mikeroweWORKS is Doing the Boot Thing Again

mikeroweWORKS is doing the boot thing again, and this year, I want to make sure you guys get a proper heads up.

Like last year, Wolverine Boots & Apparel has partnered with Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery to design and manufacture a truly unique custom boot. Like last year, they’re donating 100% of the proceeds to charity. And like last year, they’re going to sell out very quickly. Unlike last year, however, I’m telling you guys 48-hours in advance.

These boots will go on sale this Tuesday, 10/25, and they won’t last. All the money raised will be split this year between mikeroweWORKS and Future Farmers of America, so lots of people are going to want a pair, and supplies are limited. If you want some, go here on Tuesday. https://bit.ly/3TRE75v

This is a great fundraiser for us, and a great way to get something of real value in exchange for your donation. (As opposed to say, a tote bag from PBS with a coffee mug and CD of Pavarotti’s Greatest Hits.) These are NOT work boots – these are made for daily wear, manufactured in the USA with the best leather there is, hand-stitched, and built to last. Again, no pressure, but they’re gonna go fast. First come first served…

(No offense intended to PBS, tote bags, or Pavarotti. I’m just not sure what to do with all my CD’s.)

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