Greatest Video I’ve Seen in Fifteen Months

This is the greatest video I’ve seen in fifteen months.

It’s great, not just because it’s funny, but because it reunites comedy with courage. For those of you who were shouted down last year for daring to suggest that the Wuhan coronavirus probably came from a laboratory in Wuhan called “The Wuhan Caronavirus Lab,” this is your vindication. And for those of you wondering where all the comedians went, I’m happy to report that one has returned.

Jon Stewart has broken through with a rant that can’t be ignored. Enjoy every word, and note too, the cognitive dissonance that washes over Stephen Colbert as his old friend reminds his audience – by way of example – that comedy is simply not possible when comedians are scared of being canceled, or committed to enforcing the norms, rather than challenging them.

It is quite simply, the most hopeful thing I’ve seen in ages.

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