Text From Mother: Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad

Good morning, Mom.

For the record, I’m aware that your wedding anniversary is on the 19th of November. Unfortunately, I thought the 19th was a Wednesday, because I spent all of yesterday thinking that Monday was the 17th, when it was, apparently, the 16th. This explains why I missed three conference calls, a Zoom meeting, and a voice over appointment in the city. I blame COVID.

Anyway, thank you for the gentle clarification. I hope you don’t mind if I share it here, since three million people have already read my post from yesterday, and are no doubt planning on wishing you and Dad a Happy Anniversary on the wrong day. Frankly, I hope they do. Seems an appropriate reflection of the times, all things considered. Anyway, tell Dad hello, and Happy Birthday in advance. As I recall, it’s a day or two after your anniversary, right?


P.S. When you have a moment, please direct me to the additional typos in yesterday’s post. I’d prefer to hear it from you, rather than any of the six million friends now scrubbing through my words with a red pen…

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