You Can’t Lead from a Pickup Truck (Ep. 283)

Forget about politics for a moment, if you can. Forget about labor vs. management and union vs. non-union if you can. Just think about work as you listen to Jack Nix. And as you listen, ask yourself if the country might learn something from this man.

I met Jack on Dirty Jobs over a year ago. He and his wife have a company called Shelby Erectors, Inc.. Jack is an entrepreneur. He’s also an ironworker, through and through. He builds bridges down in Florida. Sometimes, he’s got a hundred guys on the payroll. Sometimes, two-hundred.

Jack and his merry band of rodbusters kicked my ass, but good, on the first segment of the Dirty Jobs reboot. And during that shoot, he said a lot of things that made me wish I had a long form podcast, so I could invite him on as a guest one day, to have a conversation about the importance of carrying your own tools, and the abject futility of attempting to lead from a pick-up truck.

That box, is now checked.