Returning The Favor – To Serve And Protect

I always cringe when networks tell me to watch a “very important” episode of this or that. Partly because it’s a lazy way to promote a show, and partly because I think I’m capable of determining what’s important and what isn’t. So I’ll say it this way: If you believe the relationship between cops and the people they serve is in need of repair, you’ll want to watch this episode. And when you see what one remarkable cop has accomplished in Canton, Ohio, you’ll want to share it. You’ll want to share it so hard and so fast you might injure your sharing finger.

Please, don’t let that happen. Don’t let your enthusiasm for this episode result in a broken digit or a damaged computer. Just watch the episode, calmly. Get to know Lamar Sharpe. Let his remarkability wash over you. Then, share his story with everyone you know in a calm but deliberate fashion.

It’s important that you do so.
Very important…

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