Off the Wall: Talkin Turkey

Mike – The current episode of RTF is amazing, and just what the world needs in these terrible times. But I must say, the banter between you and Jacob and Sarah is something I look forward to every week, almost as much as the reveal. And I can’t help but wonder how much of what you guys discuss before the show doesn’t make the final cut. I’m guessing a lot? Am I right?
Mia Martucci

Hi Mia
You are correct. Much of what we discuss is wildly inappropriate for Returning the Favor, or so I’m told. This clip for instance, is one that Jacob deemed “completely and totally unusable,” and therefore didn’t make the cut. I’m posting it anyway though, because a) no one can stop me, and b) today is Jacob’s birthday, and I wish to make him uncomfortable. Please note his horror, as I describe the dirtiest of dirty jobs. And please note the quiet glee on Sarah’s face, as she hangs on to every word…

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