Bill Lamb of WDRB in Kentucky likes Mike’s promotion of Work without Politics

Bill Lamb of WDRB in Kentucky likes Mike’s promotion of work without politics. I always used to think that a photo of me, positioned over the left shoulder of a newscaster wearing a suit and tie, would be a harbinger of certain doom. Happily, I was mistaken. Say hello to my new pal, Bill Lamb, and check out the finest commentary ever recorded in the long history of local journalism. Thanks, Bill – I owe you one. WDRB 41 Louisville News

A Prick in Congress

As some of you know, mikeroweWORKS was launched on Labor Day back in 2008. Every so often somebody asks me how that came to be, and whether or not Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe had anything to do with it. Here’s my original reply to that question. A couple years ago I went to Congress, to see if anyone there was still up for an honest day’s work. Turns out, there is. Dave Moralez has worked in Congress his whole career, but holds no elected office. He’s a third-generation cattle rancher in Congress, Ariz., a tiny town in the Sonoran Read More

Safety Third – Huh??

So, you are asking yourself, what is going on? The man that has graced the cover of Grainger’s safety catalog and has done public service announcements for the Army’s “Own the Edge” campaign, is now publicly taking the position that safety is not important? How dare he? What kind of role model is this for a man that frequently finds himself in dangerous (not to mention dirty) positions? Something must be done! Waitaminute now. Before you start writing letters to complain to anybody, listen *carefully* to his message. What Mike’s saying is that while safety equipment, procedures, OSHA and all Read More