Off The Wall: New Episodes January 2, 2022!

“Mike – After ten years, what made you decide to bring Dirty Jobs back? (Whatever the reason, yay!) Also, is it weird watching old episodes, and seeing a younger version of your dirty self?”
Gina Roberts
Hi Gina
The answer to your first question is in the short video below. I’ll share others like this over the next few days, all of which offer alternative explanations. The answer to your second question, is hell yes, it’s weird. Very weird. It’s not just that I’m younger, it’s that in many cases, I have no recollection of a specific scene or moment. It’s unsettling to see a version of yourself on the tube, and have no idea what you’re about to do or say….
Marathon 1/2/22. New episode that night at 8 pm.

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