Closing the Loop on the Amazing Encounter with Clint Hill

This article reminded me to close the loop on my encounter with Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent with his drink on a business card, who risked his life attempting to save that of President Kennedy’s. After a post on this page several weeks ago, I’m happy to announce that Clint’s books continue to do well on Amazon and elsewhere. It pleases me to no end that I was able to help spread the word about who this man is, and what he did for our country. I’m also happy to announce that Compari has donated $5,000 to whatever charity Read More

“The Clint” Could be on the Verge of being Famous

Breaking news, from CNN’s website just moments ago…”On Tuesday, Andrew McCabe’s best-selling book slipped to No. 2 on Amazon’s best sellers list, replaced by the three-year-old memoir, “Five Presidents” by veteran Secret Service agent Clint Hill. The sudden rush of sales was thanks to a Facebook post by TV host Mike Rowe, who described a chance encounter with Hill. Rowe encouraged people to buy Hill’s book, and the Facebook post went viral, with 175,000 shares so far. The book is also in the top five on the Barnes and Noble website…” —– Let’s be clear, friends. This happened because the Read More

“A Clint”

So I’m at the bar last night, waiting for my drink to arrive, when the man beside me orders a “Clint.” “A Clint?” says the bartender. The man reaches into his pocket and offers the bartender a business card. The bartender examines the card and nods his head. “One Clint, coming up!” I turn to the man beside me, who appears to be the same age as my father. “It’s none of my business,” I say, “but what the hell is a Clint?” The man smiles and hands me his card. “Keep it,” he says. “Might come in handy sometime.” Read More