’t believe he is gone. He will be missed so much. Thanks again.

  416. Thanks Mike, I love that story! It still seems that these Captains even after all of this money and publicity and fame, are still hard working, blue collar guys, and anyone in a room are drawn to their authenticity. We will miss you Phil, I just hope hope Phil’s sons can effectively cope with the loss of their father.

  417. Mike,you nailed Phil’s personality.I ran into him by chance as I was picking a friend up after work at a local nursing home.I had no idea at that time he was there to make an appearance and have dinner with the residents and guests.I pulled up out back and seen this guy,kind of scruffy in attire standing outside on his cellphone smoking a cigarette.I looked at him and he gave me that you recognize me look.I sat there for a minute and wondered hey I’m going to feel like an ass if this isn’t who I think it is.Sure enough it was.Cut off tshirt unshaven with a im happy in my own skin attitude it,he was so cool.Now you would think those nursing home residents would be scared of this biker type guy coming to there facility to speak but by all accounts he was adored.As you say he took the time to speak and take pictures with everyone and the seniors got such a tickle out of talking to him.Everyone,and I mean everyone walked away from that day and event saying Captain Phil Harris was a geniune human being.He has a higher calling to be taken so soon but the impact he made on one day in our community will never be forgotten.God’s speed my friend and to you Mike thank you for sharing.I just met him last fall and I can’t help but shake my head to know he is gone.To his family,his boys,and his crew,I hope you continue on in his memory and my heart felt condolences go out to each and every one of you! Dave

  418. Mike, like captain phil, you to sir, are a wonderful human being. Captain phil will be missed. And thanks to his family, friends, and fans, he will never be forgotten. Rest in piece Skipper. Thank you Mr. Rowe.

  419. Mike,

    Thanks for writing this. Anyone who ever watched the series is going to miss Phil. I especially liked the ” authentic” and “real deal” as a description of this guy, it fits 100%

  420. Mike, what a classy, well-formed, beautifully written piece that literally brought me to tears-but in a most cathartic way. I thank you for giving us a glimpse of the behind the scenes of Capt. Phil (as well as yourself, and the industry). Your words speak loudly of the man we all came to know and love, and will sorely miss. Thank you once again for sharing this part of Capt. Phil’s world, as well as your own. Keep safe in all your journies.

  421. My favorite captain. i am in tears about a man i only knew through television. Phils kids have my deepest sympathy. If you take one thing from Phil be your self and if they dont like it too bad. He may be a man I admired most without knowing him. RIP Phil and may the catch be plentiful.Mike thanks

  422. It has been heart breaking to loose Captain Phil. After he almost died two years ago it looked like he was going to make it. It seems like a never ending bad dream .

    Captain Phil was the real deal.

    Kind, friendly, gruff, intense, joyful & hot headed and a loving father.

    The world has too few men like Captain Phil.

    Smooth sailing Captain Phil, we are going to miss your smiling face.

    God You,

    Doug & Paula Barr

  423. Authenticity was exactly what drew us to Phil. I’m still in shock and emotional, so many days later, that he’s really gone. Amazing how someone I’ve never met could make that kind of impression on my heart.

  424. Beautifuly written Mike. You did bring me to tears. Phil will be greately missed. Ilive in Baton Rouge,La. and have not missed a single episode of Deadly Catch. You’re show and all the fisherman and captains espically Phil have become a bige part of my life. I feel i know all of these people. May god bless Phil , Jake , Josh and the entire Harris family and All of the fishermen and their families. May God keep all of you safe. Goodbye and god bless you Phil Tim Newman

  425. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your insights with Phil’s numerous fans. You’ve shown me another side of a multi-faceted man that will be deeply missed. You rock. Ali

  426. Perfect, nothing I can add that hasn’t been said. Perhaps I can give you (Mr. Rowe) some insight however. Your friendship with Capt. Phil might have been more appreciated than you think. In the “biker” world to be offered to sit on much less tossed the keys to a guys bike – Only real friends get the privilege. I think you had been give membership into the club.

    Keep up the good work.

    Pat Prendergast

    Abita Springs, LA

  427. Thank you, Mike for your eloquent depiction of the man Captain Phil Harris was. He seemed so down to earth and such a regular guy. He knew his business and was a great captain. He had a great love and respect for the sea. He also was a great family man and I admired his relationship with his sons, Josh and Jake. You can tell they looked up to him and wanted to follow in his footsteps. What a great legacy. I know he will be dearly missed by all who knew him. And Mike, I just wanted you to know, I think you are quite a guy yourself, one of my all-time favorites on T.V. I always look forward to seeing your show and would someday like to meet you in person.Take good care of yourself and keep up the good work.

  428. Thank you Mike Rowe for the kind words you said about Captain Phil Harris. You put the sediment of love and respect that most of who never got to meet him accept through the magic of television, that most of us could not put into words. That was so beautiful. He was my favorite Captain, probably because he was so genuine. You can just tell with certain people. Because it is something that they can’t hide, no matter what. Deadliest Catch will never be the same. But I will still watch.

  429. Mike, that was something special, like the man himself. His legacy will live on, but the world just got a little darker. Godspeed to Captain Phil, his family and friends. RIP, Captain.

  430. something about Phil, Don’t think you had to actually know him to like him…He is a warm personable soul…Mike you did an excellent job..and as always, you are a class act. And just know, Phil is in our future

  431. great job mike, I am a huge fan of all of your works, I miss you capt. phil, you were and still are a great man!

  432. Mike – You and your show portray the real world that we all operate in not the world of wannabees who think that they are important. Most of us operate in the background doing things that allow society to continue. Your comments about Phil I think reflect what you are about as well – authentic. Please continue with you and your crew’s excellent work. My thoughts are with Phil’s family – Carl

  433. You Mike Rowe, spoke in this blog, in down-to-earth terms, the way, I think, Phil would identify with. He was genuine & because he it transcended to us,those watching the Deadliest catch. Phil is now an angel, watching over other fishing Captains and of course, over his 2 sons. God bless Josh and Jake and all the other captains of the sea!!

  434. My wife and I enjoy watching deadliest catch. And we love the crew of cornelia marie. We like CAPTAIN PHIL HARRIS for 2 reasons. One is we both relate to phil as being parents to 4 awesome boys and we go through the same situations phil has gone through. Number two is that he is a real good father and great captain. he has this “real” persona about him. He will be missed around our household.

  435. Mike, I’m typing through tears, we will miss Phil so much and hope the boys can carry on the family business if they chose to do so. God bless you Phil and rest in peace.

  436. Ode to Phil Harris

    You are the man! You have no idea how much you will be missed. Jake and Josh take care of yourselves. Your dad would want you to. He loved you so much. He would also want you to stay in good spirits. Much love to you!

    Mike I think you said it well. He was authentic and REAL which is rare in today’s world.

    Phil pioneered the old school in the last frontier.

  437. I will greatly miss Captain Phil he has been my favorite captain since the start of the show and after reading this blog i now know why thanks Mike. Keep up the great work Mike your a gentlemen and a scholar lol. Dirtiest Jobs is one of my favorite shows other then Deadliest Catch

  438. Mike, what better a eulogy could there be than those poignant words you wrote about Captain Harris? Thank you for sharing them and for the opportunity to get to know him through the program. You reaffirmed what we felt when we watched him tackle the sea, family issues, and later his health. The real deal! May God bless and keep his family during this sad and difficult time.

  439. Mike, thank you for your comments…while most of the fans of “Catch” didn’t know Capt. Phil other than through the show, it’s refreshing to hear that he was as genuine off the screen as well. So many times television has a way of painting false personalities, and to know the dangers these men put themselves in to earn a living is very real, not to mention the way they handle everyday events, shows there may be hope for the rest of us to be ourselves and not feel like we have to be something we’re not. Godspeed Capt. Phil, and thank you for being there Mike.

  440. Sadly missed, never forgotten. Thank you Captain for a wonderful bunch of long memories and thank you Mike for your tribute. You are very lucky to have met him.

  441. Thank you Mike for your beautiful thoughts. My family and I have watched Deadliest Catch since it started and what drew us most to Phil was the love of his boys. Even when Jake and Josh aggrivated Phil down to his last nerve, you could still feel, not just see, the love he had for those two. One of my personal favorite comments that Phil made was about “This is why lions eat their young”. Phil was to his tv “family” a father figure, a brother, good friend, and just an all around hell of a nice guy. To Jake and Josh, cherish the good times that you had with you Dad and remember all the lessons he attemped to teach you both. While Phil may have come across as very gruff, inside you could sense that he was just a huge softy. RIP Phil, you will be missed.

  442. My husband I were shocked to hear of Captian Phils passing we watched ever episode of Deadlest Catch since the beginning and we feel like he was part of the family him and the boys. He was a good Dad he didn’t let those boy’s get away with anything. He was just a hard working down to earth guy just like my husband and he will be greatly missed by all. God Bless his family and may god bless and keep you Phil until you can once again meet up with your loved ones.

    Thanks for the story Mike I think you caught the very essences of Capt.Phil.

  443. thanks mike for touching on the man. i just today 2/20 found out phil had passed.i sat after my husband told me and cried. i watched and for me im a 55 yr old woman and that was my soap oprea only because it was real and because of that i bacame a thoughts and prayers go out to the family god bless

  444. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one brought to tears by what you wrote, Mike. I can almost hear Phil saying “He’s kinda chatty..” and it brings a smile to my face. He was a great guy and a joy to watch on TV. It’s nice to know he remained ‘true’ to himself even after becoming well known. Makes me wish I could’ve met him. And, Mike, you eulogized him perfectly – He’s up in heaven blushing.

  445. Phil was my favorite captain. I am glad to know that he was the same off camera as on. I can’t imagine what his family must be going through right now. I do hope that the fond rememberances of his friends and fans help some.

    Thanks for the stories Mike.

  446. Well said Mike, Captain Phil was the real deal, one of the good guys,and a pleasure to get to know. Catching crabs will never be the same again.

    I can’t help but think that Captain Phil left on his own terms. He was almost taken last year before he was ready. I think he convinced the big guy to give him more time to make sure the boys would be OK. Even in the small glimpse of life we get to see on the show you could see him telling Josh and Jake they were ready to make their own way. That he had trained them well in fishing, as well as living and that they would be fine. He got that chance to come back and give those last pearls of wisdom, those last few kicks in the butt, and a few more precious bear hugs, in that way only Captain Phil could do. He was focused and making sure in that last year that they had all they needed to take the helm in life. What a great Captain, what a great man. We will miss you Captain Phil.

    Thanks Mike.

  447. Thank God for re-runs. How else will we be able to be in the presence of Captain Phil again. Our country needs more real men like the late Captain

  448. To the Harris Family

    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    He was one hell of a Captain, great person and we will miss him alot. We hope the sons will continue in his shoes, we look foward to seeing your family name carried on in the seasons to come. The show will have a great loss, but we enjoy watching the challenges you encounter to bring food to our tables. Keep your stride foward and your head held high. Our prayers are with your family and friends in this hard time.

  449. The show must go on, but it will never be the same. My prayers are with Josh, Jake, the crew and everyone associated with The Deadliest Catch. Rest in Peace Capt’n Phil

  450. Hey Mike, Love You, Love your Show. Just wanted to say that phil will be truly missed here. the best captain on the show, no offense to all other captains. have watched deadliest catch and dirty jobs since the beginning and i have to say best darn show’s on discovery. You have given me a new perspective on phil just with the kind words and heartfelt comments. thanks mike for all of your hard work on the show’s and god bless. PHIL, YOU WILL BE MISSED DEARLY!!! Now get some well deserved rest. The boy’s will do you proud!!!!!

  451. It broke my heart today to hear that Captain PHILL had passed away. I truely enjoyed the man and the way he loved his sons, and I will greatly miss him. My heart goes out to his family for their loss. Thank you Mike for letting us know how you felt of this great man.


  452. Mike, I loved what you said about Captain Phil. My mother and I love watching Deadliest Catch. When my mother and had heard that Phil passed away, it made us sad as he was a great captain that loved what he did and he loved his kids. When I saw that the marathon was on today, I called my mother so that she could also watch the show. RIP Captain Phil Harris.

  453. I am a great fan of the show and watch every week with my husband and kids. My prayers go out to his family and those close to him. We all will miss him. God Bless

  454. Great memories about a great man! We will miss you Captain Phil. Thanks for everything! I’ll always love the Cornelia Marie… David

  455. Mike,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and insight on Capt. Phil. He will be missed deeply by all of us. God bless his sons, family, friends and the crew of the Cornelia Marie. My God bless you and your family and friends as well. Thank you for bringing us real American heros every week.

  456. Mike I would like to thank you about the heartfelt story about captian Phil. It broke my heart when Phil died. I feel like a lost a good friend. What you said about Phil just confirmed that he is a friend to all. I guess God needed him to show him how the crab fart system works.

    Thank you again Mike for your story.

  457. Mike, what a wonderful story about Capt. Phil. I am still crying over the loss of this person who was unknown to me other than DC. I lost my dad almost 4 years ago and Phil Harris had always reminded me of him, his attitude, demeanor, body language, gruff persona and those big huge blue eyes. The day that the public was made aware of his passing took me back 4 years and it was like loosing my Dad all over again. Your story was exactly how I imagined Phil Harris would be. I am sorry that I never had the pleasure of meeting him but I want to thank you for confirming what I had already suspected. Your description of him as authenticity… what a tribute for him, when there is so little of that in this world anymore. God bless his family, Josh, Jake and his Momma!! We mourn with you, it is a great loss.


  458. Thanks Mike for bringing us to know Capt. Phil.

    Without you we would have never seen this Teddy Bear.

    He will be missed by so many thousands of people.

    He was such a great Dad to his boys.

    Man, he never really could get mad at them, atleast

    for very long.

    I believe you eulogized him very nicely.

    Thanks Mike,

    Janice & Chuck Bradley

  459. Well done, Mr. Rowe. Well done indeed.

    I’ve watched “Deadliest Catch” since the very first episode, and will truly miss seeing Phil Harris at the helm of the F/V Cornelia Marie. It just won’t be the same.

  460. Captain Phil will be missed by many and I can’t help but feel for his boys. They loved their father and he was so proud of them. You were completely correct when say he was the real deal!!! He was totally authentic and had a kind soul

    RIP Phil

  461. I’m still devastated by the passing of Capt. Phil. Although,we never met I felt that I knew him.I wish his family my deepest condolences. He will be missed. Grace

  462. While I enjoy your shows and I truly do, I think that the best work you have ever done was in writing this tribute to Phil. I feel the same way about Phil. I admired his grit and determination, as well as the love he had for what he did. He loved his work, his kids, and I truly believe that he loved the fans. I never had the privilege of meeting Phil, but believe that I have in my lifetime met a number of other, Phils. I to have been blessed to recognize genuine people as opposed to posers. I thank God for the Phils of the world and all that they do and the way that they do it. Wherever you go Mike I hope that you meet and introduce us all to other Phils. Thanks.

  463. One more thing. Look at all these comments! Each one magnifies the importance of this article, Mike. A very fitting tribute. How great it is to hear from so many caring people endorsing your thoughtful commentary on a tough but beloved friend.

  464. Amen, Mike. Amen! Safe passage Phil! RIP! My families thoughts and prayers go out to Josh & Jake and the entire Harris family, continue the voyage and leave your own wake in life, as Captain Phil did!

  465. Mike:

    That was awesome to read and nobody could put it better than you. The one big thing I’ll miss most from Phil is watching him totally LOSE IT!!! when thing’s go wrong. But his boat if it continue’s to go out will be as far as I’m concerned the safest one in the fleet as he is in a great place to watch over his crew & sons and keep them SAFE!!!!


  466. Mike, I agree with all the other comments, you did a wonderful job describing Phil, he was a real person with real problems, whether it was with his boys, his boat or even his health. He made tough decisions every season, but in dangerous surroundings. He genuinally cared for his crew, and wanted his boys to become compentent, and knowledgeable men, who will one day take over the Captains seat. He was all about tought love. I watch the show all the time, even the reruns, I am even watching it now as I type and it is hard to fight back the tears. I lost my dad at a young age, and it leaves a empty space. Josh and Jake were truly lucky to have a dad that they could go to work with each day and learn from and one they can be proud of. Thanks again for sharing your stories and for eulogising a geat everday person. God Bless the Family, the Crew and his many friends. We miss you Phil.

  467. Mike, thank you so much for this account of your interaction with Phil. It is nice to hear stories of this great man.It’s funny I am not a fisherman in any case, although I was drawn to this show, and frankly developed a bit of a crush on Captain Phil. Turns out he was a better man than we all really new. It is neat to hear about how real he was.

    Watching the discovery channel marathon right now. Missing phil a lot!!!

  468. Amazing Mike. I had the pleasure of being one of Phil’s fans that was able to spend a few minutes talking to him and you hit the nail on the head regarding his genuine interest in his fans. We have the autographed photo of Phil at our fire station, when we gave him a department shirt and hat he seamed truly honored. Phil was a great guy and will be missed by all who were lucky enough to have known him, if even for a very brief time.

  469. Thank you Mike for saying what many of us feel. Phil will be truely missed and we should be thankful for the time we had to watch him. He let us into his life and for that I am grateful. You my friend, could not have said it better. Rest in peace Phil and may god bless your family and keep them safe. And Mike you are a mans man and a great person. Keep up the great shows.

    Much love,


  470. Well said Mike–I feel like we lost a member of the family–a tough guy with the heart–he would tell it like it is and did what had to be done-he handled everything that came at him and loved his boys and crew without hesitation–the Captain will be greatly missed but I am betting that the crab season in heaven is going strong–

  471. Mike,

    You definately have an excellent way with words……Captain Phil was an unbelievable personality. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet him personally, but now feel as if I have through your stories. Thank You. And Thanks to Captain Phil….


  472. Thanks Mike!!! From the very 1RST show to watching the latest episode An hour ago, I’ve seen everyone of them. The 1 captain that stood out was Captain Phil. The kind of gut you’d like to have a beer with after a long days work. Thanks Mike for this GREAT eulogy!!!! This one’s for you Phil. CHEERS!!!

  473. In the old hard back Webster’s dictionary that now sits on the shelf, Genuine’s definition contains these words to relate it’s true meaning: not counterfeit; authentic;real…

    So the use of this particular word seems to fit perfectly from what we were able to tell about Phil through the show. Today, we can not find that quality in enough people or shows. It hurts the heart to know that we’ve lost another. We pray that what was started in Phil will be continued in his sons, whether they fish or not! God Bless them and the rest of the Harris family.

  474. Simply,

    Thank you. My family and I mourn the loss of Captain Phil. After watching your show and his week after week you all seem like family to us. Captain Phil was a class act and so are you!

  475. Mike, you may think you didn’t know Phil well enough to eulogize him…..but you just did. You shared not just your memories but made him come back to life for just a moment in your retelling of these events. Thank you

  476. Well put, Mike. Thanks for the kind words about a guy who was father and mentor to more than just Josh & Jake. My family and I enjoy Deadliest Catch and sit at the edge of our seats when it starts to get tense as if the Captain and crew were our very own family and friends. We feel like we’ve lost a friend with the passing of Captain Phil but we are thankful for the opportunity to get to know him through Deadliest Catch. And thank you for great narration.


  477. To the Harris boys and Mike Rowe, and Discovery crew,

    I am deeply sorry for the loss of Phil, I have been a faithful viewer of the show since the first episode. The fm radio was on in the truck I drive one morning and I heard that Phil had passed away, and I was like I did not hear that right, and then they explained the situation. The first thought I had was about the boys, and the crew and what would happen to them and the boat. Phil was a comical guy from what I could tell, as long as you did not piss him off. I hope everyone is doing well in this tuff time of their life. I just wanted to drop a line and say I was sorry to hear of his passing and that god needed the best crab fisherman captain to run “his” boat. Be safe and god bless. A long time fan,

    David Knight

  478. Mike, your tribute was truly amazing! Capt. Phil was my favorite just because he ‘seemed’ so genuine and Plain ‘Ol ‘Nice Guy. And thanks to your writings you verified everything I thought. I cried when I first heard, tear all up when reading all the blogs etc., watching marathon today, cried again…and after reading your words,cried again! You really ‘brought it home’. One of the funniest things Capt. Phil said that did, and still cracked me up was when he was following the smell of the “Crab Farts”! Only Capt. Phil could come up with that one! Again, Wonderful words Mike!

    May you ‘Ride the Seas of Heaven’ Capt.Phil. I know he will be keeping a close eye on his boys.

    God Bless

  479. I love the show and I know a few captains in MA. A good friend of mine drowned while working a fishing boat at 28 years old. It was an education watching Deadliest Catch and watching Phil work with his boys and they knew how to press his buttons. It was a real family and he was a real dad. I am a tear younger than Phil and that makes it even harder to comprehend. I hope the boys continue with the fishing and I hope they give up the smoking. RIP Phil… no more crab farts..

  480. Mike, I’ve been a fan of the show since it started and Captain Phil was my favourite. In March of 2007, I was afflicted with two DVT’s (Deep Vein Thrombosis) that ended up breaking loose and putting me in a coma and on life support for 3 and a half weeks. When I finally came out of my coma and was transferred to a private room, I watched “Deadliest Catch” every time it was on, even though I’d seen all the episodes. That show really helped me cope with my rehab and everything else I had to go through. All the skippers and crew are true heroes, but I especially identified with Captain Phil. He was a good father and a good skipper. My heart goes out to his family.

  481. Mike, unfortunately I just found out today that my all time favorite Captain died. I was just brought to tears reading out-loud to my mother the words you have written. Phil will be deeply missed by this household! My heart goes out to his family and all the other Captains. Rest in Peace Captain Phil, he will be missed and remembered.

    Again Thanks Mike for this story!

  482. Thanks Mike for sharing a little more of Capt. Phil with us. Like so many people have said, I would have loved to have sat down with him at a bar and just chatted. We’ll miss you Phil. Safe journey.

  483. Mike, I can only hope that when my time comes someone will eulogize me as well as you did Captain Phil! He was always my favorite Captain and I’ll definitely miss hearing his gravelly voice chew out Jake and Josh and talk seriously about crab farts. My condolences to the Harris boys and the people that knew and worked with Phil. Those of us who only got to know him through the show can’t honestly say knew him well, but what we saw- I think I can safely say for everyone here- we liked. He will be missed.

  484. Thank you so much for sharing with us who were unfortunate enough not to have met him personally. I am not big on having a list of Hollywood peeps that I want to meet. But if I ever had the chance, Captain Phil was someone I wanted to meet. He will be missed. The show and the world will never be the same. God bless Jake and Josh!!

  485. When i heard of phills death i was sad and still am i love watching the show never miss it i feel so bad for the boys and his crew he was all there fathers he got them to the fart bubbles (loL)and back home in one piece every time so god bless to the harris family and the crew the show will never be the same with out phill but i am sure he will be lookig down on the boys and crew telling then not to screw things up god bless to all. rich dixon cleve ohio

  486. Thanks for sharing that Mike. I am honestly devastated by his loss. For his family, friends, everyone who had the pleasure to know him, and those of us who looked so forward to watching him. Thanks Mike, and Thank You Captain Phil.

  487. Mike, fantastic! I too will miss Phil terribly, even though I never met him in person. Your use of one word, authentic, described him perfectly. My 24 year old daughter passed away February 23, 2008. I wrote a letter which was read at her funeral. I used many words to describe how she was. Somewhere in the back of mind, I knew there was a one-word description I could have used, but I have never been able to come with it. Thank you, Mike. I now know, the word is authentic. It not only describes Captain Phil and my daughter Melissa, it also describes you.

  488. i am a huge fan of the show , i watched in shock because as the stuff started to get real close to home. my brother went thru all the same things that capt phil at the same time .when i nheard of phils death i thought of my own brother,who is also named phil , i will miss the corkiness of the capt my thoughts go out to his boys . hang tough god bless

  489. Mike, when I heard we had lost Phil, it was like I lost a member of my family. Deadliest Catch won’t be the same without Phil. Phil, rest in Peace my friend.

  490. Mike,

    Love your story. You are a good guy and genuine, and I love your stuff also. I first learned about Captain Phil through the radio and my heart sank. He was my favorite. I will truly miss him. My heart goes out to his family and boys. The best always die young…

  491. Mike, you are a great guy yourself. Me and my husband have grown to enjoy all the Captin’s and all your shows too. You seem like a very busy man, keep up the good work. May God keep Phil right next to him for eternal peace!

  492. Well said Mike. And Phil’s well deserving. It’s always a pleasure to meet REAL people in this world of few and far between. And it’s nice to see the quiet achievers or unsung heroes if you will, be so eloquently remembered by a person such as yourself. Who is not so shabby either I might add. Kudos Mike

  493. The passing of Phil hit us all that fans of the show hard. Someone we never met but felt like we knew for a lifetime.

    Phil was one of us, hard working simple man that did his job and never complained or expected others to pave his way. He rode his sons hard and taught them the importance of what a hard work ethic is and the rewards that will follow. Phil knew his health wasn’t the best and worried he wouldn’t be around to father his son’s. Phil’s comments during the show was evident he loved his boys and worked hard to give them a better opportunity in life. I only hope as the days pass to ease the loss, the boys realize they gave their father the best gift in life, making their father PROUD !

    Maybe someday we can help in some way better your dream Phil for your kids to continue.

  494. Salute to you Captain Phil, a true American original……………………the fleet won’t be the same without. Gone too soon!

  495. I’m jealous that you got to meet Captain Phil….and so sad that I will never get to meet him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the great story about Captain Phil and chatty bossman CEO David Zaslov!! My thoughts are with his boys, and I pray that Jake finds a peaceful path to follow.

  496. I totally agree with one of the previous comments, this brings me to tears! You may not have known him well enough to “properly eulogize” him, but you managed to catch the essence that was Captain Phil. I have always thought of him in the ways that you describe him, authentic and true. AMEN!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  497. Mike,

    I don’t know much about life and death but what I do know is that Phil was definitely a man’s man. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. He wore his emotions on his sleeve and without pretense. I am saddened by his death because I also feel he was a “what you see is what you get” type of person. Many people say they are but really aren’t. He was. Thank you for sharing.



  498. Thank you mike. Phil will be missed. Can discovery channel please edit together a Phil Harris tribute. Tom Simmons

  499. Mike! (I can just hear Captain Phil now…LOL) Having just heard the news after being out of the country where I didn’t have US TV, I’ve been reading all of the accounts about Captain Phil.

    Phil was real, honest, a man’s man and someone you dreamed of having as your best friend, someone to hang out with, someone to have as a brother, a father and by god someone to raise hell with.

    He can’t be replaced, but he can be remembered by all.

    Great recap of your experiences with Captain Phil! I’m definitely jealous of your brief but ‘Deep’ experiences with him and we appreciate you sharing.

    Captain Phil, May your seas be calm, your traps always full and your soul be at peace.

  500. Thanks Mike for what you do to show all of us the real people of this great country. Capt. Phil will be missed!

  501. I loved your story about Phil … My heart is broken for Phil, his family, friends , and all of the fans who feel like they too have lost a great man! He will be missed if by no one else but by me, some stranger in Ky who’s life he touched and didn’t even know it! <3

  502. Mike – I think you captured the heart of this man! He was my favorite captain on the Deadliest Catch. My heart goes out to his family and Jake & Josh. He loved those boys, which was obvious when you watched the show. My sincere condolences to all of them and to you as well.

  503. Thank you Mike and all who made it possible for us to get to know someone as special and genuine as Phil Harris. We are commercial crabbers and fishermen in North Carolina. And we truly enjoy what we do. It is not just our livelyhood it is our life. We have the most respect and admiration for the extreme conditions the “Deadliest Catch” crew has worked under to share this life style with others. We would also like to share with Josh and Jake, our utmost sincere heartfelt sympathy, and to thank them also for sharing some of their most personal moments with the world.

  504. Sorry too hear new news about the passing of Captain Phil he was one of the best. Loved to watch the show, always enjoyed the way he was with his two sons, I have two sons and I know how they can be. He will be missed. Mike you do a great job yourself, my seven year old granddaughter loves Dirty Jobs. Keep up the great job. Please tell the Josh and Jake, how sorry we are for the loss of their father. God Bless everyone.

  505. WOW! Mike your way with words is amazing. This was such a touching letter. I am a huge fan of Captain Phil and he will be missed.

  506. “That was the president of the whole damn channel.”

    That line sounds so much like Phil Harris…what an incredible story.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  507. Good article Mike.

    The first time I saw Phil in person was at a 4th of July parade last year in downtown Anchorage. he was riding some weird looking float that kind of resembled the space shuttle (or maybe it was just a funny looking airplane) As soon as I saw him poking out of the top hatch of the this thing, smiling and waving at the crowd, I yelled out “HEY CAPTAIN PHIL!!!” almost like I knew him or something. he pointed directly at me smiled and waved, almost like he knew me. Like you said Mike, he was the Genuine, Real Deal, and totally Authentic.

  508. Very well said Mike ! Makes me proud to also be born and raised in Baltimore like you. And you are not alone in missing Phil Harris. The greatest thing about him was … He was a Dad ! Godspeed Captain Phil

  509. Wonderful story Mike. I always felt that Phil was a genuine nice person. I have to admit that he made me want to go back to smoking! I truly hope that his family, and of course the boys that we all watch all the time are well. I hate to think of Phil no longer with us. I know that there is a special place for him to be remembered out there, and I will never forget him. He had the talent to make every viewer feel like we knew him personally.

  510. Capt. Phil was the most interesting person on the show. We loved his authority, with a blend of compassion, humor, and a real love for his sons. How great that we could watch the show and still feel that he was someone that I could walk up to in Dutch Harbor and say hello. When I heard of his passing I was very sad, and I never meet the man. I said to my wife three days later that I was supprised how much I was still thinking of Phil and the family. I think I speak for the thousands of fans when I say Phil was a great man. In my thoughts and prayers, Brian Kronemeyer Abaco, Bahamas The friend you never meet.

  511. Absolutely amazing man, Phil Harris. my wifes favorite on the show. honest..humorous,caring and dedicated to his job. And to Mike Rowe, you did just eulogized him, better than anyone could have by your kind words and rememberance of him. To Captain Phil, God bless your soul and Rest in Peace. To his sons, Carry on his legacy with intense authenticity. Your dad would want it this way. I will miss him too.

  512. Mike, I appreciate your fine words for Capt. Phil; he was a fine role model for working men and fathers. He will be missed. I am sure you will see his boys (hell, they are grown men) and when you do please express the condolences given by the viewers of the show.

    Allan Sandusky

    Toledo Ohio

  513. Well said Mike. You completely captured why Phil was such an interesting person and you were right on target man. He was authentic and appeared to be completely genuine. Phil-we will miss you. May your soul find peace and eternal bliss.

  514. Wow Mike, you honestly just plain nailed it. My father and I were discussing Captain Phil the other day, we had met him in Vegas. He was exactly as you described a genuinely nice guy, the type of guy everyone wants to be and know..

  515. Mike,

    I’m glad you got your site fixed so I could read this. It is a very moving tribute, and I have teared up after reading this. I could hear your voice as I read the words, and it was very powerful.

    RIP Phil.

  516. Mike, this was beautifully written, well worth the wait-I had to try for three hours to get through to read it.

    We’ll all miss Phil, and for those of us who never had the pleasure to meet him we cherish the memories and stories of him from those who did.

  517. Thank you, Mike, for your words… one advantage of hearing you so often (on Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs, even the Ford commercials) is that I can actually “hear” you speaking these words, making them even more special. Captain Phil will definitely be missed, and the next season of the Catch will certainly be bittersweet knowing it will be the last time we see Phil in action.

  518. I never had the chance to ever meet Phil in person, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have an impact on my life. It is impossible to sum up anyone who had such a larger then life personality. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences with us. My heart goes out to Phil’s family, friends, fans, co-workers and any one else who feels this lose.

  519. Oh Mike,

    This was awesome, just how I knew Cap’n Phil would be like. I live in a coastal community off the coast of NC. Here we either go to sea for our living (fisherman or crabbers) or you serve the tourists. I am a bartender, who was once married to a crabber. My bar ALWAYS has Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel on Tuesday nights, if you don’t want to watch…… can leave!

    Your words regarding Cap’n Phil really moved me, I will miss him dearly. But, it’s his sons that I am worried about. They loved their Dad so much, I can’t imagine how much they will miss him. Yes, we will all miss him….but thier pain must be unbearable. My heart goes out to them! Love you guys!

  520. I would think if anyone could describe Phil Harris it would be you. I think you touched on his human side and who he was in real life. I am so sad to have never had the chance to meet him but I have been a loyal fan of his since the show began. I would tell friends not to call me cuz I would be fishin with Capt Phil. My heart and prayers go out to his sons who I have also grown fond of and thank you and the show for allowing us to meet such a great group of men.Rest in Peace Captain Phil.

  521. Beautifully written with a simple style Phil would have liked. A fitting eulogy to the character of the man. Thanks so much for sharing Mike. Phil will be missed.

  522. I just learned today of the passing of Captain Phil Harris and it has saddened me more than I could have imagined. I didn’t know him personally, but watching the Deadliest Catch, you couldn’t help but feel that you did. He seemed like a very warm and kind person. He definitely seemed very geniune. Thank you Mike for sharing some of your memories and feelings about Capt. Phil. He will defintely be missed by me and millions of others.

  523. Dear mike that was well put. I’m also one of many going to miss that guy ,what you would call the real deal.thank you for bringing people like you have in your shows into our lives.

  524. I have to say, that I cried when I started watching Deadliest Catch and found out that my favorite Captain of one of my favorite shows has moved from this world to the next. And after reading what you wrote, Mike, I have started crying again. I have always loved Deadliest Catch and have always loved Captain Phil Harris and even though the show must go on, there is noone who could ever move into Phil’s place.

  525. Captain Phil will be greatly missed by all his fans, especially me. Your piece on him truly captures the man, he was geniune, what you saw was what you got. He was a great part of the show and it will not be the same without him. Safe passage, Captain!

  526. It may not be a eulogy, but I would be proud to have those words said at my service “Flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic. And one hell of a Captain”. A real guy passing superb judgment on another real guy.

    God grant that I may live to fish,

    until my dying day,

    And when it comes to my last cast,

    I then most humbly pray,

    When in the Lord’s safe landing net,

    I’m peacefully asleep,

    That in his mercy I be judged,

    As big enough to keep.

  527. Mike, such are the words of a true friend. Thank you. Phil was a man’s man. Genuine. Tough, with a huge heart. I, like so many, will miss the moments of his life he shared. R.I.P. Phil, ride on,,,,

  528. very good job there Mike, I’m sitting here watching the marathon of Deadliest Catch. I should be excited about watching it, because i enjoy it so much. but I’m not because knowing that Capt. Phil is no longer with us and that makes me sad, my thoughts and prayers go to Jake and Josh the Harris family and the crew of the F/V Cornelia Marie.

  529. WOW! I don’t think there are any other words – love you Phil! Mike you pretty much confirmed what I felt I knew about the Mr. Harris already – Thank You!

  530. Dear Cousin Mike (No, you’re probably not. There are not many Rowes on TV, and you represent the name well)– It’s small comfort to those who Captain Phil touched, but I would bet my last dollar that Phil Harris lived more in his all-to-short 53 years on this earth than most of us could in 3 lifetimes. God bless him, his family, and the wonderful people like you who gave us the privilege of knowing Phil, if only a tiny bit.

  531. Beautifully written. You’ve perfectly captured everything I loved about watching Capt. Harris. Thank you for sharing this with those of us who were (are) fans of his.

  532. I used to live in Alaska ( Kodiak Island to be precise ) and was a really big fan of Deadliest Catch. I’ve lost many a friend from fishing boat accidents and Capt. Phil was the best Capt. I’ve ever seen. He was tough on his boys, but loved them deeply. When he died, he was doing what he loved and is probably crab fishing in heaven right now. Thanks for the loving tribute to a great man.

  533. this was the perfect way to remember a great guy. not many celebrity deaths affect me the way the death of a friend would, but Captain Phil’s has. You summed up the reason why perfectly. my heart goes out to the Harris boys and their family and friends at this time. now he can watch over all those who shared the bering sea with him.

  534. Well done tribute. I will miss Phil very much. “Catch” is one of the few reality television shows that consist of genuine, REAL hardworking people. It is refreshing to see that NOT everyone on TV turn into complete arrogant morons. Phil was a perfect example and he will always be a hero to me. I will strive to be as down to earth, genuine and real as Phil. …and maybe buy a motorcycle!

    Phil will never be forgotten as a legendary crabfisherman.

  535. Thanks Mike. You are right, we are deperate for authenticity. Phil seemed so genuine, you felt like you really knew him. He was so real, he became everyone’s favorite captain. When he first had health problems during the show, I had just lost my father. For some reason, Phil reminded me of my dad. They were both hard working, honest, tell-it-like-it-is kinda guys. I guess that’s why when I heard of his passing, it really was like losing a little part of my family. He will be missed. Bless you Phil. ~Sarah~

  536. Mike,

    You did a wonderful job making his memory resonate. I never got to meet him (although I tried) for but a Alabama girl Alaska is a far stretch to meet a idol. I have been inspired by Phil and the other Captains since I was a senior in high school and got into the show. Well the interest there spawned a interest in the entire channel, encompassing everything; You, Mr. Grylls, and the Boomdeyada song (Which is now tattooed on my foot) I love everything that comes with the Discovery Channel and what it brings to the world. It makes learning “cool” and being a nerd isn’t a necessity anymore, (I think…it might just be I AM in fact a nerd)..Either way! Captain Phil, your memory will live on forever in hearts and that was enough to make me cry, in earnest when I heard of your passing. I wish your family, healing and you Safe Passage. And Mike, thank you for the blog you wrote, it was beautiful and inspiring. I would have loved to get to watch you guys meet, the duck farts sound hillarious!


  537. Mike,

    That was beautiful! I divorced in july and now being on my own am not able to offord cable tv due to my chronic health issues…so when I heard on the news that Capt. Phil died…i was in a panic!! I had no clue what was going on, what happened, why….im going crazy cause none of the episode are online in full episodes. I am soooo sad I missed his last season!!! Phil was absoulutly my favorite for all the reasons you named above..he had love for his wife..his boys Josh and Jake, and his crew! You hit it right on he is “Authentic”!!!! I wish I could have met him and shaked his hand!!! Maybe someday I will get to shake Josh or Jake’s hand in his place!! God Bless him, his family, and all those who knew and loved him in this time of loss!!! Sail into that crisp alaskan air one last time!!! RIP PHIL You WILL be sorely missed!

  538. What an excellent description of the person we as viewers have only imagined Captian Phil to be. My heart breaks for the loss of Phil Harris and I didn’t even know him. I can only imagine what his friends are feeling and by the post you made, I’m sure you were a close friend. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

    God Bless!

  539. Mike, if this ever gets passed along to you, that was BETTER than any eulogy I’ve ever heard or read!!! You epitomized him & what his character stood for…on & off the show, the way I (your fans) thought you would & you did it graciously–with a few laughs & tears. As short as the stories were, I felt as if I were there with you guys & it made me admire you more, but miss Capt Phil tremendously & I didn’t even know him! This was an awesome tribute to Capt Phil. THANK YOU for sharing something “so personal & close to your heart.” You rock!!

    So, fair winds & following seas, Capt Harris. May the memories you left your family & fans be as deep & wide as the waters you sailed!! – Terri, Glenn & Nicky (age 5)

  540. You are right on the mark about Captin Phil Harris…we will miss him. Rest in peace Captain Phil in a better place that has no empty crab pots!

  541. wow mike that was awesome made me cry i agree with everything u said and Phil was one hell of a captain and will be missed by a lot of people….

  542. Mike,

    Phil Harris will be missed. I wish I had met him if just for a five minute conversation or a simple handshake. We all have heros in our lives and Phil fit in real well as one. Your short but most geuine story really put the exclamation on his personality and character. Thanks for sharing it with us…. My deepest sympathies to the Harris family and all who knew him personally..

  543. Mike, you are an amazing and very genuine person yourself!!! So very well said of Capt. Phil….I hope his family will take comfort in reading and seeing how much so many people enjoyed him and in our own ways loved him, for how and who he was, didn’t pretend anything, is what came across to me through watching him..

    Thanks again Mike for summing up Phil so perfectly…and Please stay in our lives on that TV, you are the best in what you do and we love watching you on Deadliest Catch or Dirty Jobs!!

  544. Incredibly put. I’ll still watch like its religion but 1 of the main reasons I tuned in has left. I hope he’s found full pots where he’s at..

  545. Hi Mike, Thanks a lot for these wonderful words. My heart is so broken at the loss of a man I never met that I cannot imagine the pain his boys, friends, and crew are feeling. When you follow a show like this the men all feel like personal friends. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge…and Godspeed to Captain Phil. Jeanette

  546. Mike that was one of the best, if not the best, words I’ve ever heard to describe someone. I feel for his family, friends and genuinely everyone who ever had the opportunity to even meet the man. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to go to any conventions, shows etc. to meet him but just watching DC, I was able to see inside his life. May he rest in peace and again, thank you Mike for such heart felt words.

  547. Mike, that was beautifully written. I have watched Deadliest Catch since it’s beginning and it’s strange to think that Phil will no longer be sitting at the helm of the Cornelia Marie. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.

  548. Mike,

    You have always had an elegance with the spoken word, and you do not fail to live up to expectation with written word as well. I feel like I know Phil just that much more now, and indeed we have lost a great human being. Thank you Mike for the insight you’ve given me.

  549. I have been a fan of yours for a long time, since the first Dirty Jobs aired and long before it was an actual series. Your humor, intellect and interest in people shine through and I thank you for being both entertaining and real. Deadliest Catch was another show I began watching from it’s inception, and I have become attached to the captains and crew through the glimpses into their jobs and lives.

    Phil Harris was always someone I enjoyed watching. Because he was the tough, tattooed, Harley guy, yet, a man who you could see swell with pride over his sons, who would shed tears over fallen fishermen he didn’t know. A real person, with real flaws and emotions. And that’s why so many can relate to him and now mourn him. Because he was one of “us”, the regular Joe’s and Jane’s of the world.

    Thank you, Mike, for this beautiful and touching post and as it has been said in earlier responses, this seems to be an amazing eulogy, heart felt and honest.

    To the Harris family, my heart goes out to you all and all that knew Phil personally and professionally. If we can hurt so badly over a man we knew from a television screen, I don’t want to imagine how it feels to those that were close to him. Safe sailing, Captain Phil. You will be missed. I can’t help but think of CSN&Y’s “Southern Cross” right now as you sail home to watch over the ones you love. Rest in peace and thank you for allowing us to know you.

  550. I know what that gentleman ment when he called Phil a “Genuine American Hero.” Phil worked hard, somthing this county was built on, and something that is not that is not found in most americans today. He made sure that his crew worked as hard as he did, especialy his two sons. Who would have thought that when the show first started that we would find ourselfs in our living rooms, rooting for the captins and crews of all the ships. Captin Phil and his crew were something special. All of them are “Genuine American Heros.” After the first few seasons, I felt like I knew the whole crew of the Cornelia Marie. I just wish I could have meet Captin Phil, and shook his hand. He is a true insperation to me, and I hope I can work with as much heart he showed in his job. I will miss Captin Phil Harris, and my heart goes out to his family and crew. The show will not be the same without him. I only hope that this tragidy dosn’t mean the end of Deadliest Catch.

    Thank you Mike, for bring us into the lives of these brave men, who risk thier lives for the american dream. It is a pleasure and insperation to watch.

    Joe B Little Egg Harbor NJ

  551. Thanks for sharing the memory Mike…

    You made my day…the Captian would have been proud of you

    for making us all smile including David. RIP Captian Phil

  552. Mike, this really a very quality bit of writing.

    “I didn’t know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him. However, I knew him enough to like him, and more than enough to miss him,” very much summarizes how many of us who watch Deadliest Catch felt about Phil. We saw only what the cameras let us see, and wondered whether the editing crew was altering our perception of our favorite personalities on the show. Even though we had never met Phil, we somehow felt close to him because we liked what we saw on the show. He became a friend who made a weekly visit into our homes, making us laugh and causing genuine concern when Phil had a pulmonary embolism.

    After reading this, I – and hopefully the rest of TDC fans are as well – am reassured that Phil Harris was a wonderful man, not at all mis-portrayed by scraps of film on a cutting room floor.

    And that reassurance by Mike Rowe is more than just a proper eulogy, it is an exceptional one.

    Rest – and fish – in peace, Captain Phil.

  553. I think that was the most wonderful thing you could have done by telling the story about your friendship that you had with him and he will be miss very much

  554. Dear Mike –

    Through tears I leave these comments! You have managed to give Phil that eulogy that you said you could not – and one he would be proud to receive.

    In conversation (and there have been many) I described Phil as a renaissance man – one who could command a fishing vessel, encourage and guide two headstrong sons, manage his new-found celebrity – and yet enjoy building birdhouses and miniatures as a hobby. During the time of his hospitalization, it was interesting to find how many people of all sorts – professional, housewives, male and female, young and old – who were praying and sending good thoughts for Phil’s recovery, waiting for word that all would be well once again.

    Phil was like a comet – he packed so much vibrant, colorful living into every day that he had, yet his time was so short. Your article reassures that while we were enjoying Phil, he was enjoying us . . . and knowing that gives some peace as we all mourn his passing. Thank you for that gift.

    Patti Koehler

    (mom of a fellow Eagle Scout)

  555. I had no idea how connected I was to Captain Phil Harris and his family until he passed away. I feel like I lost a brother and I am taking it really hard. Phil had that Pirate tattoo on his shoulder and the voice to match it. My wife and I have watched the show for a long time and I didn’t connect like this with any of the other Captains. Phil was what you see is what you get and I will miss his honesty all of the days of my life.

  556. I think if you looked in a mirror, you’d see another authentic human being and your right, in a world of suck ups and wannabes, real humans who are comfortable in themselves are hard to find. Thanks for sharing your story and yourself.

  557. Mike thank you for the wonderful stories on Phil. As a 50 yr old Veteran of the Marine Corps. Phil on camera always seemed to be the real deal just like you described. The one time I got to meet him very very briefly he was a really good dude that would look you in the eye when he talked to you and squeeze your hand when he shook it.

  558. I must admit, when I first watched Deadliest Catch I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did…I would watch faithfully every week, I was hooked.. Phil, made that show, he was funny, caring about his family & crew & most important HONEST & a great Capt. He will be missed, the show won’t be the same without him. R.I.P. Phil

    Mike..WOW very well put, you are a class act 100%, I love you & the show, I love how genuine you are. Thanks for sharing your most heartfelt comments about Phil. It’s nice to get a different perspective.. Tammy

  559. “This was Phil”; thankfully done by the only person qualified to articulate personally, vocally, and intellectually; who he was. Thanks, Phil; and Thanks, Mike.

  560. I have been watching Deadliest Catch from the beginning and was deeply saddened at Phil’s passing. Although you said that you couldn’t properly eulogize him I think you did exactly what he would have wanted. You kept it real and spoke from the heart. I am excited for the new season but full of trepidation knowing the final result. I will have a hard time watching but will do so because I love the show. I know of no other way to honor his memory than to watch what he loved and enjoy the adventure. Thanks for your words…

  561. I’m not, to my girlfriends chagrin, often motivated to add my thoughts to any message board or web based conversation, but when I heard of Capt. Harris’ passing, I felt compelled to say something, mainly this: I wish my father had been half the man and father that I’ve gotten to know through “The Deadliest Catch”. The love and concern that he showed for his boys was obvious in every scene that he shared with Jake and Josh, as well as the running commentary alone from his wheelhouse. I am truly saddened by his passing, and my best wishes to his family.

  562. CAPT, Phill will be very missed, i’m a big fan of the show, and i thaught he had the best boat-crew, having both his sons on board with him i’m sure made him a proud papa! the crab will miss him too, sail on capt, phill, for you made your mark on the Bering Sea!!

  563. I was online late sat. nite/early sun morn. happened across the discovery channel on the remote and don’t ya know “deadliest Catch” was on. It was a repeat, but I love the show so I didn’t’ care. I remembered hearing a few days ago About Capt. Phil and decided to see what info I could find out about it. Through the course of it all I came across Mike Rowes comments about Phil. They’re on the mark. But then why wouldn’t they be. Mike you commented about Phil’s authenticity and how that was a key element of his success. His success wasn’t just with the show either. My own opinion is that your ability to recognize the quality in Phil and then to talk/describe it so poignantly is because you posess the quality as well.

    There’s a group of people that I run with, they’re bikers and of course you alluded to Phil’s interest in bikes. Some people have referred to me as “hardcore” tho I don’t belong to any of the clubs and I don’t see the “hardcore” myself. I just ride. I average right now about 11k miles per season, which is an accomplishment when your riding in Upstate NY and NOT making a lot vacation trips. But anyways, what that has in common with you and your comments about Capt. Phil…..authenticity. perhaps that’s what I recognized and not that there’s any reason why you ought to care…..but thankyou. thanks also for all the various shows your a part of. I think you bring alot of that authenticity you were talking about….to those various shows.

    Thanks again Mike and Godspeed Phil! You keep the rubber side down.

    Jeff Clark

  564. There are not to many real heroes outside of our troops today and Captain Harris was one of them also, because he though of his crew as seen in season4 where he got sick and stayed out longer than he should have. There’s not too many of those kind of people left in the world today,and the world lost a one of a kind.REST WELL CAPTAIN HARRIS Lord knows you have worked hard for it.

  565. Well you wrote this only as you, mike Rowe could. Thank you for your words about Capt. Phil and your friendship with him. Yes you brought me to tears also but in a sweet, touching way. You summed up Phil to me when you called him flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic. Good job Mike and thank you for letting us in on your life.

  566. Mike you sure hit the nail on the head. Your words are awesome. gone but not forgotten rest in peace Captain Phil.

  567. Mike: Thank you,thank you, thank you for sharing your stories, your memories, your tribute. Thank you for capturing, so beautifully and so succintly, why we love the captains and crew of the Deadliest Catch, and why we love and will mourn and miss our beloved Captain Phil. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Fair winds, calm seas, and safe harbour, dear Captain.

  568. Yes,Phil was the real deal.He is what little boys and people who want some measure of integrity,look up to.

    There is a saying,”A brook becomes crooked by following the path of least resistance”,people can be like that too.

    Phil didn’t follow,he was a leader,a one of a kind,an original

    A man who was not afraid to cry when tears were what was needed.

    I was so looking foward to meeting him one day.

    He was in St.Augustine a few years ago and I was behind him in the checkout line in Publix;I looked up with a question in my eyes when he finished checking out and walked away and the checkout person said,:Yep,thats who you think it is.”I regret

    to this day I did not throw my stuff down and follow him.I did not want to intrude on his “personal” time,which I’m sure he got all the time.

    Sleep well,Phil,in the slumber of the ages.


  570. I was heartbroken when I heard of Phil’s death. Of course, I didn’t know Phil personally, but exactly as you said Mike, his authenticity is what grabbed me. At the end of a long week at work, it’s funny how we gravitate to your shows about people who work just as hard and harder – absolutely harder. Thank you for writing this piece Mike. God Bless you Mike, God Bless Cpt. Phil, God Bless the boys and God Bless the Cornelia Marie.

  571. We will miss Captain Phil. He was our favorite of all the Captains. Blessings to his family and all who knew and love him! He didn’t goof around, he didn’t soft-petal anything. A real great guy!

    Rest well, Captain Phil!!


  573. Mike as always you said with great elequence what all of us thought of Capt. Phil Harris. Thank you for sharing your memories.

  574. Watching “Deadliest Catch,” Captain Phil quickly became my favorite tough guy. When he had a moment with his sons I though, “I wish my Dad were more like that.” When I saw him with his crew I thought, “I wish my boss were more like that.” When I saw him with the other captains I thought, “I wish I had a friend like that.” You captured why I felt that way: he’s authentic. The “real deal.” Captain Phil was True Blue.

    What a pleasure to get to know a man like that, even in a very small way. Thank you for your letter and deepest sympathy to his family.

  575. Thats exactly how I pictured him to be. You could feel how geniune and real he was. You are right,he will be missed.

  576. What a great tribute!! I hope that Discovery does a memorial show with the captains and that Mike Rowe is the the host!! I watched the marathon yesterday and it is still hard to believe Phil is gone. At least his sons have all the film footage to remember their amazing Dad and to see how great they were together!

  577. Loved your “piece” and I must tell you I have never met Captain Phil but loved the show. If I were asked who in TV land would I like to meet and have dinner with it would have been Phil Harris. He wasn’t acting….He was living. He had a “truth aura” about him that was phenominal. He loved his family, he loved his crew, he loved his life & my condolences to his family. Thank you for an awesome tribute to Captain Phil.

  578. Mike,

    Thank you – this was great. I find it so strange to feel like these guys are really part of my life. When Monty got hurt, Jake’s sister died, when Phil had the embolism and now with his death – I must say my heart literally hurts for his boys and the rest of his family – just as it would a friend. That is due to the work you and your crew put into making these shows.

    Thank you,


  579. For someone who says he could not propery eulogize Phil Harris – you did an amazing job.

    He was a very special man that will be sorely missed.

  580. Thank you, thank you. It’s so hard to believe he is gone. He touched my heart and soul when he became ill…and he was the kind of man that made you want to track him down and take care of him. Someone you would want has a true friend. It will be interesting to watch his sons carry on his legacy…if that’s possible. Your words captured him perfectly. God he will be missed! I would love to see his sons publish a book about his life, stories collected from friends and family…his adventures. What a wonderful memorial that would be for those of us who want to remember him always. Thank you again for giving us another peak at the man we all grew to love. Blessings

  581. I’m glad I read this. I like your writing style and I’ll be looking to read more from you. I’m a little misty after reading this. Capt. Phil reminded me of my own father in his gruff but heartful ways. I never met the man, though I had the oportunity and didn’t take it. I’m taking his death strangly hard. Anyway, thanks for the lovely read.

  582. Well said Mike! You captured the essence of Capt. Phil in a short memoir. Authenticity says it all. He and the boys kept me going when I was going through Cancer treatments and all I had the energy to do was watch DC daily. Hey, I figured, if he and his crew could survive their daily dangers in their job, I could get through this disease. I owe him a debt of gratitude and he will have a place in my soul always.

    Keep up the fine work Mike. Authenticity is also one of your finest qualities.


  583. Mike, you whacked the nail on the head mate! May the captain rest in peace. Truly the real deal and the epitome of an American hero. I’m sure I speak for everyone that crossed paths with Phil, for better or worse… “he was a rare and wonderful breed indeed and the world is a much less colorful place without him.” I hope and pray for his family. May the Cornelia Marie and his boys have many seasons of good fishing in his honor. Phil, I thank you for the laughs, the tears and the raw emotion you made me feel through my TV. I can only imagine what an amazing bloke you must have been in the flesh. They don’t make men like you no more.

  584. Yep you are right, Phil was a genuine person, no B.S. He told you what was om his mind and when it came down to work he was all business. He loved the sea, but his family came 1st. It had to be awesome working side bi side with your sons like he did. Hopefully the Cornelia Marie will soon be captained by one of his sons. That will make us all proud!

    I loved the marathon


  585. My wife and I will continue to watch “The Deadliest Catch” but the Bering sea will be a little colder without Capt. Phil. We will miss you!

  586. mike,

    justa thought!, but when you retired and on the front porch you job will probably not be done. I can see ya now with the sweet tea in a chair that only rocks when the radio is on. Flip Flops and shorts or not. Ball cap. Front porch steps chock full o’ eyes. The eyes of the locals, kids 5-6 10-11, teens and the elders. Some close friends and some closer. All waitin’ for another story from the Master. You’ll probably be sportin’ a T shirt that all the kids want one of. Ball cap of some local sports team. I can see you tellin’ the story, any story. The heat from all them boys eyes waitin’ for the funny part or sad part or the part that helped them know which knot to use.

    See what I’m sayin’? You will have an affect on someone, somewhere for the rest of your life. Those ol’ story tellers back when we were kids or our parents were kids or so on.

    I think a part of you will be tellin’ them the tales and the other part will be anticipatin’ that next sip of tea and the chance to listen to someone else’s story. Jus’ like yer doin’ and livin’ yer life today.

    Thanks for doin’ that for us. It takes a lot of life to do it and so little to pass it on.

    Peace brother


    42, crane operator, bulkheader,jersey shore

  587. Hi Mike. I never reply to articles so this is a first for me.I want to thank you for casting such a positive light on Phil.I so enjoy the Deadliest Catch. I loved the staight forwardness Phil brought to the show. He had no problem saying how he felt nor did he censor the language that came from his mouth.I think I,and probably many others,related to his health issues. I too am a long time smoker and have suffered major health issues yet continue to smoke. Phil showed imperfections and didn’t apoligize for them.He was real. Josh and Jake couldn’t of asked for a better man to call dad. Phil was a compassionate man and showed that in his parenting. He may have sounded harsh sometimes but all he wanted was for his sons to have the most life has to offer.We lost a good man. Deadliest Catch And Dirty Jobs are 2 of the few shows my husband and I watch together.Thanks Mike. ~Deb~ from Maine

  588. In an attempt second Mike’s thoughts, I’d like to share my own Capt. Phil story. I met Phil last year at a public appearence in Stillwater, OK. I patiently stood in line, which wound through a crowded restaurant, for over an hour. I was within two people to the front of the line when I heard Phil tell his assistant that he needed to take a smoke break. The assistant anounced to us at the front of the line that Phil was going to take a break and would return shortly. I told the assistant that I understood completely and as a smoker, also needed one. Phil overheard me saying this, looked at me and said “Well, come on”. I asked him if he was serious and he said “Yeah, come on”. We walked though the kitchen together to an alley behind the restaurant and lit up. We began talking about motorcycles and I explained to him that I had recently moved to a farm and had to sell my Harley in order to buy a new tractor. Phil smiled and told me “That’s cool, tractors can be fun too”. He showed genuine interest in asking me questions about my job and family. After we finished our cigarette, I asked Phil if I could get a picture with him real quick before he went back inside. He said “Sure, come on back inside”. I told him I’d probably get lynched by the crowd if I tried to cut back in line. He assured me that it would be okay if I got back into line where I’d been before. When it was my turn, he signed two autographs for me, even writing something semi-dirty (at my request) to my wife who couldn’t be there that day. He also stood patiently with his arm around my shoulder while his assistant fumbled with my cell phone for a photo. I’ve often wondered if most celebrities are arrogant or off-putting in real life. I don’t know about others but I can honestly say that Capt. Phil wasn’t. What I took away from my 10 minutes with him is that he was a real, genuine, caring and giving man. Godspeed Phil. You will be missed. John

  589. Wow not sure where to begin but I must start somewhere right? I’m a 30 year old man crying as I type this. I’m a public transit driver with an 8 year old a 2 year old and a 3 week so very busy life. I have had no chance to follow anything on Capt Phil Harris’s passing but i did know about right away. This is my 1st opportunity to be able to look at the comments made and your read your kind words. I became obsessed with Deadliest catch and currently own all of the seasons on DVD. within the time of watching all the seasons becoming very attatched to ALL the captains and for some reason the hillstrand clan and the harris group always stand out for me. I’ve became very attatched to the show and the captains. Man when i heard of Phils passing I was sitting on my bus taking a break and I just sat there thinking ” ya right they’re just tryin to get a rise from me” well unfortunately after half of my contact list on my phone text me within the 10 min I was really hoping it was just a sick joke (i didn’t want it to be real) but i soon found it on bout everything I watch. I sat there in dispair and couldn’t stop thinking of those poor kids (jake and josh) I certainly feel the most sympathy for them because if somebody like myself who’s only dreampt of being able to meet them (cause of the kind of people they portrsy on a tv show)feeling as sad as I do I cant even imagine the pain those poor kids feel. Thank you Mike for all you do with this show and thank you for your kind words. we’ve never met and prob never will (although i hope to someday)however you reach me on a personal level you are an inspiration for me and I’m sure millions of others as well. God bless you Phil, Jake, & Josh , my deepest sympothy goes out to you and your family. Thank you for all you do. and to jake and josh Just remember laughter, tears and time are the best medicine on the planet. Just remember (when you can see thru the pain) to smile and every pot of crab you pull over onto that deck will have your dads name all over it. Sincerely, your biggest fan Michael Betker

  590. Thanks Mike for sharing this story with the world. I think that there are thousands of people out there who like me woke up and felt oddly empty when they learned like I did about his death. He was a larger than life figure and you put your finger on it that it was authenticity all along that we all loved about this man.

    This is embarassing, but I wanted to think about him and let his death settle a little more so I actually ordered three bags of his coffee. While drinking my first cup this fine Sunday morning, I looked his name up on Google news and found your blog. I enjoyed your stories. Perhaps some day you can share others.

    Rest in Peace Phil. Thanks Mike.

  591. Boy, you hit it right on the head Mike. I never really thought about why I admired Phil Harris so much but you’re right, he IS/WAS the real deal. We’ll miss his sense of humor and his little temper tantrums. Watching the boys pull his chain got to be something I looked forward to, his reactions were priceless! He left us way too soon but I’m glad we got to know him a little bit anyway. Thanks for the awesome article.

  592. You hit it perfectly…. In “spades”. He was like a buddy, someone I would sit and have coffee with. Everyone of your words is how he made us feel in our living rooms. How many tv, movie or celebrity people can the public say they actually say they cried when they heard the news of the passing? Capt Phil was a beautiful star on TV and now he is a star in the sky…. His sons should be very proud. I will truly miss that gravely laugh… May your seas be calm now and you crabpots always full Phil… You were very Loved!

  593. I watch the show and yours to all the time and captain phil was the one I liked the best. He seemed to say what was on his mind in a decent way it will not be the same with out him may he RIP hope his boys carry on his dreams. I,ll keep watching the show thank you mike rowe for a great story of a great hero.

  594. Thanks, Mike for touching my heart with that beautiful eulogy. I will miss you Phil. Blessings to Jake,Josh & family and the Cornelia Marie. RIP my friend.

  595. Just many more reasons why I am very sad about Captain Phil. Mike, you did him proud. I bet he would have loved this article. This season is going to be really, really hard to watch knowing what’s going to happen in the Opie season.

  596. Captain Phil touched many of us who watched and listened. Thank you for such a beautifully writen, and honest tribute to him and not only his profession, but his personality.

  597. Through teary eyes, I am honoured to comment. I also took half an hour to read much of your website. I feel so grateful that you shared with us this down to earth story about Captain Phil Harris and ‘After the Catch’ and the story of his new motorcycle. I am glad you found each other. Priceless is how to describe his comment after spending over an hour talking to the CEO of “the whole network” and I could just imagine him being so blase. So many of his qualities that your story brought out are why he was so loved, and why so many feel he was ‘just the best person’ and a personal favourite ‘Captain’. I am deeply grateful he had quality time and knew it, with his boys and friends and it is a gift they had those quality days with him at the end. And oh, how easily I can relate to his reaching out to you, in hospital and having you understand why ‘it can’t end this way.’ Knowing he ‘reached’ you I know gave him peace…to go. I hope his boys and family and friends will try to remain strong.

  598. Well done,Mike!

    Phil Harris and you are what America needs,Men who work hard with their hands and aren’t afraid to get dirty. Too long kids have looked up to people wearing suits working in cubicules. Those people damned near brought this country down. I think Your two shows should be scool subjects after all the working man built this Great Country.Thanks to both you and Phil Harris for the life lessons you both have given all the viewers of both shows. I pray for Phils Boys and the rest of his family especially his crew who must be lost without him. R.I.P. Phil. We will all miss you!

  599. Thank you, Mike, for sharing a few snippets of your encounters with Captain Phil. Captain Phil was (still is) my favorite Deadliest Catch Captain – he reminds me a lot of my dad – totally authentic – who passed away at 49 from colon cancer 1.5 years ago. I loved Captain Phil for the ways he reminded me of my dad and will miss that connection. Your blog above is one more glimpse into Phil’s genuine character. Thanks!

  600. Mike, that was one of the best eulogies I have ever read, regardless if you think it’s proper or not. Thank you for sharing. It was very touching. I, unfortunately, never had the pleasure of meeting Captain Phil. He was at a local store a couple of years back promoting a coffee called “Deadliest Brew” and I was unable to get out there and meet him because of my own dirty job. Look behind the fridge in your own house and tell me it wouldn’t be dirty to work back there. Anyway, I figured he’d be back another time and I’d catch him then. Never happened. RIP, Captain Phil… and thank you for the memories, Mike.

  601. Thanks, Mike, for leaving a lasting impression of one of my favorite people. Phil was a working man’s man. And as you stated, Authentic. He will truly be missed by all. God Bless, Capt. Phil.

  602. Hey Mike – Thank you for this – it WAS, in fact, a most proper eulogy.

    God bless you Cap’n Phil…..Bill C.

  603. That was very sweet Mike. You are right he was one hell of a captain. I watched Deadliest Catch all day yesterday. My husband and I have always loved that show. Phil brought something special to it. We pray for the boys. And we know that Phil is in God’s loving hands now. But he will still be missed by so many. We pray a safe journey for him. Stacy

  604. Nice work Mike! And all very true indeed! Captain Phil will be greatly missed! No one could have said anything better!

  605. Before I wrote this comment, I took the time to read others, many in fact, from different sites, about the passing of Captain Phil. An observation that keeps repeating itself about Phil, was that he was, as is so often quoted, “a mans man.” I must have read over two dozen comments that say this about Captain Phil. I think this reflects our own appreciation of authenticity in a world full of phonies..Phil was the Real Deal.

    Phil Harris is/was a refreshing view of REAL. A genuine American Hero of the High Seas. Phil represented the guy at work, no pretense.. the guy who dealt with the common grind of daily life, a rare breed of altruism in a world not short on falsity. This is what I personally admired in Phil; he was direct, even severe, but he was kind and thoughtful…and boy, did he have a ton of balls.

    I will miss him. My prayers go with his family.

  606. Very well said Mike. Phil was the genuine article through and through. Capt Phil will be sorely missed as he was truely one of the best. For Jake and Josh, please know that your father will live on in you. He taught both of you well and he will forever be watching over both of you and keeping both of you safe as you continue doing what he and you love to do.

  607. Hey Mike, nice piece. It is sad Phil is gone. I love the show and never miss one, when Phil got sick last season, I was really sad. Was glad he came back and hoped all would be well with him. It is funny how you watch these guys and hurt for them when something happens. How you wish nothing happens to them while there out to sea. It would be a killer if one of those ships would be lost. In away you feel like they are family and you just pray for them. Hope you will pass along to the boys how sorry I am for there lost. I know we will watch this year and keep looking for Phil and is wise cracks and pranks. God bless ya Phil and have fun fishing for crab up yonder! ,||ike

  608. I lost my father in 1993 in a fire. He was a one of a kind person that would be kind to anyone and you never knew what would come out of his mouth. Phil Harris reminded me of him from the first time I saw him on TV. After my daughter was born, when she was old enough, I would watch Deadliest Catch with her, and would tell her, “Captain Phil is just like your grandpa, just a little shorter.” Sometimes the rarest and best of us leave us way to early. Phil Harris was one of the rarest, and he left way too early.

  609. Well said and said well. It is with tears in my eyes that I read your words.Thanks for being real about a true, hard working American in times that this country seems enamored with “fake” heros. Again, thank you for your hard work and please keep it up.

    Michael Kenney

  610. Mike you said it all about Phill, What a great guy and fun to watch.My wife and I have watched Deadleast catch since the first season, and have loved it. We have come to say that the whole group of captains and crew are part of are family, and now we have lost one of are members and it sucks.Are hearts go out to Jake and Josh, and the rest of the crews.

    The next season is going to be hard to watch, But we can’t wait to see the whole gang together again.

    Thanks again.

    Kris and Mike Roloff

  611. Thank you for sharing Mike. Some of the best sermons I’ve heard have focused around one word: humility, service, love. Authenticity is a good one. Thank you. Any man worth his salt seeks to live his life as he see’s fit. Sometimes, actually, many times, this is cutting against the grain of what the world expects. This is sacrifice. Sacrificing now, for what we will receive later. These men have reaquainted me with the virtues of keeping ones head down, and leaving this life having contributed more than we’ve received. The words of one of my dad’s friends (RIP) comes to mind, “Make a contribution”.

    As a man who’s earned a “workingmans Phd” and now working in the white collar world as an engineer, I can appreciate anther man doing what he loves and working hard not expecting, and maybe even denying, recognition.

    The appeal for me of ‘Deadliest Catch’ is one, getting in touch with my Seattle roots (the name Ballard brings one thing in mind to every native Seattlelite), and secondly, appreciating hard work.

    We don’t know these men, and are voyouers into their lives. Thank you for inviting us in. These men have been an inspiration to me to keep doing what I’m doing, not worrying about any gratification now, yet staying focused on the goal of what I am to receive. Some of this will be worldly, yet the biggest is what I am to receive when this worldly life is complete. I pray the Lord welcomes me in, saying, “Well Done. Now rest.”.

    And Jake and Josh. Thought it is painfull now, time will heal your wounds. Cry now. Get it out of your system. I lost my father in 1993. I am now comforted with the healing dreams of my father in special places that I remember him. Those mornings I wake up with a dream of him still fresh in my mind is a comforting, warm hug. Saying, “Don’t worry. I am here. Stay strong kiddo”.

  612. Great job Mike. We will all miss Phil and his unique style. My heart goes out to his family, friends and crew.

  613. i enjoy watching your tv shows i am sorry to hear of phil harris passing i can relate i lose my dad a few months ago and im still greiveing over his passing.i enjoy the deadiest catch show and phil was my favorite captain,i was looking forward to watching the next season best wishes to his boys and family and friends

  614. Thank you Mike for the wonderful words about Phil. I was totally shocked at the news of Phil’s passing, My husband an I are die hard fans of the Deadliest Catch. We were watching reruns of the 2009 season the other day and it was really strange to watch them knowing Capt Phil is no longer with us!!! I was reading all of the other comments and I agree with all of them,Phil had a fan base larger than he probably ever could have imagined. I’m sure that his sons are really proud of the job their father had done and hope to continue in his footsteps! Phil was just an ordinary American doing a job that he truly enjoyed. Phil was not a phony like most people get when they achieve some kind of fame and fortune,he was a true hero in every sense of the word. Good luck to Phil’s sons and the crew of the Cornelia Marie next season and keep in mind that Capt. Phil is still at the helm,but just sitting on the new Captain’s shoulder guiding you and keeping you safe. Rip Phil and thank s Mike for the wonderful words…

  615. Wow….I am ahuge fan of both you and the Deadliset Catch series. Phil/Cornelia Marie and the Hanson boys are the reason I keep watching. These guys are truly American Heroes. Just as much as our soldiers are. It was hard watching Phil when he had the embolism and fans around the world were sick with worry, we knew the rebound would be hard and knew that the boys (Jake and Josh) could handle the Cornelia Marie, who could have forseen this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the boys and their families, to all of the crews of Deadliest Catch and to you Mike Rowe. Thanks for coming into our home everyweek for a few months out of the year, for bringing a hardworking group of men to light and for having the sexiest voice in TV (you).

  616. Mike, that was a great write. I was truly bummed to hear of Phil’s passing. As a member of the US Coast Guard, spending time in and about the crab boats (1983-1987)on the Bering Sea. I had a true respect for those men. My plan was to do my time and join them. Never happened- but the memories persisted. Perhaps once Phil and I crossed paths. I trod the same shores and docks they did. I look at shots from the show and see the places I went.

    Thanks for putting into words what my impression of Capt. Phil was. I love the show and even the reruns.

  617. Mike, you have one of the best voices in TV. I can hear your voice as I read a great tribute to Phil Harris. Thank you for showing us that the “Real” people like Phil kept it real no matter who he was talking to. From the fan to the CEO. That’s what was so priceless about Phil. Smokin, Laughin, Lovin life, and sadly missed.

  618. i’ve been a fan of Captain harris from day one. i like the way he was with the men and is son’s. the show what be the same with out him. he was the one u would wait to see what he was going to do next. love the person that i got to know on the show and will miss him.. wishing the best for his son’s.. they were l lucky to get to work with there dad..would love to get a copy of all the show’s up to the day we all lose this good guy.. let me know how i can if i can.. thanks and god bless..

  619. I still cannot believe Capt. Phil is gone. Everytime I see him on Deadliest Catch have to remind myself of this. He was not only a great fisherman but he was a terrific father. My heart goes out to his children. My father passed away in March of 1996 and I still miss him terribly. We are all lucky to have known him. Whether we met him in person or just have known him from watching Capt. Phil on the show. May you rest in peace.

  620. Mike, that was amazing. But you’re wrong. You obviously did know this man. You knew what he was about. You understood what made him tick, and that is one of your rare gifts. I will miss him sorely on Deadiest Catch, and I hurt for his family. I am so grateful that there are people like Phil – and you – out there. Can’t say it better – safe passage to Captain Phil.

  621. Mike – Amazing snapshot of the memory of Captain Phil. You said it beautifully Mike. The story about him meeting the CEO is priceless. The way you told the story had me laughing out loud. I can clearly see Captain Phil saying that he was a little chatty! Hilarious. Your comments about Captn Phil summed up my thoughts exactly. He will me missed, and it was truly a rare breed.

    Thank you Phil, and thank you for sharing your memories Mike!!

    Andy Smejkal – Wisconsin

  622. we lost a hell of a man. too bad they all die young. he deserved better but thats life. mlke you said it best……..thanks rj credeur

  623. Very deep moving tribute. I really enjoyed watching him and he seemed like a genuine person. I can understand grief as the loss of my own father at 22 years of age. I send sincere condolences to Josh and Jake and hope that they remember how much they are loved and how much their father truly loved them. You could really tell in the marathon yesterday the bonds between the boys and their father. It will be a long hard road for them but with a lot of love and support from people like you, the DC crews, and fans, they can survive and make it. The best is the bond that remains between the boys and it will now and forever grow stronger. I know mine did with my brother and sister. Take care and sincere condolences to all involved.

  624. From one Captain to Another….Sail on My Brother

    And when my Ship Sails over the Edge of the Earth….

    I will see you on the other side !!!

    Gods Speed Skipper…You made us Proud

    For only a very small few will know the life on Hell and Highwater……

  625. Thanks. I really appreciate you sharing your experiences with us all. I agree with you. I did appreciate watching Capt. Phil and the others because they were true hardworking men who weren’t asking for any pat on the back only a job well done. I feel as though we lost a family member and its rare that you can feel that conection about someone you watch on tv. We will be praying for Capt. Phil’s family and friends.

  626. Beautiful. This is as good as a proper eulogy can get. Sometimes the new observer is able to crystilize the truth better than those who have seen it every day, because they have become used to that which is so special. Thanks Mike. I need another tissue, for I, too, have been moved to tears.

  627. Hey Mike, we just want to pass on our condolences to Capt. Harris’s family and friends. We love the show and feel it wouldn’t be the same without Capt. Harris. Read your passage and it touched our hearts.


    Michael Odell and Clifford Mcclain.

    San Antonio, TX

  628. Hey Mike thanks for the great tribute to Capt. Phil Harris, THE MAN WHO SAVED MY LIFE!!

    Just yesterday while watching re-runs on Discovery, I noticed the small icon of Captain Phil with 1956-2010 below it. Via the Net I learned that Captain Phil had passed away. I was so very saddened by this news.

    “The Man Who Saved My Life”, you ask?? Yes, he did. In June 2009, I experienced horrific pain in my right chest area and lost the ability to take a full breath. Blowing this pain off as a pulled muscle from gardening, I laid down to rest. Then, like magic those episodes of Captain Phil’s ordeal with blood clots came to mind. I immediately called my best friend who drove me to the best ER some 25 miles away. Three hours later a CT showed multiple blood clots in both sides of my lungs. Needless to say, after a 4-day stay in the hospital and lots of blood thinners, I am alive and doing well. All thanks to Captain Phil.

    So many times I meant to call the 800 phone number for Captain Phil to thank him, and Discovery for saving my life…..believing that there was plenty of time to do so. But, there wasn’t.

    Please extend to Josh, Jake, Marie and the rest of his family and friends my sincere condolences. Also, please let them know that not only did he save many lives at sea, he also saved one on land. I am forever grateful.

    Discovery has some BIG SHOES to fill!!.

    To Captain Phil: “Safe Passage”, indeed. And, I’ll ‘toast’ a “duck fart” to his memory.

    Kindest regards.

  629. Thank you for that story…Unfortunately I just found out today that he (phil)has passed on..Reading your story was beautiful and I felt that I was there watching everything seeing what you saw. Hearing your voice narrate the story and seeing Phil do his thing and hearing his voice..Thank you for the rememberance of this tale and keep up the awesome job you do..

  630. Hi Mike,

    I am also a HUGE fan of both shows! I never met Capt Phil but I loved watching him and seeing how real he was. You could tell how much he loved fishing and his sons. The show will not be the same without him. The article you wrote was beautifuly written

    my deepest condolenses to the Harris family!


  631. Great as always Mike you said what we all felt about Capt. Phil. He will definitely be missed god bless his boys and family, and the rest of captians has struggle to cope with the loss of a fallen friend.

  632. Mike that was a true eulogy of the man. He’s as real as they come and will be missed by many. God Bless his family and we should all be grateful for what time we had with him whether personal or on the T.V.

  633. Phil Harris will forever be in my memory and most likley of many others. Phil was alot like John Wayne only in a different enviroment.I never got to meet Phil but was certainly on my mind all the time. Those of us who grew up as children in this industry can appreciate people like Phil, not enough of them around… RIP. Captain Phil, will always cherish your memory.

  634. I loved what you wrote about the wonderful Phil. I had been watching The Deadliest Catch from day one. Besides you, Captain Phil and the whole crew or Cornelia Marie is why I watched it. We the country got to see how he interacted and be a part of the crew. He was everything you said he was and that is why he will be truly missed and be loved forever. You also brought me to tears. I am having a hard time writing this because my heart hurts. May you have the love in your heart always. I love all the shows that you do because you and your crew brings out the hard-working men and women who does hard work out there. I also second what Joe Kilfeather wrote. Take care and God Bless all of you.

  635. Mike I thought that was awesome story on Capt Phil and oh how true, he will be truly missed!! Rest in peace Captain Phil.

  636. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences with Capt. Phil. We all felt like we knew him, but you actually had the privilege. I appreciate your stories. It helps to remember and smile.

  637. In a time when the economy and this country’s leadership is not in the best of shape to say the least. The Show “Deadliest Catch” is true reality TV at its best. The struggles and successes of these everyday fishermen is something we can relate to. As for Phil, I always enjoyed him. He seemed to be a straight shooter in life. He will be missed, All our best to his Family. May they work through the tough times ahead and come out shining and feel their Dad smiling down on them.

  638. Thanks Mike – what an awesome tribute to the Captain! He will be missed. Hard to believe that he is gone….You can learn alot from watching Phil – his struggles…his reality. God Bless his sons….

    Love ya Mike.

  639. Mike, you said it all!! Phil was a great man.father and friend and Sea Captain. MY family will miss him. Those other sea captains cant wont hold a candle to him. I feel sad for his family. God speed

  640. Mike, Perfectly said! There is nothing like Real people doing what they do every day! Sooo sad to have one less! I am at a loss for words! My heart goes out to his family and friends! Mike, you just keep doing what you do every day because you too are Real people!

  641. Beautifully stated, Mike. Thanks for sharing what you knew of this man; he was my favorite captain on ‘Deadliest Catch’ and I will certainly miss him, always. As you said, he was authentic and that showed through in every episode. RIP Captain Phil and safe passage.

  642. that was wonderfull. We enoy you and we always enjoyed Phil.What a lose .Your article was in good taste and truthfull.What more can one ask.Thank you for sharing your story.

  643. Mike, That is a great letter!! Sure will miss seeing Capt. Phil on the show. I bet he was a great guy to be around. He will be missed by alot of fans. RIP Captain…

  644. Phil is going to be missed terribly! We have been a big fan of the Deadliest Catch and feel like they all are part of our family. This artile was so touching and just how I imagined Phil would be if I would have ever had the gracious opportunity to meet him. What a great guy with awesome kids! Thanks for sharing your story!

  645. Mike,

    Great story, captivating. Authentic is an understatement. Capt. Phil, yourself, and the rest of the Deadliest Catch crews are exactly that, authentic, and the world is a sadder place without Phil. You guys make great reality television in an era of “un-reality” shows (NBC, CBS, ABC would be better served to take a lession in genuine entertainment). You guys define reality as it should be. Thanks Mike, don’t change. RIP Capt. Phil.

  646. I’m a big fan of your show and of Deadliest Catch and I love all the Captains on that show. Phil seemed like a great guy and he will be missed. You eulogize the man very well and talk about him like you have known him a lifetime. You and your crew and the captains and their crews are all heros in my eyes. Good Luck to you and God Bless all of you!!!

  647. That was a great story Mike…thank you for sharing it with us and thank you for introducing the world to Phil and all the other amazing captains. We will miss you Capt. Phil !!!

  648. Mike thank you for sharing these stories with us. I am a huge fan of the Deadliest Catch and Phil Harris was my favorite captain from the 1st time I watched the show. I will miss seeing his great big smile and his genuine personality. My prayers to his sons and his family.

  649. Wow mike that was amazing. Just like many other fans i was not blessed with the honor of meeting Phil. I always dreamed of it. Even without meeting him, it was obvious that Phil was a diffrent kind of person. A real person, a loving person, a great dad. He reminded me of my own father. I actually had wrote him an email in december… Telling him that i would love to join his crew (eventhough i’m a 100 pound female!) or i could be his adopted daughter. I would grow a mustache and go to the gym just to join the crew (despite the fact that my boyfriend would probally leave me!) I told him how much i really admire him and that i hope to meet him someday..unfortunately i won’t be able to but i’ll never forget that great captain. Thanks For everything mike. R.I.P. Phill Harris

    Sincerely J.S.

  650. mike i would like to say he will be miss by all there are not many like him left in the world and we all should look at our selfs and say can we leave this earth and leave a mark on so many peoples live like the phil harris he was a hel lof a man i wish i could have meet him my best wishs go out to his family and my his son keep his alive and keep fishing

  651. Mike you made me laugh and cry,Phil was always entertaining and reminded me of most of the guys my daddy worked constrution with.They worked hard,joked around but got the job done.My thoughts and prayers are with Jake and Josh and the rest of Phil”s family!

  652. I am so saddened to hear of Phil’s death. I know the pain his children are feeling because on February 7th I to lost my father. As a loyal fans to the show since the beginning, Phil and his crew were my families favorite. I loved that Phil was authentic, down to earth, did not take sh** from anyone, and was trying to help his boys find their way in life.

    The show will not be the same, but that is not nearly as important as the fact that his loved ones lives will never be the same.

    My father was alot like Phil and I like to think they have met up and are watching over all of us.

    My heart goes out to all who knew and loved Captain Phil.

  653. Mr. Mike Rowe,

    You are very blessed to have know Captin Phil Harris. You had me laughing and crying with your story. You and Discovery Channel have made Captin Phil and others a large part of our family. We were so looking forward to the new season of Deadliest Catch to begin, and now I’ll be crying the whole time knowing it’s Captin Phil’s last.

    Thank you for the opportunity to meet Catin Phil Harris!

    Carol Earnheart

  654. Mike, you said so much, which was felt by all of us. Phil had fans in every corner of the globe touched by the Deadliest Catch; he has many fans here in Alabama, the birthplace of the Cornelia Marie.

    Rest in Peace, and we all know he is now fishing in the stars…

  655. Mike, for someone who doesn’t feel he did well on properly eulogizing Capt. Phil, you did an outstanding job. He was one of mine and my best friend Jason’s characters on Deadliest Catch. The planet is a sadder place with such a genuine person like Capt Phil no longer in it. You did all viewers justice by your eulogy and our thoughts are with his son’s and family now.

  656. Mike,

    Am a big fan of yours and of Phil. You did a superb job of getting to the heart of the matter–that the good Captain, was ALL heart and a lot of fun. He will be missed.

    Again, FANTASTIC summary of Phil. Thanks.

  657. Mike that was Absolutely a neat, wonderful story and what beautiful things you had to say about “the Man” himself, the real Phil. I have been a fan of the Deadliest Catch since show #1, Phil was Always, and Always will Be, MY FAV Captain, although all seem nice. Phil captured my attention and my heart. I only wished I had gotten to “meet” Phil in person… sadly I did not.

    Some of the things I loved about Phil were his charm, his wit, his family oriented nature and the LOVE he has for his boys (I have a son, so I totally FEEL that… MY WORLD)… and loved Phil’s down to earth attitude, his hard work ethics and the “underdog” thing, but Phil Always came out “ON TOP”… and of course I thought Phil was a Gorgeous man… Would truly have been a “privelege” to know him as Phil Harris, the Man, not the celebrity… How lucky are you and those others that do as well.

    Phil shared a slice of his life with us ALL and I feel as if I have lost a Dear Friend somehow, sadly. He is loved the WORLD over and I am STILL Amazed at the comments pouring in the day he passed away and STILL now… truly “speaks” to WHO Phil is…

    Mike Thank You SO MUCH for sharing your time and your stories here with us about Phil, it helps to remember Phil; I still cry over a man I’ve never met in person, and my heart still hurts… he is missed already…

    ~~ rest easy now Captain… we ALL miss you… GODSPEED and Sail On… tears.

    Becky from Delaware, USA <3

  658. Beautifully written Mike. You put me in tears (again..its been happening a lot since the news of Phil’s passing). You are a lucky got to know him. For those of us who never got the opportunity to do just that, our grief doesn’t make a lot of sense to a lot of people. You have my sincere condolences on the loss of your friend and coworker. I hope that you keep an eye on his boys, they’re gonna need all of the help they can get right now.

  659. WoW! What a fantastic story! Mike you really hit the nail on the head. I think that’s how everyone who watched the show can sum up Phil. Still hard to believe he’s gone.

  660. I am so very sorry to hear of Captain Harris’s passing. He was my favorite. I hope his boys are able to turn to their family and friends for support.

    Mike, you say you didn’t know him enough to eulogize him, well I think you did one heck of a job.

    Captain Harris, thank you for letting me get to know you, I’m sorry our time was cut so short. Please watch over your son’s.


  661. Great write up Mike! Phil was one of those people who made the show worth watching as you could see the many sides of him. His love for his boys to the love of crabing. He was tough when needed and I can say this, with being from the Aleutian islands myself you have to be tough to survive on the Bering sea.

    We will miss him on the show, but hope his boys will keep the boat and keep it fishing.

  662. Never had the pleasure of meeting Phil but reading this only makes me more sad that I will never get to meet him on this earth. This earth could use more men like Phil

  663. Mike, Capt. Phil was the “genuine article” in every sense. A true working class hero, with a definite commitment to his family and his crew. I have been a fan of DC since the first season, and it was clear that every one knew exactly where they stood with Phil. A rare quality these days for sure. Fair skies, and tight lines Capt. Phil.

  664. mike you summed it up very well, PHIL HARRIS was a helluva man and not a bad capt. either!!!! you will be missed capt. Phil

  665. Mike,

    You summed up Phil’s life better in 5 paragraphs than most could do in several books. Safe passage captain.

  666. Mike, you said it as it is supposed to be done. I grew up in a similar community and there are no words to express it other than the ones that call it as it is.

    Thank you Captain Phil for reminding me of my life and Mike for expressing it the way it is.

  667. Mike, that was an excellent tribute and good stories about Phil. He was a great man, captain and father to his boys. He always reminded me of the guys I grew up with. They were mill workers and like Phil they had no time for nonsense, but they had time for fun. May God bless Phil and his family.

  668. Loved this “non-eulogy.” We will all miss Capt Phil, and your thoughts about him remind us he was an awesome man. Thanks Mike.

  669. My mother was very ill for many years. She loved watching these men do their everyday jobs. I was blessed to spend time with her watching them in her final days. I pray for Phil’s family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time. I will surely miss Captain Phil, but I know my Mama has been waiting a long time to meet him…So Long Capt Phil…say hi to my Moms…she sure was a big fan.


  670. Great job Mike. Thanks for sharing with us. To Phil’s family and friends our hearts go out to you. RIP Captain Phil.

  671. Just great Mike. I have watched Mr. Harris in my living room countless times and he has always made me feel “right at home”. He made me laugh a lot and made me worry a few times as well. I have an honest respect for him and can count myself lucky as one of the very few in world history to have enjoyed his presence in my home (through my T.V.) and to have felt that authenticity you so accurately spoke of. Thank you. He will be missed in the Mason home. My family would like to give their condolences to Jake, Josh, and the Harris Family.

    Jeff Mason


  672. I loved what you wrote.We live in a rushing world where times flies and people don’t take the time to be real.Phil Harris was real.He let you know watching what you see is the real him.No bull,no fakeness, just a real man who loved his job and was good at it.He showed he loved his crew and his family and cameras rolling ,he was gonna be himself.I would watch the show and feel like a part of it.So raw,funny,sad and exciting.This man will be missed.I lost my Dad 3 years ago.He was my families Oak Tree and Phil was that kind of man.Phil visit my Dad Ben up there.He has some stories to tell too.Bless you and your family.Cathy

  673. Thanks to Phil for bringing us some insight into the life of a crab fisherman. Thanks to his family for letting him do that. Thanks to all the folks at Discovery who bring us the show. Thanks to Mike for going a great job at narrating this and thanks to everyone else who had a hand in this show and in this life.

    People should check out to learn more about how Phil’s family is and the legacy Phil leaves us.

    Rest in peace good Captain.

  674. that was great Mike and you get to know a little more about who he really was besides what we see on tv. i know one thing when i am down the shore and out on the ocean and i see little bubbles. i am going to smile and say hey Phil. cause as we all know crabs are gassy little suckers lol.he was a great man and will forever be missed.

  675. Even in Belgium we read this , man that was a article Mike. I think i have seen every episode of the series and even my wife started watching it and her favorite was captain Phil. When i asked her why here is what she said : because he’s human and shows compassion. I think that could discribe him the best as far as we know him. I feel for his sons and his friends and hope they will never forget him , i know i will remember him.

  676. My dad is a boat captain in alaska, but lives in costa rica. My dad knew him well from being on the water a lot. He described phil as a Boat-a-holic. My dad says people are still talking about it in costa rica.

  677. i’ll keep it short and simple,THE REAL DEAL!!!!the captian will be missed but never forgotten,and for mr.rowe keep up the great work!!

  678. Hi Mike,

    I never had the opportunity to meet Phil, but did get the chance to meet Josh and the private release party for the Xbox 360 game Alaskan Storm. Josh was a pleasure to meet and if his own personality and composure was even 10% of Phil’s then we lost a great man. I am sure Josh if more like 80 to 90 percent of his old man though so I am so sorry to not have had the chance to meet a man of Phil’s calibur. Thank you so much for sharing your memories.


  679. Very nice.

    I have watched the show from the start. Early on, I wondered about the gruff loud mouth at the wheel of the CM. I can’t remember what it was, or even when it was, but I soon found that the very same gruff loud mouth was the guy I wanted to work for.

    I think the best any of us can hope for is how Phil is described at the end… Flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic. The world would be a much better place if each of us had those attributes.

  680. Mike, You may not think you “know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him” but that was the best article I’ve seen about him since his passing. Touching, honest and “genuine.” Thank you.

  681. God Bless Phil, his family friends and crew- Phil was authentic, that is so true, and I know that that is what attracted so many people to him and the family (which includes the crew). His personality, vitality makes us smile, laugh uproariously, and even cry. We were all blessed to know this man for a little while.

    Love ya Phil!

  682. Mike,

    What a very nice and sincere article! My two sons and I are HUGE fans of Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs, we all three always said, the only boat we would ever go on was Captain Phil’s because he seemed like the nicest guy out there (no offense to any of the others!) Thank you for writing a sincere article!

  683. Mike your eloquent synopsis really touched me today. Thanks for sharing your memories. He will be missed by all of the fans of the show. You and many others bring us these genuine heroes and it pains us deeply, as viewers, to lose one.

  684. Mike,

    Thank you for your sharing this story about Capt. Phil. I loved his response to you “Is that right? Well, whatever…his heart’s in the right place”. He’d just met The Big Wig, spent over an hour talking with him and was just so darned casual about it all. Makes me smile. Could he have known that we would say the same thing of him? Wonderful memory for you and now a wonderful story for the rest of us, a way for us to get just an added glimpse of who the Captain was. And you’re right. We do crave authenticity. There was just something special about Captain Phil. For me, he was somehow separate from the others and my favorite. I liked his salty speach, his attitude and his heart. The way he loved his boys and his love for his vocation. His dedication to his men and his vessel.

    Thank you again, Mike. Your words have struck home. I’m sorry for his family and friends at the loss of this good man.

  685. nicely done mike.. you’ve said it all.. the real deal is right.. straight up guy.. i wish i could’ve met captain phil.. he really rocked… i will miss him..he was my absolute favorite captain on the show as well… my eyes are quite teary…

  686. Thank you so much for bringing us up close with Capt. Phil. We loved to watch the antics that went on and the fun they had along with the concern he had for all his crew.

  687. Thank you Mike for that beautiful tribute to Captain Phil. If there was anyone I would have picked to be a part of my family it would be Capt Phil. In fact we made him a part of our family every Tuesday night. The show will never be the same.

    I still can’t believe he is gone and am sorry I never was able to meet him.


  689. Like Capt. John said,”Even God knows he is NOT a Captain!” We are truely authentic “pieces of work” God bless you Captain Phil…………They always take the good ones way to early!

  690. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for saying what our family couldn’t get into words. Phil was real, for better, for worse, he was real–and we loved him for it.

    Best regards,


  691. I enjoyed reading this blog entry re: the late Capt Phil. For sure, the man was larger than life…but still the real deal! He’ll be remembered for years much in the same way that many of great men of Old West are now remembered. RIP Captain Phil,and my sympathies in the loss of your collegue and friend. I’ll certainly miss seeing Capt Phil on Deadliest Catch.

  692. Tears!! Didn’t know Phil personally, just loved him from the show. It is wonderful to know that he was as genuine on tv as in real life. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Phil and the Cornelia Marie. Thank you for giving us the chance to bring Phil into our lives… even if it was only on the TV

  693. Hi Mike: What a wonderfully written piece and you hit the nail right on the head about the authenticity of Phil. I never had the pleasure to meet the man myself, but you describe exactly how I imagined he was. I absolutely love the last two paragraphs, very moving. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us feel about Captain Phil Harris. Amazing how you can miss someone you never even met… Beth R.

  694. I think you said enough and spoke well of him and did him Justice , Mike thanks for the comments I enjoyed reading this story. and I like watching your show as well.

  695. Mike,

    In all the years that we’ve watched tv, we have come accustomed to having our “hero’s” picked for us.

    I think one of the reason’s that we watch these shows, is because they are not “scripted” per se. Of course, editing is involved for a reason. And for that reason, he is a “Hero”!

    Capt. Phil and the rest of the Capt.’s, display life as it happens, at it’s extreme, that not everyone can experience in a lifetime. And for that, this is real!

    We have watched these men and boy’s turning into men, to fill the needs of our palate’s. We have watched their triumphs’s and tragedy’s to the point that they have become a part of out lives. You sir, shared that with them on several occasions.

    You claim you didn’t do good enough with this eulogy. Capt. Phil would’ve said “You said too much, damnit!”

    We all will miss him and enough can never be said for him or about him that will ease this for us. Our prayers go out to those that knew him and his family.

    He will be missed!

    Fair winds and may the wind be at your back Capt. Phil.


    Bart and Vicki

  696. That was an awesome way of describing the type of person Phil really is (yes, is). Capt. Phil may no longer be with us and those who care about him, but he lives on in the memory of everyone he was able to touch. He is, as was stated in your article, an “American Hero”: putting his life on the line for the benefit of human society.

    There is no doubt that he will be missed. Thank you, Mike, for giving us a better insight to the type of man Phil really is.

  697. Wondering why in all the articles Phil’s real family was never mentioned. He has a 95 year old grandmother in Phoenix(who partially raised him after his mother died at age 27) Aunt in Phoenix(his mothers’s sister) five cousins in various parts of the USA and a father (Grant) living in Washington. It sounded like he only had 2 boys. Most all of Phil’s relatives were involved in one way or other in his life. We heard of his passing on the internet – quite a shock!

  698. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what is was about Phil that endured him to me and I think I have finally got it. He was the father and the man I only wish I could have been. Angels sometimes come in odd clothing but I’m sure an Angel has been called home to God. He will be missed.

  699. I would never speak for God, but I think God thought it would be to hard to pull Phil from the sea so it would be easier to pull the sea from Phil, Gods Speed Captain Phil Harris I am sure you and Steve Erwin have alot to talk about. We will truely miss your laugh and smile.

  700. We both wish to express our deepest sympathy to Phil’s family. You have become welcome friends and honored guests into our home every week. Phil – you will be missed. I urge all of the like-minded fans of the show out there to keep a good thought in mind and a prayer in your heart for the Harris family during these trying times. Thanks for all that you do Mike!

  701. “I didn’t know Phil well enough to properly eulogize him.”…… Mike,I bet to differ. What a wonderful tribute to Captain Phil.

  702. thanks mike,

    that was great, I miss a man I’ve never met,

    never knew, but cared deeply about,

    I am glad you got to know him

    oh and glad the CEO got to meet him too…

    look up josh and jake,,,they could use the

    help sometime, in the future,,,,thanks

  703. Mike that was the most beautiful Eulogy I have ever heard. Thank you for writing it. I am so sad about the loss of Captn Phil I did not know him either except threw the Deadliest catch which I started watching because I grew up in the area and though I no longer live there I still miss it. My hat goes off to all who brave the Bering Sea, my condoleces to Josh and Jake and the crew of the Cornelia Marie. Thank you Mike for nairrating the show I will keep watching but will greatly miss seeing Captn Phil.


  704. I come from a huge family of fisherman. Captains are notoriously difficult. But Phil made all the gruffness seen real..the work, the hardships, the laughter, the worry and finally he lived all the way…Godspeed to him and Bless his family..he will surely be missed.

  705. Mike i think you said it all an he will be very missed i just liked the way he called a spade a spade but i also felt the love he had for his family an the ocean ,he will be missed by all an thank you for bringing this family into our lives .R.I.P phil

  706. this is, by far, one the best publications about the television show i have read. you really portrayed phil in a light that we rarely saw, but always knew was there. deadliest catch has always been one of my familys favorite television shows, from season 1. phil was probably our favorite skipper. he will be dearly missed. thanks mike.

  707. i know i am a little late for this but here goes any way captain harris was to me the kind of guy i hang with all the time hard working and harder at playing. a heart of gold but you have to dig to find it. slightly scarey. i am a fan from day one. to the boys josh and jake i am truely sorry for your loss.the pain of losing some one will never go but it dose get easier to live with be the kin of men your dad would have wanted you to be.

  708. Mike, Thank You for sharing such a touching story. Captain Phil touched many more people than he will ever know. A friend of mine suffered a similar accident (only not on a boat) like the injury that Captain Phil had at sea. It turned out to be the exact same issue that Phil had and luckily it was caught early. Needless to say, I’m sure Captain Phil has gathered “Into the Mystic” and is at home by the Foghorn. Rest In Peace, Phil. You will be deeply missed. My prayers are with Jake, Josh, and the entire Harris family. God Bless!!

  709. This was probably the most touching recount of Phil that I have read, and I have read them all. Mike, you have a way with words, and I am sure that is why your are where you are now in life. I have thought about Phil every day since his death, and while I never knew him in the flesh, I knew him through the Catch. I had the honor of exchanging a few messages with him online, and will never forget it. I wish I had met him in person.

    Mike, you keep doing the great thing you do, which is connecting viewers with the people that make our country move.

  710. well said mike phil was very down to earth person thats what i loved about him ill miss you capt phil

  711. Hey Rowe,

    You’re the real deal too! That was a beautiful tribute from one “authentic guy” to another.

    Thanks for sharing the memories,


  712. Damn Mike,well said. I loved watching Deadliest catch and Phil was one of my favorite Captains. In the one episode where he thought he broke a rib he wouldnt head back to port because he didn’t want his guys to lose any money.That shows he puts others before himself and that is rare these days when people put themselves before others.He will be missed by those who loved and knew him. Sail on Captain Phil-Sail on!

  713. Mike, I cried when I heard Phil had died and your article made me cry again. I loved this man, he was totally awesome and I admired this man for speaking his mind and telling it as it was, the plain truth, as you said authentic. I’ve enjoyed him on the show since day one and oh how he will be missed. My heart breaks for his family and it’s been a load of fun watching the boys grow and change over time. Mike, thank you for all that you do and being an every day person that all of us can identify with.

  714. Thank you for sharing this about Capt. Phil. It’s strange how you can develop attachments via a tv screen. He always seemed so real and true. His passing hurts…almost as if he was a family member. I pray for comfort for his sons.

  715. Thank You for sharing.

    The loss of a great man like Phil

    is rough and the press just does not

    cover it in detail enough or long enough.

    It just isnt right is it?

    i hope to see more about phil and more insite as to who he was and how he was loved by fans and family.

    if it was up to me he would be front page for a few days.

    and a day of mourning for him.

    your frind and his

    David Cartwright

  716. For claiming not to know Phil Harris well enough to eulogize him, the one I just read, (twice by the way) did the job in a fine fashion.

    Mike, I’ve watched you, and “The Catch”, since it’s inception, and I can guarantee you this. Captain Phil Harris is looking down from his place in the universe, lit ciggrette in one hand, tumbler of whiskey in the other, with that wonderful “cat-and-the-canary” smile on his face, and agreeing with me when I tell you that the finest comliment he could have gotten wasnot from a celebrity, but from his FRIEND, Mike, telling the world that Phil Harris was flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic.

    My Grandfather used to say that a man may be judged by what his friends think of him, and you my Darling Michael, have shown the world what those of us who feel a connection to all the men of Deadliest Catch have known all along.


  718. Everyone in my family watches the show. We each have a favorite captain, mine is, was, and always will be Phil. Phil’s style reminds me of the way life is supposed to be, simple, straight forward, honest even if it isn’t what you want to hear. Phil reminds me of my brother Jerry. A hard working, strong father, with a moral compass that always points to true north. I will have a hard time watching future seasons of the Deadliest Catch without Phil to root for, I hope for only the best for Phil’s boys, they too have the makings of good men…it’s in their DNA. RIP Phil.

  719. I am still shocked at the loss of such a great guy. He was our favorite on Deadliest Catch and the show will not be the same without him. He was genuine as Mike wrote and fun to watch. Hard working americans can relate to this guy and feel connected to him and his family. We need men like him more than ever!!!! This country now has more people with their hands out looking for money or goods for free and not working for any of it. Not this guy…he worked hard for everything he got…the way it should be. He will be sorely missed. We are thinking of his family and hope the boys can live their lives knowing that their dad was special.

    Fans from Massachusetts

  720. Mike,

    You hit the nail on the head – Captain Phil was for real and in this day and age it is refreshing to “meet” someone who is exactly what he or she seems and that was Phil Harris. Your words brought tears to my eyes and my heart still hurts when I think about not seeing him on Deadliest Catch anymore. Thank you…..

  721. I met Captain Phil and Jonathan Hillstrand in Rosalia Washington at a motorcycle rally in the summer of 2007, truly a down to earth stand up guy. Signed Autographs and took pictures all day with fans of all ages, kind of funny I watched them for quite awhile, take pics and sign t shirts then go get beer and more beer, you will be missed Phil, May God rest you soul.

  722. This is a great remembrance of Phil. I wish it had been part of Phil’s memorial. It was a fine thing. Vinnie sang a song for Phil at the grave sight.

  723. Great article Mike,hope to see a special about Capt. Phil on The Deadliest Catch in the near futre I am sure this thousands of fans would love that and so would Capt.Phil, he would be laughing from the big Sea above. God bless his Sons and (we all hope that they take over the Cornelia Marie) wife, partner all other family members,Mike Thanks

    Cheer, RIP Captain Phil

  724. Hello Mike,

    I’ve read your story with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. Phil was a wonderfull man. Thanks for sharing this,

    greetings from a fan from Germany

  725. Mike, as usual u have captivated me with your humor and kindness. I’ve been a fan of yours and Phils for yrs now but never had the opportunity to meet Phil. Thank you for sharing your experiences with him and re affirming what I have learned through watching Phil on TV, he is truely a rare breed of man. My heart goes out to you and all of his friends n family and thank you to you and The Discovery Channel for bringing him into my life. He will be missed….and to you my friend Phil, when my time comes, I’ll see you on the other side.


  727. Cudos, Mike….

    Here’s a man that is so much like the every day American man & you had the pleasure of being able to be one of his friends til the end. You couldn’t ask for anything more! I truly hope that you are able to do this year’s “After the Catch”….it wasn’t the same last year without you. You are part of that extended family, it’s only fitting that you do this year’s episodes. I’m crossing my fingers that it works out!!!

    Bless you Phil, you are thought of often, for someone I have never even met! You will be missed…

  728. I read this at work and I was trying so hard not to cry. You think you didn’t know Phil properly but you did a damn good job sharing that. Thank you for your lovely words.

  729. Dear Mike,

    I totally agree with you about Phil Harris it came through the TV the vibe that you really want to spend time with this guy. I see how much his boys loved him and respected him..You are an awesome person you put alot of things into words for alot of blue collar Jack’s and Joe’s out there. You really hit the nail on the head with attributing Phil Harris with decency,kindness,and authenticity. I love Deadliest Catch and seem to always be rooting for the easy to love Captain of the Cornelia Marie to pull the most crab. Godbless his children and families may he be remembered for all his goodness! Rest in Peace Captain Phil!

    With Love and Respect Jackie Logan

    p.s. Mike your a great guy and we Love Dirty Jobs also at my house. Take care.

  730. Someday, someone will be writing this same heartfelt tribute for you.

    You and Phil had more in common than you think. You are genuine person yourself.

    I will miss seeing Phil on the show…I am sad to think I never took advantage of an opportunity to meet him.

    You do a great job at everything you do…keep it up.

  731. Mike – Thanks so much for your heartfelt tribute to Phil Harris. I think you are wrong to state that you could not properly eulogized him. You piece wonderfully captured how you saw Phil and made all of sorry we hadn’t met him too. He was a true original.

    I also want to thank you for the great job you have done with “After the Catch.” I enjoy the action of DC, but the interactions on AC bring these men to life.

    All the best.

  732. Mike,

    I am so glad that you took the time to write this! It is a similar story to the ones I have been telling my friends & family about him as they have been calling me. They knew he was my friend & I adored him. I have been telling stories about when we would be out to dinner, Phil would invite fans to eat with us. When we rode his motorcycle to the Evergreen State Fair & he took his helmet off, he was surrounded by fans. He always had the time to talk to them. He was kind & warm to everyone. He was a good man. A rare one. He even made beautiful bird houses in his spare time.

    Phil was easy to fall in love with….

    Cat ~

    P.S. I Love to watch you on Dirty Jobs! You are GREAT!


  734. Wow Mike,

    I have to admit that when I heard of Capt. Phil’s death all I could think of was his sons, his crew and then of how well you & the team of captains seemed to get along in After the Catch bar happenings. You could see it in Phil’s eyes and face, hear it in his voice how much it meant to him to make sure that he had taught his sons all that he could about the crabbing industry, he wanted to insure that he was teaching them the right way to do things so that they would be as safe as possible in that dangerous industry. I hope that his sons were able to see the love that he had for them, there were so many times in the show when it also was the love of the young man’s dad that was also shown as they both tried to make sure that thier dad followed the doctors directions.

    Mike, I do not mean any disrespect BUT I REALLY do HOPE that you are back with the show from now on!! I have been watching the show since the first show and NO ONE has been able to cover the show as you do, last year, with the cash cab person doing the work that you have done so well through the years, I found myself wanting to turn the station BUT the only reason that I did not change the station was because I wanted to see how Cpt. Phil was doing and if his old first mate would make a quest showing. I felt bad for him also after covering as the captain when Phil’s doctor would not clear him to be on the ship. I hope that those two remained friends through out. Heres HOPING to see you on ALL future Deadliest Catch shows and watch out for those confined spaces- I have NO idea how your camera crew is able to cover you in some of those places.

  735. Thanks, Mike. What more could be said. You have such a way with people every where, and I am glad you had the chance to meet such a wonderful man. I have the DVD of After the Catch. those are awsome, seemed like a good time was had by all around the table.

    Bess you, Mike

  736. This was spot on and heartfelt. I too share your last two sentences. “Flawed, human, decent, kind, and totally authentic.

    And one hell of a Captain.” These were are very very true.

    Gone but certainly never forgotten.

    Rest well Captain Phil.

    Thank you Mike Rowe.

    Rosey Marie

  737. that was a great story i really enjoyed it i had tears in my eyes the whole time i was reading it good job mike

  738. Well said Mike. We will all definitely miss the captain. you could tell when it came to business he was the captain but you knew he was a great person with a great big heart. We will truly miss him .The discovery channel will never be the same with out him.