Off The Wall: Remembering Officer Diego Moreno

“Please pass along to Mike that an officer that he got to meet during the filming of Returning the Favor in Washington State was killed in the line of duty. I know Mike is a huge supporter of Public Safety and the Military and he would appreciate knowing this and seeing the photograph once again. Sincerely, Darrell Thompson, Richmond, MI PD”

Thanks, Darrell. Your note has been passed along. I’m grateful that you sent it, but sorry to receive it.

I remember Officer Diego Moreno. He introduced himself between takes, and told me how much he enjoyed Dirty Jobs and appreciated my support of law enforcement. I was humbled by his enthusiasm and impressed by his demeanor. I told him how much I appreciated his commitment to serve and protect the public, as well as his willingness to risk his own life, day in and day out. We took a picture together. Then, he went back to his job, and I went back to mine.

I’m very glad we met, and I’m very sorry he’s gone. I wish we’d talked more. I wish more people understood what cops do on our behalf, day and day out. And I hope his friends and loved ones will take comfort in the fact that he was a good man, who put the needs of other before his own.

RIP, Officer Moreno.

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