Upstaged Again…



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Mike sent me a video that made me laugh out loud. But when my husband watched it, he said, “That’s ridiculous. Are people really supposed to believe we lie around in a fancy hotel bed with our son, reading his book?”

Me: “And yet, there we are—in a bed in a fancy hotel reading our son’s book! I’m going to post this on my blog. Maybe it’ll help the boy sell some books. After all, he helped me get my books out there.”

John: “Mike does not need your help! You’ve done enough. You gave birth to him, for Pete’s sake. With that jumbo head! Have you forgotten?”

Me: “To tell you the truth, I’m doing it more for my LFBF. They’ll love the book! And Christmas is coming.”

John: “Huh! I had one lousy line!”

Me: “I only had two! It’s our own fault. He tried to give us more, but we got so engrossed in the book we forgot to say them!”

John, smiling: “It is a good book, isn’t it, hon?”

Me: “It might even be better than mine.”

John, wide-eyed: “No book is better than About My Mother!”

And you wonder why I keep the old boy around.