Fridays With Freddy: Leave the Damn Clocks Alone

It’s Friday! Where’s Freddy? We need his wisdom in these uncertain times…Carole Barnes

Hi Carole

I’m right here, but rendered somewhat speechless by recent events. For starters, the Biped is auctioning off a presidential bathrobe to benefit his charity and the current high bid is $35,000.

Obviously, I have no use for money, no use for bathrobes, no understanding the collectible market, and no interest in the buying and selling of things – even for a “good cause.” But 35,000 seems like a lot of dollars, and the Biped seems very pleased, so…good for him. More importantly, though, I’m wondering today if the man who signed this robe, or anyone for that matter in a position of influence, honestly believes that what our country really needs in this time of great uncertainty, is for the sun to go down an hour earlier.


I swear, if I could vote, I’d support whatever genius promised to leave the damn clocks alone.


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