‘The Way I Heard It’ Episode 138 Favorite Critique

Off the Wall

EPISODE 138 I’m sorry but episode 138 crossed over from clever to crude. Without having demographic info, I would surmise that a good deal of your audience loves you because you offer some of the increasingly rare wholesome entertainment without having to listen to curse words or explicit expression. I realize the language may have paralleled the personalities of individuals portrayed, but I think it could have been presented with your normal, delicate suggestion. This sounded like Paul Harvey reading 50 Shades of Gray.

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Hi Jerry

This is quite possibly my favorite critique ever. Obviously, we disagree with regard to where the line is, but I respect your opinion and appreciate your candor. Mostly though, I’m forever indebted. “Paul Harvey reading 50 Shades of Gray” is without question the greatest compliment ever sent in my direction. Thanks, Jerry. Sincerely. With your help, this episode will rocket to the top of the charts!


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