Bookstalker Blog: The Way I Heard It

Morning. I promised my publisher that during the month of October, I’d use this space to promote my new book with the same passion and intensity I brought to the home shopping industry back in 1990, when I first appeared on QVC in the middle of the night to hawk an endless collection of mysterious products I’d never seen before. Of course, my publisher didn’t realize that my time at QVC was marked by a conspicuous absence of both “passion and intensity.” In fact, as I describe in my book, my reputation as a TV host in those days was Read More

Upstaged Again…

    Mike’s Facebook Page About My Mother Facebook Page Mike sent me a video that made me laugh out loud. But when my husband watched it, he said, “That’s ridiculous. Are people really supposed to believe we lie around in a fancy hotel bed with our son, reading his book?” Me: “And yet, there we are—in a bed in a fancy hotel reading our son’s book! I’m going to post this on my blog. Maybe it’ll help the boy sell some books. After all, he helped me get my books out there.” John: “Mike does not need your help! Read More