Happy Birthday to My Favorite Secret Service Agent

Please join me in wishing my favorite Secret Service Agent a happy 88th birthday. Full disclosure, Clint Hill is the only Secret Service agent I know, but even if I knew them all, I doubt that any could rival him.

As some of you know, Clint served five US Presidents, and was guarding Mrs. Kennedy on that dark November day back in 1963. We met a year ago, when I saw him order a drink by handing the bartender a card with instructions on how to make it. I described the encounter here, which led to a somewhat remarkable series of events, including a friendship I now treasure. http://bit.ly/34I5DIq


Last night, Clint’s collaborator and partner threw him a surprise party. Lisa understood the challenges of surprising a secret service agent whose entire life has been devoted to avoiding surprises, but nevertheless managed to scare the hell out of him. I’m not sure how, exactly, but when she got him back to the condo under some false pretense, forty people in dark glasses leapt out and yelled “surprise!” Lisa confided that she was relieved he didn’t have a heart attack. I said I was relieved that he didn’t shoot anyone.

Anyway, here’s to you, 009! Thank you for your service, and for attaching my lobster bib. And many happy returns!


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