Trump Robe Redux

If you had told me last week that I’d be auctioning off the same bathrobe I auctioned off four years ago to raise money for mikeroweWORKS – the very same bathrobe personally signed by then candidate Donald J. Trump – I would have said that you were hallucinating. But, here we are. In a year defined by hallucinatory moments, here’s one more.

Angela Phillips, the woman who paid $15,575 dollars for this one of a kind collectible four years ago, heard we were in the midst of another fundraising drive. And so Angela – a true patriot if there ever was one – returned this ridiculously valuable presidential collectible robe to my foundation, and suggested that I auction it off one more time, to raise even more money for a cause we both hold dear.

How could I say no?

100% of the winning bid goes to our work-ethic scholarship fund.

The auction ends on election day. Even if the election does not…

Good luck everyone.

Bid big, and God Bless America.


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