Off The Wall: Mike Rowe & mikeroweWORKS Masks

Mike – I was disappointed to see you shooting Dirty Jobs without a mask. You should know better. Masks saves lives! Cindy Margolis

Mike – I was disappointed to see you wearing a mask on Dirty Jobs. Masks are bullshit, and you know it. Greg Deaver

Mike – I absolutely love the masks you and the crew wore on Dirty Jobs. Please tell me I can by a dozen! Charlene Baxter

Mike – You should sell those Dirty Jobs masks as a fundraiser for mikeroweWORKS. People would buy them by the truckload. Marvin Rhodes

Dear Cindy and Greg,

I love the fact that I found your comments next to each other. Individually, your disappointment would have struck me as tiresome, along with your desire to share it with the world. Combined however, you kind of cancel each other out, which is nice.

Dear Charlene and Marvin, and the thousands of others who have asked about purchasing Dirty Jobs masks,

I’m afraid I can’t make them available, as I don’t own the name or the logo. However, I spoke with the manufacturer about doing a fundraiser for mikeroweWORKS. Long story short, I can offer you two images, including the one pictured below, which I apparently agreed to after several martinis. Get ‘em here, while supplies last. All net proceeds go to the mikeroweWORKS foundation, to help bolster our next round of work ethic scholarships.


PS A new Dirty Jobs Rowe’d Trip airs on Discovery, tonight at 9pm. Join Cindy and Greg, who will no doubt be watching, in spite of their disappointment!

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