Off The Wall: Six Degrees…It’s Delightfully Weird

Please tell me there will be more Dirty Jobs Rowe’d Trips. Seeing you guys back together makes me smile. Seeing you up to your neck in crap makes me gag. Smiling and gagging at the same time is fun. And what about Returning the Favor? You said you were takinhg a break, but for how long? And The Way I Heard It? There was no new episode this week, and that would have destroyed my Tuesday, but for the presence of Returning the Favor and Rowe’d Trip. Also, what ever happened to Six Degrees? Coming soon? Bored in Boise

Hello, Bored,
Future Rowe’d Trips are not up to me, but if the network’s game, I suspect Barsky and the boys would regroup. We’ll see. Smiling and gagging contemporaneously is my stock in trade. RTF is down for the summer, but new episodes – either @Home or on the road – are in the works. The Way I Heard It, as always, will appear as fast as I can write them, which here of late has been a challenge. I wrote a new epsidoe on the plane last week, which you’ll hear next Tuesday. As for Six Degress, I’m pleased to say the aforementioned plane was taking me to Atlanta, where the final shoot is unfolding as we speak. Here’s what the open looks like, as of today. It’s delightfully weird. Stay tuned…

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