Dirty Jobs Manhole Rehabilitator

On the one hand, it’s just another sewer line in a McDonald’s parking lot in desperate need of repair. That alone, more than justified the time I spent in Murfreesboro last year, extending the life of a collapsing manhole by at least fifty years with my new friends at CTR Coatings . On the other hand, it’s another great American success story. The Reed family, like so many others we’ve featured on Dirty Jobs over the years, has figured out a way to prosper by getting dirty. Very, very dirty. Every day – sometimes, several times a day – Troy, Read More


I just received the attached note from the folks at Amazon, announcing the demise of their Smile program. Obviously, this is disappointing news. Thanks to Amazon Smile – and to the many people on this page who designated mikeroweWORKS as their beneficiary – my foundation raised over $530,000 for our work ethic scholarship program. I want to thank Amazon, sincerely, not just for the impact of their program on mikeroweWORKS, but for initiating such a great way for millions of people to direct their philanthropy to myriad causes they wished to support. It was an ingenious idea that funneled billions Read More

The Ballad of Tom Odom (Ep. 294)

Here in California, AB-5 is about to put 70,000 independent truckers out of business, along with hundreds of thousands of others who currently freelance for a living. On this episode of the podcast National Review writer Will Swaim joins me to explain exactly how this travesty has gotten this far, and what it will mean for the country if the war against the gig economy spreads elsewhere, which it seems poised to do. I also check in with Tom Odom, whose story should frighten anyone who owns anything that’s ever been on a truck. (That would be you.) The implications Read More

Off The Wall – Dirty Jobs Sheet Music?

  Mike – I’m trying to teach my high school chorus the Dirty Jobs song, but can’t quite pick out the parts. Do you have the sheet music? If so, can you post it? Great show tonight! Jack Lopez         Hi Jack I’m not very good with sheet music, (writing or reading) but my friend Mike Gellert is, and he transposed this for me. He also made it into an actual arrangement, which I’ll post in the comments. Good luck! (For those of you who read my book, Gellert was the guy who helped me fake my Read More